Thursday, August 23, 2012

Staying In Alignment With Loving Energies So We Don't Feed The Fearful Energies: By Sabrina Reber

There are external and internal energies that can greatly affect us....but only if we allow them to! These energies have a very dim sputter of light left in their being ~ so in order to survive they need to stir up trouble and chaos within us so they can feed off of OUR LIGHT. Oftentimes, these energies are attached to other people who constantly give them the fuel they need to survive ~ and they
 will work through these people creating arguments, misunderstandings and negative situations so they can get their fix. Most of the time, painful arguments are not even between the people, but are between the negative energies that are attached to them.

As we continue to raise our vibrations we gain more LIGHT, so we need to be very conscious of the shadow forces working within us, and within other people. We have to learn to take responsibility for our energy, and the vibration we are emitting. In order to release our shadowy aspects we must first acknowledge they are working within us! If we don't acknowledge them ~ if we keep ourselves blinded ~ how can we possibly transform/heal our energy?

These shadowy energies love to knock us out of alignment. They feed off of the energy of fear. Fear is any kind of lower state of consciousness such as judgment, blame, criticism, anger, rage, control, greed, competition, duality, domination, lies etc. Basically anything that is not LOVE, JOY, PEACE, FORGIVENESS, ONENESS and COMPASSION is a lower vibrating fear based energy that we need to heal within our being so we do not release an "energy perfume" into the astral realms where these energies reside.

We always have a choice! Which energies are we going to magnetize to us and feed? The one's that uplift us, and make us feel good or the ones that create chaos, drama and pain? ~ Sabrina


  1. Love this explanation! Thanks again. :)

  2. This is something I've been thinking about myself lately, though I was thinking of the shadow energies being the ego. But it is interesting to think of it being other energies - it does feel like that, when something just takes over you.

    In order to grapple with it, I created a little tool called the "Spray Bottle of Love", where I just squirt love intentions/vibrations over anything shadowy. (more about that here: )


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