Friday, September 16, 2011

Why Am I Attracting Angry And Aggressive People?

QUESTION: Hello, I wanted to ask about anger and aggression. The more peaceful I become and the further into my spiritual work I progress the more anger and aggression I am experiencing from people around me - some of these people dont know me personally, but I experience their anger when I go out and about? I would be interested to hear what you think about this situation and whether anyone else is experiencing this as well? Blessings

Well, congratulations. You must be pretty far along on your journey. There is a period on our spiritual path ~ after we have committed ourselves to our spiritual practice ~ where our soul will feel it is time to bring forth our SHADOW. Most people are completely oblivious to their shadow behaviors, because their soul has not brought the shadow forth to be healed.....the shadow is still hidden from their conscious awareness and people are literally blinded by themselves because they are unwilling to heal and change.

This time period is bizarre ~ because as we meditate and focus on the LIGHT, bringing our God Self more and more into our being, a sense of inner peace and calm begins to transforms us. We are much more balanced and loving, and the last thing we want is confrontation or negative energies....however, when we least expect it ~ our SHADOW energy appears and is reflected in every person we interact with through "their" very aggressive behaviors. The key is to accept that you too have been angry, aggressive, disrespectful and hurtful along your journey as well. Perhaps not now.....but in your past. You will need to be really honest with yourself and accept that the people externally of you are showing you energies within your very own energy field that are desiring to be released and transmuted. You must acknowledge these energies ~ shine the light of your conscious awareness on them, so they can be healed.

I went through a crazy period where a man literally climbed our backyard fence screaming at my kids because they threw a pine cone over the fence, and it almost hit his  car.....he was very aggressive and it was a very scary ordeal. He then returned the next week and egged and keyed my car. Every cashier ~ no matter where I went ~ was rude and aggressive. My daughter's friends parents were irrationally picking fights with me, parents in the school pick up line were honking their horns and throwing their fist in the air at me.....even neighbors would yell at even turned the sprinkler system on at the neighborhood pool while my kids and I were at the pool on the lawn in our lawn chairs tanning and reading books. He wanted to maintenance the sprinkler system, right then and there, regardless if anyone was at the pool or not. Honestly, "everyone else's" behaviors were so crazy and unexpected....but they were all reflecting the negative hidden energies within my own being that were trying to be healed. They were not "exact" reflections, but none the less.....they were showing me aggressive energies within myself that I needed to accept as part of my being so I could "see" them and choose to transcend those behavioral patterns within myself. It really doesn't matter if "they" look at themselves, and see how inappropriate their behaviors are ~ what matters is that I was willing to look at myself and transcend the "inappropriate" behavioral patterns and energies within me. We must keep ourselves on the inner path of salvation vs. the external path of egoic recreation where we project and blame everyone ELSE for their poor behaviors while we still have poor behaviors within us that need to be addressed.

Our shadow is the gatekeeper to our higher LIGHT. We must move through the darkness of our shadow before we reach our en-lighten-ment. Because our ego's are strong, defensive and resistant the Universe lovingly provides a Universal Mirror to reflect back to us the things within our own being that are fragmented and not connected to the LIGHT of our God Self. These aspects must be brought back into wholeness and the only way to allow them to return to us is to accept them as distortions within ourselves. Once we accept them and lovingly let them return to the light of our awareness....they will be transformed into a higher vibrational energy and we will heal them and transcend the old behavioral patterns that are attached to them.

This period is also a time of total surrender to our higher self where we ALLOW our inner darkness to come forward so our soul can make new LIGHT filled choices instead of repeating the old negative egoic behavioral patterns from our past. We get to demonstrate to the Universe that we are willing to only create good in our lives for ourselves and others. This is the period where we prove we are grounding the LIGHT into our being by BEING the Love and the Light we claim ourselves to BE. If we are really peaceful and loving then no matter what happens, we remain in that state at all times and we will be given opportunity after opportunity to show that we have mastered ourselves and our energy through experiencing very difficult circumstances. We will be tested.

So the best way to determine how we are doing is to notice our energy when unpleasant circumstances arise. How does our energy feel? If we feel anger.....are we able to accept that someone has made us angry? Can we notice it, release it and move on or do we carry that anger with us all day blaming everyone else for their poor behaviors...which will only create more angry situations for us to learn from. When people make us angry, are we able to hold the space and ground our light or do we react negatively lashing out at them as well. Can we speak up for ourselves in a firm and loving way when someone is being irrational or do we run and scurry away form confrontation? Are we able to set boundaries with people or do we continue to let them treat us poorly.... repetitively? 

Eventually, the distorted energies within our energy fields begin to dissolve and we become balanced co-creators, creating a loving, peaceful, joyful, reality for ourselves. However, we must always keep in mind that our external world is a reflection of our inner workings. There will be times when we fall out of alignment ~ we are all learning and evolving into greater states of consciousness and soul expansion. It is part of our growth and it is through our experiences that we gain the most advancement. At this point on our journey, we are stepping into our mastery, which means we will ALWAYS need to accept responsibility for whatever is going on in our lives. Sometimes we may need to release something that no longer serves our highest good or we may need to accept something about ourselves that needs softening and refinement. 

Always remember that the Universe is holographic. There is always something to learn from other peoples behaviors that have been brought into our very own personal is our state of consciousness that creates our reality. We are magnetizing EVERYTHING to us as an opportunity to learn, heal, strengthen, soften and advance our soul.

Here is a chapter from my book, "Raise Your Vibration", about the Ego and Shadow Consciousness and how they work together to keep us from gaining our light. The ego and shadow are our greatest teachers and help us to evolve our soul's when we finally decide to take dominion over them:



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