Saturday, October 15, 2011

Our Negativity Must Rise So We Can Transform It

Before we can align ourselves with our highest truth (spiritual self)......all the untruths, distortions and serpentine lies within us will rise up and be shown to ourselves, and others.... through our negative behaviors. When we act them out, we can no longer hide them ~ they are visible for all to see. It is during these times we must accept responsibility for our distortions, and stop projecting them onto others. It is only then ~ when we choose to look at our darkness ~ that we can transmute it into the LIGHT of greater awareness and soul transcendence. What we resist, if we are ready to truly do the work to heal ourselves, we will allow the distortions to rise. We will look at them with blatant self honesty, and we will choose to learn from our mistakes so we can dissolve the energetic imprints within our being that continue to draw the same repetitive circumstances in our lives time after time. ~ Sabrina

Image By: Girl By Black

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