Saturday, October 15, 2011

Gossip Is A Form Of Black Magic

Growing up in the South, gossip is as "normal" and part of the culture ~ as drinking sweet tea. However, gossip is toxic and there is nothing sweet about it. It is actually a form of dark magic ~ as words and thoughts are creative. They are energy forms that grow in intensity depending on the amount of people that are focusing on the same thing, and also the amount of emotional energy that is put into the words we speak. Our thought forms and words travel over to the people we are talking about, and can literally cling to the persons energy field.....making them sick. This is called a psychic attack!

This is something I personally involved my self in for many, many is like a virus I was born with, and it was something everyone I knew participated in ~ it was normal and gave everyone something to talk about.

When I started studying energy, the human energy field, consciousness, the dynamics of relationships, the power of our words and thoughts I was shocked at how much damage I had created through my own ignorance, lack of awareness and compassion. I really had to take a long, hard look at myself and it has been very difficult to break this habit that has been such a huge part of my cultural background.

It is always interesting to me how once we acknowledge a very destructive behavior within ourselves....we get hit with our karma and are given the loving opportunity to balance our energy. Mine was served to me on a silver plate. I experienced the pain of others talking about me with such intensity I did not think I was going to make it through.

I still live in the South ~ and to be honest with you, I oftentimes find it difficult to have a conversation with others because I refuse to "gossip". It is one thing to talk about things with another person to "solve a problem" or to get advice but there is another thing to maliciously talk about others in order to make your self look or feel better than the other person. It is just amazing to me how we love to relish in other people's secrets and deep painful soul lessons all the while we refuse to acknowledge any darkness or shadow consciousness within our very own being.

This kind of behavior is called projection and is the outer path where we focus our attention more on others, and what they are doing in order to keep us from focusing on the inner workings of our very own subconscious programs and egoic behavioral patterns. This will keep us in a pattern of recreation over and over again where we revolve in the same old lower vibrational energies unable to evolve into a higher state of consciousness and way of BEING.

Gossip will distort the solar plexus (power struggle), block the heart chakra (lack of love and compassion), block and distort the throat chakra (toxic words and lies) and keep the spiritual eye chakra closed (inability to want to see truth and be discerning). If we want to ascend in consciousness and return to our truth and experience unconditional love and unity consciousness.....gossip will need to be transcended, otherwise you will block your potential for a spiritual awakening. ♥ Sabrina

Image By; Pierre Botardo

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