Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Raising The Vibration Of The Body ~ Making Healthy Choices For Our Ascension By Sabrina Reber

QUESTION: You mention often about how important it is to purify the body etc. I eat and live an extremely healthy lifestyle, but occasionally "cheat" w/an occasional cigarette and wine. Should I stop completely in order to purify? Or does it really make much of a difference? 

ANSWER: We each have the free will choice to live in any way we choose....God is unbiased, just pure love. If we want to sit on the couch and eat potato chips all day....God loves us no matter what ~ but we will physically pay the consequences of our continued chip eating via extra fat, lack of energy, depression and an overall feeling of not being well, which will most likely lead to illness and disease. 

I think it is important for each of us to understand that whatever we consume IS a consciousness/an energy form, and will attract "like" vibrations and states of consciousness to us. Remember, everything is energy ~ everything! Hence....alcohol is called "spirits" for a reason. Tobacco carries it's own state of consciousness, in addition to every pharmaceutical drug we take, food we eat, thought we think etc. 

My personal opinion is "nothing" should be inhaled into the lungs, and that includes marijuana. It is totally unnatural and harmful to our well being to inhale smoke into our lungs....regardless if the substance is natural or not. Our lungs provide oxygen to our blood system, as well as, surround our heart ~ which is a very important area for ascension. The lungs create a sacred breath and connect us to our soul and spirit through slow, deep, rhythmic breathing ~ healthy lungs and deep breathing are an essential part of our transformation.  

The body does need to be raised in vibration so the soul can be activated ~ the God self will not descend into the body until the body is ready to handle the very high vibrations of the God Self. Balanced nutrition (not neurotic or rigid), combined with balanced emotions, thoughts and feelings will assist in the raising of the bodies vibration along with spiritual practice. I personally don't see anything wrong with having a glass or two of wine “every now and then”.....bless it and give thanks for the grapes, land and farmers that created it. However, if we drink to much, eat a terrible diet, take to many drugs (pharmaceutical and recreational), allow ourselves to stay in a stressful environment, and hold onto negative toxic emotions, thoughts and feelings..... our energy fields will become weak and we will create rips and tears in our auric field, which is our PROTECTION from outside lower vibrational energies.

The best advice I can give you is to live your life as balanced as possible and make choices that make your mind, soul, spirit and body feel good, and when you mess up....don't beat your self up about it. That will simply lower your vibration even further. Just take note and learn from it, you choose differently next time.
~ Sabrina

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