Saturday, July 21, 2012

Fearful Of Being Around People, Sensitive, Is This Part Of My Ascension? By Sabrina Reber

QUESTION: I have become fearful of being around people which is affecting my day to day living. Could it be a part of my ascension or is it simply the result of too much identification with the ego mind? 

ANSWER: This is a stage of awakening. When we really start to understand that we are energy, and we are all ONE... we also understand that other people's energy can greatly affect us. We may go through a period of not wanting to be next to those who's energy feels heavy or dense.

HOWEVER, this is a lesson for us in learning "how to use our energy appropriately, and also learning how to keep ourselves self contained. We can not alienate ourselves from other people (it will shut down our root and heart chakras)...however, there may be a small time period where your sensitivity develops so rapidly and strongly ~ you may need to take a "small break" from large crowds etc....while you learn to manage your new sensitivities. The more "sensitive" we are, the closer to Spirit we are becoming. Many of us have been dense for so long, when we start to integrate more LIGHT into our being our spiritual gifts of intuition and sensitivity return to us, and we have to learn how to use them appropriately. This is part of our mastery and we are purposefully submersed in a breeding ground of a variety of mixed energies to experience and learn from. It will not serve your soul's evolution to remove yourself from interacting with fact, long term alienation will stifle your growth process ~ as it is through our interactions with others where we learn our greatest lessons. My suggestion to you is to learn how to manage your energy:

1. Use your discernment! We must be discerning about who, what and where we choose to interact our energies with. What use to serve you when you were dense....may not serve your new energy anymore. Old behaviors and environments may not be a vibrational match for us anymore. Make WISE choices.....ask yourself if this event, relationship, environment, interaction serves your highest good?

2. Everyday when you awake. Place a shield of protection around you and ground to the Earth and higher dimensions. Also, pull your energy field in about arms length distance around your body. Here is an exercise:

3. Keep in mind that what you send out ALWAYS comes back to if you are sending out negativity, you will attract negativity from others. State: "Only good may come to me, only good may come from me."

4. Cut cords! Everyday we are creating energetic cords with the people we interact with. Even on Facebook, through email or through the phone....we are connecting! We need to cut cords everyday or our energy will get tangled up with others and we may experience their emotions, thoughts or feelings. Here is a cord cutting exercise:

5. I also suggest people take salt baths after they have been in a hospital, doctors office, stressful work environment, around an emotionally upsetting environment or around a lot of people. Add about 1 1/2 Cups of Himalayan sea salt or any kind of salt to your bath at night. When you are done, wash the salt water off of your body. The salt will draw out negative energy from your chakra and energy fields you may have picked up from others.

6. Every night before you go to sleep, place your consciousness as high up above your head as possible and state: "Creator Of All That Is, it is commanded for all energy that is not mine to be removed from my being ~ sent to your light for purification and returned to where it belongs to. Any energy that is mine, that I have left somewhere else, I command to be sent to your light, purified and returned to me."

This may sound like a lot of extra stuff to do, but with continued practice this will be quick and easy for you to do everyday. You can even do these things while you are taking a shower. The more you practice, the stronger your energy field and ability to create change will become!

Practicing spiritual hygiene and being conscious about our own energy (our thoughts, emotions, feelings and beliefs)....will also help us not attract anything to us that may disrupt our balance. Oftentimes, it is through our own "free will" that we create our own energetic disruptions. We must learn how to be very conscious with our energy and vibrations we send out....this is all part of us learning to master ourselves.

We are awakening and returning to our truth, which also means we need to learn how to take care of our energy. Energy maintenance, is our responsibility and it is also part of our mastery. Bringing in the Light of God daily meditation is also a wonderful thing to do as the light will come into your being and transmute density, as well as, balance your energy fields. Here is the meditation:

~ Sabrina


  1. good advice, i think that lightworkers do have built in survival fears, time to dismantle ALL fears, thank you!

  2. This blog has been so helpful! I have a blog that is basically a case study of myself, my relationship to others and Gaia as I go through the ascension process. I hope to extend my writings to others because I feel what I share might help others better understand their processes too. Visit Transparent Heart at if you feel drawn to :)

  3. Sabrina, I fear my family and I are being compromised, in our sleep.

    1. Hi Lorena,

      It sounds like you need a house clearing. See if you can find someone in your area who can do this for you or you can also clear the energy your self. Also state a prayer and command for only those energies of the highest vibration to interact with your energy. Surround yourself and your family with a protective shield of violet energy and also put a drop of lavender oil on each persons crown chakra before you go to bed. Here is a link for house clearing info:


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