Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Can We Just Think Ourselves Into A Higher Vibration Without Meditation?

QUESTION: I had a thought today, if we adhere to quantum physics and our thoughts create everything then couldn't we theoretically think we are already vibrating higher and receive "downloads" without meditation?

ANSWER: Sure we can think our way into a higher vibration. HOWEVER, it will require TIME to shift the vibration in our being because it is our "thoughts from our past" that have created our current level of vibration ~ so just shifting our thought today does not change our energy make up because our energy signature is a culmination of every thought, every deed, every emotion, every belief we have ever had. What meditation does, is it invites healing energies into our being that will clear out the distortions and off pitched vibrations from our past (karma) ~ that are stored in our chakra system ~ that block us from our flow to Spirit. Our tubes and channels to our spiritual self  have been clogged up with distorted beliefs, emotions and karma that need to be healed and released before we are able to truly tap into the spiritual energies from the higher dimensions within our being. When our tubes and channels are cleared and spiritual energies are able to flow through us....we are in the FLOW, it feels good, loving and blissful and we WANT to meditate because we get rejuvenated by the increased flow of Spirit. When we are truly in the flow, meditation isn't something we have to do, but something we want to do because we FEEL our connection and deep LOVE from our soul and Spirit. Soooo, if we are naturally high vibrational and in the flow of Spirit....yes we will receive the incoming downloads and light codes naturally, but we also naturally want to meditate because we have developed a relationship with Spirit, we enjoy our connection with the FLOW and we want to experience it in a deeper, more loving, thoughtful way. The ego will put up HUGE resistance and make you not want to meditate. Be aware! It will come up with all kinds of reasons why you don't have to do will even tell you, you can't do it and meditation is a waste of time. However, now more than ever we have tremendous support to help us open up the flow to our spiritual self.....we just need to show the universe that we are willing to do our part. After all, we do have free will....we can allow the ego to control us. It is up to us to decide who we are going to listen to....the ego or the soul. The ego will keep you separated from your flow.......the soul will connect you. ~ Sabrina 


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  1. I "accidentally" ran across this blog..I am quite intrigued and at the same time I'm saying, "WHAT in the world" is this talking about? How can Iearn what all this means..?


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