Tuesday, August 7, 2012

The Energy And Spirituality Of Your Job And Money: By Sabrina Reber

Check your beliefs about money! If you feel money is bad, and we should not use money as a form of energy exchange ~ then you will block money from coming into your life. 

Money has been part of the program for Earth for a very long time, and it will not be going away anytime soon. Yes, I do believe we will eventually do away with money ~ as we know it ~ however, there will always be some form of
"energy exchange". That is the way the universe works! Everything is energy, and nothing is for FREE ~ as it requires energy to create everything so anything you get that you perceive as FREE, actually required someone a lot of time and energy to create.....consider it as a gift of "their" energy ~ and be grateful!

In addition, all jobs are spiritual. EVERY job serves the evolution of this planet. Depending on where the focus of your vibration is ~ will determine the level of spiritual energy you are able to infuse into your job position. If you are a waiter in a restaurant ~ you have just as much spiritual potential to affect the people you interact with as a spiritual teacher or author. Approach your job with gratitude and a positive vibration, and INSPIRE those around you to do the same. If you exude dread, irritation, stress and unhappiness at your job ~ you need to get a new job! Find something that is more aligned with your soul ~ you have been given the power, and the free will choice to make decisions for your self that are for your highest good. What is good for YOU ~ is good for everyone else.

Regardless of where you choose to work ~ every job that requires your energy, time and physical efforts DESERVES to be energetically balanced by "payment through money." Money is a form of energy ~ Everything Is Energy ~ it is time to stop separating energy, and view everything as ONE..... seek balance not imbalance!

If you work and earn money or use money in any way ~ then it is inappropriate and disrespectful to tell someone else who works for their money that they don't deserve to get paid. This happens in the spiritual community all the time. People who have distorted beliefs, have taken poverty vows in another lifetime, are in judgment or are in "lack and poverty" consciousness ~ for some reason ~ feel ministers, healers, spiritual authors and teachers should work for free. This belief is a form of energetic vampirism ~ as people want to "take energy" without giving anything in return.

Check your beliefs! Your beliefs will create your reality....and be careful you don't project your distorted beliefs onto others. The energy you put out always returns to you so if you are passing judgment on the way other people choose to make their money ~ you are only limiting your SELF.

Live "spiritually abundant" ~ no more limitations on your self or anyone else! ~ Sabrina

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  1. This is exactly what I am working through at the moment. The false belief that if I am spiritual I can't have financial abundance. An opportunity to make money doing something I never thought I would do has come into my life. I am getting all the signs from non physical that I should go for it, so I am embracing this new change in my life. Thank you for your timely post, it came for me at the right time, it was the further validation I have been looking for. xxx


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