Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Fearful Of Staying Committed To The Spiritual Path: By Sabrina Reber

QUESTION: I have everything I need in my daily life, but I can't find myself. I have tried meditation and I have also tried holotropic breathing, but I have not succeeded because I have been afraid to go further. Where am I mistaking?
ANSWER: You are allowing your ego to be in dominion of your true self. In fact, that is how the majority of humanity has been living for many, many lifetimes and people are not even aware that an impostor has been in control of their lives. 
Anytime you embark on the spiritual journey, the ego will put up a big fuss! The ego is an acronym for “Edges God/ddess Out”.....it will literally keep your God Self from coming forward because the ego knows if the God Self comes forward, the ego will be out of a job and the egoic density/darkness will be absorbed by the LIGHT of the God Self’s greater awareness. So anytime you begin to meditate or do anything that is “light filled” ....the ego will build up a huge resistance! Mind chatter will increase, your heart rate may speed up..... fears, insecurities and doubts will come to the surface. 
This is something you must work through! You must stay committed to your spiritual practice. That is why it is called “spiritual practice”....it is something you practice and practice and practice on a daily basis  ~ the spiritual journey is one of transcendence. Everyday we transcend our egoic fears, distorted beliefs, illusions, thoughts and behaviors so we can integrate more and more of our greatness into our lower being.
In order to truly KNOW THYSELF, you will need to stay committed to re-connecting with your inner being ~ your soul ~ through meditation,  spiritual practice and conscious living. Be willing to “see your self” and all of the things within you that need healing ~ and understand that your truth is pure love, pure light that has simply been covered up by all the distorted beliefs the ego has created within yourself. ~ Sabrina
"I (the ego) die daily."  St. Paul 1 Cor. 15:31
For more information on how to integrate the negative EGO, here is a chapter from my book “Raise Your Vibration”: Chapter On The Ego

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  1. It certainly is the path least taken. I'm on it and staying the course.


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