Sunday, April 1, 2012


Judy Satori Mantra's from SPIRIT to help with ASCENSION Changes.
CLICK HERE For Audio of the Mantras and Detailed Description:
Listen to the energy activations and try to say the words exactly as they are said in the class. It is not so much the way they are written, it is the way they sound and the intonation and pauses that are important.
However, the words as they sound are written below. It is suggested that you mark the sounds with the your own descriptive words after listening to the audio tracks. AUDIO OF THE MANTRAS
Mantra to Ground and Balance:  This mantra is very good when we feel out of phase with Earth Energy due to high energy days when we are expereicing Energy Downloads, Solar Flares etc...
Stand with your feet about a foot apart with your arms and hands stretched out wide at the level of the core star (in the center of the torso at the level of the solar plexus chakra). Turn your palms down towards the floor.

Visualise a diamond shape with a line of energy connecting your core star, to two points either side of the body three feet out from the body at ground level and a fourth point three feet under the surface of the Earth directly beneath you.


Kraj - ne - a - Allium - Ya - Sin-Day  Mak- oi-ya-Sa

Say this three times, or nine times and repeat as required.

Mantra to Help with Mental Disorientation: Caused by Incoming Energy Overloading the Nervous System.

Stand with your feet 12-18 inches apart with your hands by your sides, palms facing forward and fingers pointing to the floor.

Kraj - ne - a - Allium - Ya - Sin- Day Mak- oi-ya-Sa 
Allium – Allium – Allium – Om 

Repeat three times and up to nine times as desired.

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