Friday, May 11, 2012

Spiritual Hangover By Sabrina Reber

QUESTION: Sometimes after meditation, I do not feel well & I also become really hot & sweat drips down my back. Do you know why I become so hot? 

ANSWER: During meditation we raise our vibration very high so we can receive healing energies and downloads from Spirit. When we are meditating it feels good to rise in vibration....going up is easy! We feel the love, peace, support and healing energies that are in the higher vibrating dimensions within our energy field. However, coming down after we have been so "high" can oftentimes feel like a "spiritual hangover". This is temporary, and is actually a positive sign of rapid rise in vibration and deep healing occurring. However, it can be somewhat unsettling for about 15-30 minutes after we meditate.

Psychic mediums, channelers and healers know these feelings all too well! Many people who set up appointments with these people for help do not understand the "pre- appointment" work, and "after appointment" work these loving beings go through in order to raise their vibrations up to the spiritual realms so they can access these kind of energies to help others with their highest and best good. For people in the spiritual service industry working with large amounts of people on a daily basis can be very intense because they are drastically rising and dropping their vibration multiple times throughout the day. Self Care for mediums, healers and channelers is VERY important.

The heat you are experiencing is the energy of transmutation. It is spiritual healing energy, often times called the "ascension fire" that is burning off the dense energies in our energy fields. This is the alchemy of the an alchemist we are turning our coal (dark dense lower vibrational energies) into GOLD (Christ/Buddhic Consciousness or LIGHT BODY). Energy never dies, once negative energy is created it must be transmuted or changed. All lower vibrating energies from our past are being transmuted NOW.....this is why most of us are experiencing some sort of ascension symptoms.

After meditation or any kind of spiritual work it is important to allow yourself at least 15 minutes to readjust. I also recommend doing a grounding exercise, and eating a small snack afterwords. Self Care is very important....we need to allow our selves some time to readjust our vibration back into the 3D realm. We have 12 dimensions within our being....depending on where we are in our spiritual journey will determine the level of dimension/consciousness we are able to tap into. This is not better consciousness but MORE consciousness.....everyone is working from their own personal level of vibration and state of mastery. Now more than ever....we ALL have the potential to access all 12 dimensions of ourselves. These are exciting times! ~ Sabrina

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