Tuesday, October 4, 2011

How Do We Know What We Are Truly Meant To Be?

QUESTION: How do we know what we are truly meant to be? The more I search and the harder I try to raise my vibration the harder life gets!

HTRYV ANSWER: Each one of us comes in with what I call a life purpose and a soul purpose. The life purpose is a talent or gift each soul has that the soul enjoys doing, and will help them provide the material things they will need to sustain a happy life here on Earth. This talent or gift is energetic in nature and creates passion within our being and helps us to focus on a specific life path such as being a doctor, a musician, a politician, a business owner, an artist, a chef, a radio host etc.

Our soul's purpose is something we come in with to assist in the healing and transformation of the planet. We begin to tap into this part of our mission when the soul decides to connect more deeply with Spirit and begins to raise it's vibration. At this time on the planet, people are awakening and are starting to move out of their life purpose and are desiring to step into something more aligned with Spirit that will help humanity evolve into greater states of consciousness. Unfortunately, this can create a lot of confusion for people because we begin to loose interest in our life purpose, yet we still aren't sure what our soul purpose is. Our soul purpose will not be fully revealed to us (although we may have subtle hints about what our soul purpose is) until our soul has done enough work on it's self to raise it's vibration high enough for the soul to be activated and re-connected with it's spiritual self.

Many people are feeling the same way you are.... as they raise their vibration they feel their life gets harder. That is because as we expand our consciousness and begin to heal.......the old begins to fall away. We also begin to clear distorted energy within our energy field at an accelerated rate, and this can feel very uncomfortable. Relationships, jobs, old behavioral patterns, activities etc., that are no longer in vibrational resonance, will begin to dissolve and fall out of our lives. This can be very upsetting to the ego personality ~ because this is all the ego has ever known. But our soul and higher self are magnetizing us into the higher vibrations of an expanded consciousness and deeper connection with Spirit. Resisting this process will create all kinds of discord and unhappiness within our being. The best thing to do is to simply surrender to this process and have faith we are lovingly cared for and guided, and know that eventually our soul purpose will be revealed.

We are moving out of ego consciousness and into soul consciousness. We are in the process of creating Heaven here on Earth. We are becoming unified with our higher being, the earth, the Creator Of All That Is and with each other ~ but in order for us to reach a state of joy, unconditional love, health, abundance and peace.....everything that isn't aligned with those things within our being will need to be transformed into a higher vibration. It is a journey and a process....it takes time, effort, commitment and dedication. ♥ Sabrina

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