Saturday, October 1, 2011

Helping Our Children Move Through The Global Transformation With Ease

Question: How much or how little do we share with our children about our transformation? Should we help guide them on their journey? I believe that my child (at 7) knows more than I do. How do we keep that spirit/knowlege alive in them?

HTRYV Answer: The children being born today have fewer veils ~ barriers and blocks~ to their higher self, spirit guides and angels than most adults do. They have come in with a inner knowingness of the importance of these times, and for the most part it is their energy and level of frequency that is helping raise the vibration of the entire planet. Many of these kids have even incarnated into certain families to awaken and activate their parents.

It will be important for each parent to use their own discernment when it comes to talking about the global transformation and personal shifts each person is going through. In fact, even the kids are still going through a process of purification within their energy fields, because they too carry their own karma that must be purified.

I think the best way to inform them about what is going on is to simply tell them that we live in very important times, and that each person who is on the Earth at this time is helping the planet to move out of chaos and into peace. We are helping the Earth to heal so that ALL people can move into a period called the Golden Age where everyone will respect and love each other. However, before we enter the golden age all the things that are not loving and peaceful will need to collapse. They have to fall away so we have space to create something new.

I like to use the analogy of someone giving us a beautiful piece of land, but there is an old unlivable house on the property that is no longer safe for us to live in. The best thing for us to do would be to take down the house, and build a new one so we can live on the property safely. It may be a lot of work, we may get tired and go through feelings of overwhelm and uncertainty and we may create a huge mess, but it will be worth it in the end because we will have a brand new home and we will be able to fully and safely enjoy the beauty of the land.

As far as guiding our children, I think the best thing we can do is ~ when they are having difficulties ~ "ask them questions" and help them to uncover the inner wisdom within themselves. Oftentimes, parents will immediately jump in and tell the children what they should and should not do, how they should feel and how they should think without the kids having any inner awareness of what is going on at all. This sets our kids up to look outside of themselves for all of their answers. The more we can get them to tune in and discover what is going on within them ~ the more they will feel confident about listening to their inner guidance system. Sometimes, they will need our guidance and that is what a parent is....a guide, we are not suppose to control or dominate our children's lives to such a point that they loose who they truly are. The best guidance we can give them is to help our children get in touch with their feelings....which is the wisdom of their soul.

As parents we need to understand that our children are ancient old souls. They may be in little bodies and may have immature physical features and underdeveloped body parts, but their energy is full of wisdom. As long as we don''t fill them up with our own distorted beliefs, projections, emotional debris and trauma....their channel to Spirit will remain clear. In fact, I believe it is our children who are our greatest teachers. They teach us "adults" so much about ourselves....we just need to be open to the lessons they are here to teach us. Many of them are far more evolved as light beings than we are. They know on a deep level the magnificence of these times on the Earth ~ that is why they are. All they need from us is LOVE and RESPECT ~ it is also helpful for them to know that they are never alone ~ that Spirit/God/Goddess is always with them and loves them immensely.

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