Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Spiritual Parenting: Accepting Responsibility For Our Own Issues And Not Projecting Them Onto Our Kids: By Sabrina Reber

QUESTION: So, soul ascension requires us to solely focus on our own behavior and not judge others in anyway... to remain impartial and accepting ~ including our children? Yes?

ANSWER: Yes, especially with our kids! We should actually be more focused on our behavior than our kids, because it is our kids who are reflecting back to us the energy dynamics of our family. If a child is misbehaving...there is a reason, it should be seen as a warning sign for some sort of imbalance in the household. If we are wise and observant we will see that our children are our greatest teachers! Parents need to be very careful about projecting their issues onto their kids. For instance, a Mom who is unhappy with her weight, and is highly self conscious, will constantly be getting on to her children about what "they" are eating.....even though she is the one cooking and buying the food in the house. This creates a vicious cycle because the same negative self distortions and unhappiness with her weight will be projected on her kids and they too will grow into adulthood with the same negative beliefs. HOWEVER....we also must keep in mind , we are the chosen guides in our children's life until they are 24. It is irresponsible, unloving and karmically binding to not set boundaries with our kids. The key is grounded, clear, loving communication so every one understands what is acceptable and what is not ~ set up a healthy parental/child contract. In addition, always keep in mind parents are meant to be GUIDES, not controllers.....the best way we can guide is to be the example! After all, parents are the first God-like figures in a child's life....set a good example, provide a loving safe environment and grounded guidance, but we should also allow our children the free will to make their own soul choices when they are of age to do so. ~Sabrina

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