Saturday, August 18, 2012

Earth Is A Parasitic Environment ~ Watch Your Thoughts! By Sabrina Reber

We live in the world of energy, and it is our thought energy or state of consciousness that attracts LIKE energy to us. 

If we are angry, we attract the "energy form" of anger to us, and this energy form of anger will feed off of our lower vibrating energy ~ and it will also help us create more anger so it can get fed.

All states of consciousness have "energy forms" that are attracted to the "en
ergy perfume" our energy fields emit.

Worry, Stress, Anxiety, Fear, Addiction, Paranoia, Depression, Greed, Domination, Control, Anger, Self Doubt, Irritation, Judgment, Hate and Powerlessness

Love, Joy, Peace, Oneness, Acceptance, Faith, Happiness, Compassion and Serenity

Whatever we are emitting ~ we are attracting!

We have the free will choice and the power to fully FEEL whatever comes up for us so we can release it....OR we can hold onto the energy and create an "energy form" that will feed off of the perfume our energy emits. These energy forms once attached, drain our energy, distort our thinking and way of being causing us to create MORE of the very same energy so they can get fed. It is a vicious cycle.

If we get angry....feel it! State I am angry because ________.
FEEL IT, and then consciously decide to let it go. Learn the lesson the anger is trying to teach you. Then find something to do that makes you feel JOY. Do not give the energy forms something to feed off of....and also do not store the feeling or it will continue to emit an energy scent or signature. Just let it go.....if you are still thinking about it ~ you have not let it go. LEARN THE LESSON! Perhaps you said yes to something you should have said NO to ~ set appropriate boundaries!

As long as we are conscious about our daily states of consciousness ~ and we are willing to FEEL what arises, and learn the lesson from the experience we will not hold onto our lower states of consciousness and the "energy forms" will not be able to feed off our energy. The key is to LEARN from our experiences, and not repeat them over and over again. We will be tested ~ keep in mind that Earth is a parasitic environment.

Everyday, be aware of your SELF and your environment. Choose relationships, activities and thoughts that are supportive of your higher states of consciousness.....anything that creates anger, fear or any of the lower states of consciousness within your being are not conducive to your well being. Even so called educational, religious and sometimes spiritual teachings can be detrimental to your higher states of consciousness.....use your discernment! ~ Sabrina

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Art By: Alex Grey "DESPAIR"

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