Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Where Does Our Soul Come From ~ Which Dimension?

QUESTION: Each human body needs a soul. Where does our soul come from....which dimension? If we don't awaken do we get stuck in 3D....we don't get to go back to our natural state?
HTRYV ANSWER: Our soul's most original origins originated directly from Source or "The Creator Of All That Is". The soul is a divine spark of Source Energy. The Creator decided it wanted to experience MORE, so it decided to break itself into bazillions and bazillions of extensions so it could experience itself in a variety of very diverse ways. The Creator gets to enjoy the experiences of each individual soul and participates in each soul’s growth process. 
Each divine spark (soul extension), that disconnected itself from the ONE Infinite Being, chose where it wanted to go in the vast universes of energy to begin it's process of co-creation with Source. Although our divine sparks separated from THE ONE....we knew, at that time of disconnection, that we could NEVER, EVER be fully separated from Source energy ~ because We Are Source Energy....we are ONE.
When we divided ourselves we became little gods/goddesses with co-creative powers to create. We went out into the vastness of pure creative potential within Source Energy and began to create Universes, Planets, Stars, etc....always fully guided and monitored by Source. It was a Co-Creative Process and it was very, very exciting. Eventually, we ALL decided we wanted MORE. We decided we wanted to experience the physicality of all the unique places we had created so we decided to divide our little god/goddess energy forms down into further soul extensions that would inhabit physical bodies so we could actually experience the physicality we had created. 

We divided ourselves once again into OVERSOULS....the oversoul would divide itself into many, many extensions but the oversoul would be in charge of all of it’s soul extensions. Every soul that divided off from the Oversoul would have a higher self/spiritual self that would remain in the soul’s higher vibrating dimension within the soul’s spiritual body. The soul would always have guidance if the soul choice from it’s own free will to go within its being, and connect with its higher self which is is fully connected to the Oversoul and the Oversoul is fully connected to the Creator Of All That Is. 
Back to the original question ~ Where does the Soul come from? It comes from SOURCE. However, when we decided to first incarnate into physical bodies our soul chose where it wanted to incarnate in the physical world....and there were many, many, many universes and physical dimensions to choose from. Since we are currently on Earth now, some of our souls originated from other planets within this Universe and some soul’s have come from other Universes all together. Within the Earth’s Universe many of us may have soul origins from the Pleiades, Sirius, Arcturus, Orion, Draco, Andromeda, Vegas, Lyra, etc....Our soul’s have come from all over the place to inhabit Earth. Earth is one of the most sought out places for the soul to incarnate because it is here in the lower dimensions of dense physicality where we gain our greatest soul lessons and soul growth. Only the soul’s who have proven to be strong enough to handle the “perceived” separation from Source can incarnate here. Every single person on Earth is the “chosen one”.
The next question, “If we don’t awaken do we get stuck in 3D?”
It is not that we necessarily get stuck..... no matter what, the soul continues to evolve and grow in 3D, so the soul is not necessarily stuck. However, because the density of the planet is so strong here, and we forget who we are....we create karma or we misqualify energy. Our karma, which is off pitched vibrations within our energy fields, not only will bind us to a specific location, but it will also block us from having a spiritual awakening and re-membering who we are. 
One of the main reasons we chose to incarnate on Earth is to get to a place in our soul’s development where we re-member who we truly are...it is a little game, where we pretend we are not god’s and goddesses. We experience the Earth’s density and the illusion of separation from each other and God. The soul gains tremendous soul growth when it awakens to the fact that it is a little creator god/goddesses and begins to use it’s energy constructively and not destructively. Once this occurs the soul leaps forward into an upward spiral of higher consciousness and begins to clear and balance it’s karma and distorted energies within its energy fields. This opens up the tubes and channels that have been blocked and the soul will begin to have an increased flow of spiritual life force energies from its spiritual self, which is connected to the oversoul, which is connected to the Creator of All That Is. 
Eventually the soul will clear out enough distortions within its energy field and raise its vibration to such a point that it will be able to merge with it’s spiritual self and have the experience of oneness with the Creator Of All That Is, and all living things on Earth. This Oneness experience, although brief, is oftentimes called satori or en-lighten-ment and helps the soul re-member who it truly is so it can move forward in it’s journey and return to it’s original state of unconditional love, compassion, oneness and soul mastery.  
Does the soul get to go back to it’s natural state? 
Yes ~ eventually the soul will evolve itself to such a point that it will return to it’s original state and be completely reabsorbed back into the immense LOVE of the Creator Of All That Is. At that point, the soul gets to choose if it wants to remain in oneness within the energy of the Creator Of All That Is, or if it would like to choose from the variety of other wonderful opportunities within the God/Goddess hierarchy to assist the ongoing evolution and creative potentials of all of its Creation.
I think the important thing to remember is HOME is within us....it is within our energy fields. Everything is Within. We all have the potential to tap into this reservoir of LOVE, WISDOM and SPIRITUAL ABUNDANCE from our higher self and the Creator Of All That Is. We are never separated ~ we have simply blocked ourselves from tapping into our truth and oneness with God and all beings. However, during this time on our planet we are being given the opportunity to RE-CONNECT.....the energies are here to support us. All we need to do is decide to re-connect and actively participate in the transformation and healing of our soul through a variety of spiritual practices. Everything we are looking for is within, it is here with us now. ~ Sabrina

Here is a video with further explanation of the Oversoul and Higher Self:

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