Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Earth Game....It is All About Frequency.

We are playing a game. 

The Earth game is a game of energetic frequency. 

The "perceived" controllers and dominators....whether it be our governments, leaders, different countries, religions, enemies, families, the dark forces etc........"WIN" when they can create fear, negativity and lower vibrations within our energy fields.

In order for us to WIN ~ our vibrations will need to be raised to the point where nothing can effect us. In order to reach this sustained vibration of love and light ~ our energy fields will need to BE the Love and the Light~ which means we will need to purify all the things within us that are NOT love.

These things may be soul trauma or distorted egoic/shadowy thoughts, emotions, fears or beliefs. In order for us to WIN we will need to transmute the negativity (darkness) within our being so that we can gain and SUSTAIN a higher vibrational frequency of SOUL LIGHT.

As each human chooses to raise it's vibrational frequency "THE LIGHT WITHIN THEM" will be activated. Each human is a cell on the Earth's body....when the majority of the cells have activated their LIGHT then the LIGHT will be amplified and will spread across the Earth body transforming and healing everything in its path.

The Earth game is not necessarily a game of winners and losers ~although the perceived duality makes it seem that way ~ the Earth game is really about activating the LOVE and LIGHT of Unity Consciousness, knowing that when we heal and activate the LIGHT within us, we will actually help activate the LIGHT within others.....even the so-called controllers and dominators. 

All beings, all the key players, including the Earth herself will "WIN" this game of energetic frequency we have signed up for. As Lee Harris says, "We can not fight the darkness, we can only amplify the LIGHT." 

As above in human group consciousness, so below on Earth ~ the more LIGHT we have in our consciousness the more LIGHT will be reflected on Earth. ~ Sabrina

I have written a book that will take you on a journey of vibrational purification. It will help you heal yourself and return you to the truth of your Soul/Divine LIGHT. When you heal yourself, you help heal the Earth ~ YOU do make a difference. You can purchase the book ~ CLICK HERE RAISE YOUR VIBRATION BOOK


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