Saturday, October 1, 2011

Inner Path or Outer Path?

We have to decide if we are going to stay focused on the inner path of our OWN soul's salvation or detour ourselves on the outer path of projection, denial, victimization, why's and what if's ~ which will only create soul confusion and a leaking of our power/energy and keep us from creating the life of OUR dreams.

OUTER PATH: (ego separation) Well what about those people? Why do they have more than I do? Why do I have more than they do? Why do I have a happy life and they don't? Why do people have cancer, go through abuse, get murdered? Why does God make people suffer?

INNER PATH: (Unity of the Soul) I am a co-creator of my own life. I am here to learn and expand my soul through all of my experiences ~ both negative and positive. I know that I can not change people outside of myself.....only "the self" can create change.... although I can inspire others to create change within themselves through MY example. I allow others to be themselves, and I set myself free ~ I allow myself to be myself and I set myself free. I know that God does not create suffering.....humans create suffering, and we are each responsible for the suffering within our own lives. No one is a victim, including myself. We all have god power within ourselves to create the lives we have come here to create, and it is not my responsibility to understand, control or try to alter other people's soul contracts. I am responsible for understanding my OWN soul contracts, and to do the best I can to advance my soul into greater states of LOVE and connection with Source, The Earth and all living beings. I recognize that we are ALL divine extensions, of the Creator Of All That Is ~ with each one of us learning, expanding and balancing our energy in a variety of diverse ways. By being LOVE I give myself and others the freedom and the respect to learn and create, however they choose, even if I feel it is not for the highest good. I understand that some of our greatest lessons are learned through our mistakes, and our greatest task is to accept responsibility for our mistakes so we can transcend the energetic imprint/karma of that mistake ~ expanding our consciousness and evolving our being ~ so we will never do it again.

The inner path is the spiritual path. The spiritual path is the healing path. The healing path is the inner path that helps us heal any distortions that block us from the free flowing energies of our Spiritual Being/Higher Self/God Self. If we stay focused on the outer path, our energy will be focused externally of ourselves, and we will not be able to heal the things within our own being that need to be healed. Our energy will be divided, because we will be focused on everyone and everything outside of us that is not "light", which is really just a reflection of our inner being and the things within us that are not "light".

This is how the ego works ~ it is our inner opponent ~ that will keep us from seeking the kingdom within. It keeps our mind focused on everything outside of us in the world of duality...right/wrong, good/bad, better/worse ~ instead of just seeing things the way they are ~ learning experiences for every soul to help the soul evolve into greater more expansive states of Love and Light.

When we allow ourselves to stay focused on the inner path, we remain aligned with our soul's center and we have the extra energy and wisdom to evolve our being into greater states of LIGHT. Everyone else's soul lessons and learning opportunities are between the individual soul and God. Our soul contracts and lessons are put in place based on the level of the soul's advancement, how much the soul wants to learn from this particular incarnation and it is also representative of how much karma (energy balance) the soul would like to heal.

Inner path or outer path? This is a question we need to ask ourselves everyday...... ~ Sabrina

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