Thursday, February 16, 2012

You Can Not Give To Others What You Do Not Have

You Can Not Give To Others What You Do Not Have
By: Sabrina Reber

It is not your job to make someone else happy.

It is your job to make your SELF happy.

We have a lot of VERY unhappy people in this world trying to make others happy..... at the expense of their very own happiness. 

Sacrificing the SELF will never work, because it is impossible to give to someone else what you currently do not have.

Are you happy? If you are not ~ what changes are you willing to make in order to claim your birthright of joy, love, happiness and serenity. It is your divine birthright to radiate these attributes, and it is your responsibility to claim them.....for no one else can do it for you.

Are your needs met? If your needs are not met how can you possibly fulfill the needs of others? There must always be a balance in giving and receiving.

Examine your life and your relationships. Be brutally self honest with your self. What changes need to be made? What needs to be released? What needs to be healed? What needs to be discussed? What needs to be brought back into balance?

You have the power and the responsibility to BE HAPPY. Spend time creating that for your self so you can radiate it from your being and THEN help others simply by being the example of what they too can create and claim for themselves. ~ Sabrina

Art By: Mia Araujo's


  1. Great post! The title really caught my attention as Awh truth and the content just sink in.
    I hope you dance...


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