Sunday, May 6, 2012

Finding Our Voice And Using It Constructively By Sabrina Reber

Finding our voice does not give us the right to dual and create conflict with everyone who has different beliefs than us. Finding our voice means to speak up for what is light filled for the self with words of L ♥ V E. It is about us stepping into our power and using our voice to direct energy towards what we want to create for the SELF. If we are not careful ~ the power of our voice will create karma for us ~ if we use it in a way that is destructive and goes against God's will.
Humans have FREE WILL! The Creator lovingly gave us the freedom to think, act and behave in any way we choose! It goes against universal laws to IMPOSE our beliefs, opinions, ideas and concepts onto others through the ego's fear tactics of shame, control, guilt and manipulation. 
There is a place between "right and wrong" where we can speak from our heart and share our higher wisdom with others, but ONLY WHEN THEY ASK! It is disrespectful and karmically binding to use our voice in a way that takes people's power away.
If we are truly wanting to experience unity, then we will need to move out of DUALITY. Duality is of the lower self ~ the ego ~ and it keeps us in separation from our higher wisdom because it blinds us with judgments of right and wrong.
The best way we can be of service to others is to be the example. When we set a great example, and we display our higher consciousness through our behaviors, people begin to ASK questions. When we are truly expressing higher vibrations in our energy field, people want to be around us and they want to create change within themselves. That is the help people want to create change within themselves! We can not change others ~ we can only change ourselves, and any attempts to control or demean another to get "what we want" is disempowering to the divinity within them, and will have major consequences for us in the future.
A great mantra to use when we feel our ego getting ATTACHED to how others should or should not be is:
"I allow others to be themselves, and I set myself free!"
~ Louise Hay
Your power to create change resides in your can assist others and share your wisdom ~ if they are open ~ but any attachment to outcome will drain your precious life force energy and possibly create karma! ~ Sabrina

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