Friday, September 16, 2011

Is It OK To Ask God For Material Things?

QUESTION: I have been struggling with materialism and exactly what it is. I feel there is more than enough to go around and we all want different things so it's not selfish of me to ask the cosmos for material things we need. My husband feels the cosmos will see what we need and send it, and we should be grateful for what we have. I AM grateful. :) I just feel God wants us to be happy and as long as I don't get caught up in the illusion of materialism why not enjoy the things I like. He thinks there are more important things to pray about and it's selfish to pray for material things. I feel that's a deep seeded christian idea he needs to let go of that boils down to his feelings of self worth. I'm just wondering what you think.

HTRYV ANSWER: This question is just as controversial as the discussion about what foods we should, and should not eat in order to be "spiritual" and closer to God. Just like food ~ material goods are a highly personal and cultural choice, and many people have extreme judgments, opinions and a plethora of distorted belief systems around material "things." My personal opinion is as soon as we make anything "bad" we have stepped into the rigidity of our ego's which creates separation and duality within our being and everyone we come into contact with.

Lets define Materialism and Materialistic:
Definition of Materialism: The only thing that exists is matter.
Definition of Materialistic: A person who is markedly more concerned with material things (such as money and possessions) rather than spiritual, intellectual, or cultural values.

My understanding is that we are in the world of of the densest places in the multidimensional universe where we experience the solidity of "energy". Everything is spirit energy, but because we are in the very low vibrations ~ everything vibrates very slowly, therefore, everything appears to have a solid form. Because of this, many of us have forgotten about our true nature as Spirit and have solely focused on the material world of form as our truth and source of happiness. Which has caused us to become unconscious with our choices and our "things" have begun to bring us false joy instead of the true spirit filled joy we receive when we are connected and in alignment with our Spiritual Self.

Many people ~ even in the spiritual community ~ have mistaken abundance as money. Being abundant has nothing to do with our current level of finances or how much stuff we have. Being abundant means being in the flow, and in alignment with the creative life force energies from our connection to our higher self that resides in a higher vibrating dimension within our energy field. When we are connected to our higher self....we are connected to the Abundance of Source Energy and because we are so abundant and full of Source, we tend to live simply. Having said that ~ living simply can mean a lot of different things for each of us ~ someone living in India will have a completely different lifestyle from someone living in the USA. 

From my own personal experience, it is advantageous for us to ask the Universe for assistance with what we desire. Why not be in constant communication with Spirit about everything in our lives, and also in a constant state of gratitude? Not only should we ~ ask so we can receive ~ but we should also put energy towards what we desire. For instance, if we want to redecorate our home ~ we could ask Spirit for help in finding a way to help us provide extra income and also let Spirit know what we are looking for as far as furniture we can magnetize those things to us. We should also be putting energy towards our desires, regardless if we have the money to go ahead and redecorate or not. We could be cutting out pictures from magazines for inspiration, perhaps go ahead and pick out paint colors etc......whatever it is ~ we should ask the universe and then apply energy towards what we truly desire. 

As long as we are doing our best to make conscious choices and keep ourselves in alignment with Spirit there is nothing wrong with having nice things or even asking for more nice things if they will  enhance the quality of our life, create beauty, provide comfort and assist us in generating a happy, loving, positive vibration onto the Earth Plane. I guess the questions we need to ask ourselves are:
Why do I need ______?
What purpose will this serve?
Is this a want or a NEED?
Will this _____ really enhance my life?

The Universe is ABUNDANT and will continue to provide for us, as long as we use our co-creative powers in a constructive way. Each one of us are literally immersed in a pool of the Creator's creative energy....we all have the exact same potential to manifest and create whatever we desire. We just need to learn how to use this energy to create whatever we desire for the highest and best good of all involved.

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