Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Each Person Is Responsible For Their Own Level Of Vibration.

It is important to have compassion and empathy for others.... it is a natural human characteristic to have feelings and emotions about the pain existing on our planet. However, it is also important for us to recognize when we are getting absorbed in another soul's lesson and experience. Everything that ever happens to us is an opportunity for soul growth. We don't have to choose pain and suffering as a way to learn and evolve.....but many of us will choose this route to discover more about our selves. Pain and suffering is a choice....in order to eliminate it from our lives ~ each person is responsible for healing it within their OWN being.

Understand that when we resonate "strongly" with the pain and suffering in others, it is a reflection of our own inner pain that has not been healed. STRONG REACTIONS to anything outside of ourselves is always a reflection of our own inner turmoil. Many people are completely consumed with the suffering of animals ~ oftentimes, falling into the traps of strong opinions, righteousness, anger, negativity and judgments. They are consumed with the pain of "others ~ everything outside of themselves" which lowers their vibration and generates even more pain and suffering ~ within their very own energy field, as well as, the energy field of the entire planet.

This is simply a distraction from their own pain they have not dealt with within their own being. It is far easier to recognize the pain and suffering in "others" than it is for us to be truthfully honest with ourselves about the pain and suffering within our own being. If we "see" the pain within ourselves ~ then we have to accept responsibility for it, and make changes.....since most of us don't want to make the changes....we blind ourselves and resonate more with the pain of "others" which only generates more pain. The vicious cycle of pain and suffering is intensified because the root issues never get healed.....no one one wants to accept personal responsibility for their own distortions.

When you find yourself having a strong reaction to an external issue ~ STOP. Turn it around and say ~ "this is my stuff". This is your place of POWER ~ because you are accepting responsibility for yourself/your emotions/your feelings/your vibration ~ and only then will you be able to tap into the underlying truth of the issue so you can create change.

Then ask yourself ~ What am I feeling right now? What fear is this bringing up in me? Where is this coming from.....the past or the future? Once you figure these out you will be brought into the NOW moment of your current feelings and level of vibration, where you can make a choice as to how you want to direct your energy.

If you stay in the turmoil of the past or the fears of the future then you will not be able to understand where your strong reactions, opinions, angers and judgments are coming from, and you will continue to perpetuate more chaos, pain, drama and duality for yourself, and the entire vibration of the Earth. Our place of power is in the NOW. Become present, accept responsibility for your emotions and feelings....stay on the inner path of salvation not the outer path of projection, denial and illusion. This is how we create change on the planet......one person at a time accepting responsibility for their own level of VIBRATION and direction of their energy.

It is time for us to stop expecting someone outside of ourselves to make the changes on this planet we so desire to see. Our power for change revolves around the SELF......one person at a time. ~ Sabrina

ART BY: Michael Michael Motorcycle


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