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QUESTION: I have recently separated from a long term relationship with young children involved. I find myself torn between wanting to work things out ~ because it is the "right thing to do" ~ or releasing this relationship because it has become dysfunctional, unloving and we are unable to communicate. I do not feel comfortable moving forward with this relationship BUT I don’t know whether it is fear holding me back or whether I am supposed to be in this place to continue my soul lessons of awareness and unconditional love. I have become very aware of my ego of late, but can’t seem to set aside expectations and feelings of disappointment and frustration with this relationship in order to sustain it.

ANSWER: First of all, you can not continue to artificially sustain an unhealthy relationship. However, if you BOTH feel ~ from the depths of your hearts ~ that this relationship can be healed, then I would do everything possible to infuse it with a higher vibration, and transform it into a loving relationship where the entire family would benefit.

Here are a few questions to ask your self to help you make your decision.

1. Is this relationship a healthy, positive, respectful, loving, nurturing relationship I want my kids to witness as an example for "relationships" in their life when they get older? If not, can WE heal it or should it be released so all involved can attain their highest and best good.

2. Do I truly, truly love this person or is my love based on "attachment and fear" of what would happen if I let it go? Am I afraid of stepping out of my comfort zone, even though it does not serve me?

3. Is this relationship helping our souls EVOLVE out of ingrained behavioral patterns or are we REVOLVING with the same issues unable to grow from our current state of consciousness into a higher state of consciousness.

4. Does this relationship provide a safe ENERGY environment for us to raise our kids in. Home environments with a lot of negative, toxic psychic energy from fights, negative emotions, harmful behavioral patterns and negative thoughts attract "LIKE" energies and these energies contaminate our homes and our children's energy fields. Are we providing a safe, sacred space for our children to grow and evolve in?

5. Am I treating myself the way I want my partner to treat me? Do I respect, love and honor myself? Do I know of my worthiness.....if not, my lack of self love and inability to set loving boundaries with other people ~ in addition to, my allowance of their behavior will only continue to manifest more of the same. What changes do I need to make internally so my outer reflection reflects back to me what I truly desire?

6. What do I want? Will this relationship provide me with my heart felt soul's desire?

7. Does this relationship add to my "LIGHT" or deplete it?

These are tough questions, and they will require great effort on your part to answer them honestly. If you decide to remain in this relationship please understand BOTH of you will need to put forth a heightened level of energy, and be consciously aware of your behavioral patterns in order to make the changes necessary to transform this relationship. If you feel this relationship does not serve you ~ then set your self FREE. You have free will to choose what is for your highest and best good. You will open up doors for new relationships to come in where you can continue to learn lessons about acceptance and unconditional love in a more LOVING way.

~ Sabrina

ART BY: Vladimir Kush

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