Saturday, October 15, 2011

Symbolism Of Buddha Meditating Under A Tree

Through meditation we can tap into deeper levels of our BEING, which means we will discover more meaning, a deeper level of truth and an endless supply of universal love and healing energies. Everything we have ever been looking for comes from within ourselves.....the ENERGY of joy, abundance, peace, faith, serenity, love, compassion, security, oneness and bliss is inside of us just waiting for us to discover it. As we meditate ~ regardless if we feel anything or not ~ our energetic system is being unclogged from all the blocks we have created throughout our soul's journey. With continued practice and dedication, one day..... one of the tubes to our spiritual self will be cleared enough for us to "feel" the subtle vibrations of our true self. Then another will clear, and another, and another until one day our entire being vibrates with such ecstasy we unify and re-memeber ourselves as the BEING of LOVE that we truly are.

The image and story of Buddha meditating under a tree attaining enlightenment is symbolic of the tubes and channels each human has in their energy system. Once these energetic tubes and channels are cleaned out we will have a direct experience of God, and we will be re-connected to our Spiritual or God Self, and to the Earth, where we will reach a state of satori or enlightenment. The human body is the tree trunk that has roots (energetic tubes and channels) that connect us to the Earth and we have tree branches (energetic tubes and channels) from the upper portion of our body that connect us to our God Self. Although we have never been separated or cut off from Mother (Earth) and Father (God).....our tubes and channels have been clogged up with energetic distortions making us feel like we have been separated.....these are the veils of pain we are clearing now. The veil is being lifted.

Now more than ever, a 10- 15 minute daily meditation of stillness and silence....visualizing the light of God coming from the heavens in through your crown chakra OR divine light from the Earth coming up into your feet ~ filling your entire body with healing energy ~ will help you rapidly clean out the energetic distortions in your tubes and channels so you can unveil your true essence. ~ Sabrina

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