Saturday, October 15, 2011

2012 And The Flowering Of The Heart

Yet another perspective on 2012 and what it may mean for us.
From: Aluna Joy Yax'in Newsletter

Sri Kalki Bhagavan says: "Most of you know that the earth has got a magnetic field. As the earth's molten core is rotating; the magnetic field is created. The thought sphere of the human mind is located in the earth's magnetic field. This mag-netic field has been weakening dramatically over the last ten years.... Now, in physics there is a parameter called “Schumann's Resonance”. Using that we can determine the strength of the earth's magnetic field. While for many centuries, it was constant around 7.80 cycles per second, during the last 7-8 years, it has risen to 11 cycles per second and is continuing to increase dramatically. If you work it out mathematically, it appears that, by the year 2012, the "Schuman's Resonance" is likely to be 13 cycles per second. When this reso-nance is 13 cycles per second, the earth’s core would stop rotating with mag-netic field gone, your mind is gone. When I say "your mind", what I mean is your "samskaras". The pressure of the past 11.000 years of samskaras will vanish.

In the Dharma, we also say, “Mind is Karma”. All actions start from your mind. The mind is nothing but a storehouse of samskaras or past life vasanas from which all action emanates. This is stored in the earth’s magnetic field. So in the year 2012, it will become zero for a few days. After that the core will start rotating again. This would be a fresh beginning for man or the dawn of the Golden Age. This is the significance of the year 2012. How do we know, it will happen? The study of fossil records has shown that, it happens roughly after 11.000 years. It’s only a short time away and then we can all start afresh. That is why I want you to become enlightened by 2012. If you are enlight-ened, with all your samskaras gone, we can begin a new yuga, which can be called Sathya Yuga or the Golden Age. Man will enter into a new state of al-tered consciousness.

As I told you already, the earth’s resonance is increasing which means the earth’s heart is undergoing a transformation. The earth has got a physical body, like you have a body. It has got a consciousness as well. Now as the resonance is increasing the earths heart functioning very differently from before. Now, your heart and the earth’s heart are connected. The earth’s heart can be influ-enced by your heart and vice versa. That is why, it is essential that your heart-beat synchronises with the earth’s resonance. This means your heart must flower. Your heart will flower when you discover love in your relationships.

If you have discover love, you must stop judging your parents, spouses, etc., internally. Nobody can be judged as the whole universe directly influences all events, even the behaviour of the people.

So learn to experience life. Life has to be experienced, be it pain or pleasure."

Art By: Lydia Erickson "Flowering of the Heart":
This represents the beautiful state that happens when the heart chakra awakens.

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  1. Hi )
    GreaT BloG !! -))

    Just a quick note, the e-art-h is HolloW & at the cORe, the c-enTra-l sUn.
    Co-n-side-r that molten iron is NOT magnetic (to liquid(y)) + too hot) ... and second, imagine a balloon filled with liquid, now spin the balloon (the e-art-h is spinning over 1,000 km/h at the equator in relation to the poles), what happens to the shape of the balloon ?? = see the pancake with a very 'thick' circumference ?
    In this note, i'm not disagreeing with the 'conclusion' only the dynamics )) Each atom is vibrating at around 22 trillion times per second & as below, so above ... the only thing (human perspective), that could power this vibrational 'rate' is a black hole (InneR-G, rather than energy)). OUR limited (default) perception of black holes would explain that t-here is no way the human structure is made up of trillions, upon trillions, of 'very tiny' black holes ... but, w-here science is finALLy realizing (shaRING publicly), that EVEry piece contains the w-hole (fractal nature) ... well, OUR collective consciousness & experience M-US-T also be supported by a larger scale, parallel version of US ))
    OnE final point ... the UN-i-VersE is likely to have a black hole in it's C-enTer & OUR Ga-LA-xY is said to have a black hole in it's c-enter ... why would the chain break at OUR solar system ?? -))
    ... yes, OUR sUn has a black hole at its c-enter, and is likely to contain many, many, many other black holes !?! ... and, black holes gROw ... on youtube look-UP 'conspiracy of science the e-art-h grew' = 10 minutes long, drawing conclusively oUr plan-ET has gone through 'growth spurts' ... which is very likely w-hat is happening NoW ))
    ... along with ALL life on the P-la-N-ET (PL-an-ET).

    ThanK-s aGAIN ))

    PeaCe LOVE li-G-ht tRUtH
    (- ;
    ; -)

    ps ... IF the K-in-G-do-M of heAVen is wiTHin ??
    ... it mUSt be wiTHin eve(ry-th)ing !!
    including the W-OR-D ))


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