Thursday, April 12, 2012

What Is The Best Way To Help The Animals?

QUESTION: What if something we are passionate about (in my case animal rescue) brings me sadness and feelings of helplessness. I buried my head in the sand for many years because it was too painful to face the cruelty that exists and sometimes I still want to pretend it doesn't happen. How do I raise my vibration when I come home to hundreds of animal cruelty postings? How do I raise my vibration when these postings make me feel so sad?
ANSWER: I understand how you feel about the animals. It saddens me too....but there are many grotesque things going on, on planet Earth right now ~ even to human beings, and look at our Mother Earth and the atrocities that are being done to her! We need to understand the greatest catalyst for change is to expand human consciousness, and that begins with the healing of the SELF. Until we heal our SELF, we are unable to create change in the "outer" areas (external environment), because our consciousness has not expanded enough to tap into the higher perspectives of reality ~ which means most of us are working from ego consciousness and not from our soul and higher self consciousness. We also can not give to others what we do not the best way to help the animals, the Earth and all humans is to spend time raising our vibrations so we can activate the LIGHT within our own being so we can be a conduit for the LIGHT from the higher realms to infiltrate this planet and shine down on the darkness so it can be exposed and transmuted into a higher vibration and way of living. Each human is a conduit for LIGHT, but it must be activated! If we want to heal the Earth, and all the beings on the Earth we need to do our part and activate our LIGHT by healing and activating our chakra system, which will expand our consciousness and connect us with our divine birthright of unadulterated guidance from our higher selves. 
Please understand that there are systems set up on this planet to keep people from looking within and healing themselves.....they do not want us to activate our LIGHT, because when each person activates their empowerment and ability to TRULY create change the beings that are of a lower vibration will no longer be able control this planet. How do they control this planet??? They control us through FEAR ~ by generating low vibrational feelings and emotions. The low vibrational beings know that humans are very emotional and sensitive ~ where as these beings have no emotions or feelings....they are what I would call soul less because they are running on pure ego. They are called the dark workers, and they are responsible for teaching us our greatest lessons....we have to use our free will to choose whether we want to support their work and spread fear or whether we want to activate the LIGHT within, and spread LOVE. Fear or is our choice.
With the best of intentions, many people who are awakening to the truth, lies and distortions on this planet fall into the very deceptive trap of the dark ones. They actively participate in the spreading of MORE horror, fear and lower vibrations by sending out  traumatizing videos that keep people enslaved in fear ~ through the shock, overwhelm, pain and emotional instability these videos generate. If the dark ones can keep humanity feeling overwhelmed, emotionally distraught and powerless ~  keeping us in a low frequency ~ we will not be able to activate our LIGHT, and they will be successful at keeping the planet suppressed in the lower vibrations of a fearful, dualistic environment.
Now I am not saying, if it is your soul’s mission to be an animal activist, that you should not honor that call to create change! What I am saying is first each person needs to work on the SELF, healing the old distorted knee jerk behavioral patterns and tapping into a higher consciousness where the inner (soul/spirit) and outer wills (ego) are in balance. In order to do this line of work effectively, we need to be able to ground our LIGHT, and unfortunately a lot of people are working solely from their outer will, which will never create the change they so desire because the change must come from within ourselves first before we are able to truly create change in our outer environments.
The organizations and industries creating great harm on this planet are fear based, and they are trained to unground you and suck you into the lower vibrations of overwhelm, anger, judgment and hate. These industries are takes a very strong soul to be able to stand up to the corporation giants exposing their systems, while at the same time remaining focused on bringing forth the LIGHT and vibrations of LOVE to these areas. We also need to understand, and KNOW from the depths of our being, that we do have power to help the animals, the Earth and other humans through the power of our prayer. We don't have to create confrontation or duality within these systems.....we can work behind the scenes using the power of the spiritual realms to create change. Oftentimes, our inner will....the will of our Spirit is far more effective than our outer will (ego) to create the change we so desire. The power for change truly resides within! So my recommendation is to not watch or read anything that is emotionally upsetting to you. There is no need to suffocate yourself with the horror over and over again. You have awakened your self to the truth, and you know what is going on. You already know the animals, the Earth and humans are being need to focus and intensify those vibrations in your being any longer. Take the knowledge and awareness that you have and pray for assistance from the higher realms to please come down to Earth to help us create change. The more people that use their free will, and ask for help, the greater response we will receive......unfortunately, many of us have forgotten about the power of our prayer, we are using only our outer will ~ that of the ego ~ to create change, and this will continue to get us absolutely no where. Here is a prayer I state everyday, it is simply an example. Feel free to use it or create your own....speak from your heart ~ that is the most important thing. When we truly generate a heart felt prayer, not a mind prayer, the spiritual realms “feel” and “hear” it. They will respond:
 "Creator Of All That Is, I ask for you to please send down additional beings of the highest vibrations and light to the Earth to assist the Earth and all beings with their transformational process. I ask for these beings of the highest LIGHT to please go to those areas of density where there is great chaos, pain, destruction and suffering and we ask for them to transmute all lower vibrations of fear into the highest LOVE vibration that those areas can hold and attain at this time. We ask for all beings on Earth ~ in all time frames and dimensions ~ to be uplifted into a higher consciousness for their highest and best good, so that we may ALL return to our truth. Thank you. It is done, it is done, it is done.
In order to generate the greatest amount of change on this planet we need to first activate the LIGHT within our SELF, and we also need to stay focused on spreading information that will activate the LIGHT within others. All fear based messages diminish our LIGHT.....fear generates more fear. Only read and send out messages that help people grow. Horror and Fear will only stifle and paralyze people, and generate more hate. We also need to understand that everything that is happening on our planet right now is a reflection of humanity’s previous level of consciousness. We are all waking up to the truth, but it will take time and spiritual effort to generate the changes we so desire to see in our NOW moment. Our previous level of vibration, our lack of consciousness, our karma, and our willingness to give away our power in the past is what got us into this place in the first place and it is us ~ HUMANITY ~ with the use of our FREE WILL to invite SPIRIT into our lives to create change that will be the greatest catalyst for planetary transformation. ~ Sabrina

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  1. Thank you Sabrina for all you are doing. Your messages are laser-like and they hit me right in the heart chakra every time. This post was just what I needed and I will be taking it truly to heart. Thank you once again. Keep shining :) Tim from New Zealand


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