Thursday, May 24, 2012

Someone Hurt Me...Should I make them Pay? By Sabrina Reber

QUESTION: When someone hurts me do I make them pay for what they did or do I just let it go, and not bring any more pain into the world?

ANSWER: The ego will want to make them pay for what they did, but the soul simply wants to grow and learn from the experience with greater love, compassion and forgiveness so the soul can get closer to Spirit.

You will be able to "let it go" once you process through the emotions and feelings this event brought up for you (true for-give-ness). Eventually, with time, you will be able to digest all of the lessons and hidden gifts in the experience and you will be able to express a sense of gratitude towards the other person for helping your soul to evolve.

However, be kind to your self and non judgmental of your normal natural human feelings.....allow your self the time to heal so you can process through any hurtful energies so they can be released from the energy field. Unprocessed distortions (stored emotions and feelings) that we put in a "deal with later" folder in our energy field are like little magnets that will ATTRACT another similar interaction in the future ~ perhaps with another person.

We want to rise out of duality and break the cycle of energetic entanglement with the other soul, and we also want to evolve out of re-creation which means we learn how to turn our wounds into wisdom! However, that does not mean we just let it go (deny that it happened), store the negative feelings in our energy field and not address the situation. You may need to speak up for your self and set a boundary with them....but make sure you do this in a grounded way and with words of love so you don't create any additional karma for your self.

As hard as it may be....send them a blessing, and you will be blessed as well. ~ Sabrina


  1. and if they hurt you doing the same thing over and over? I so try and can forgive but the love does not grow where it should.

  2. Mindy,

    Repetitive negative behavioral patterns require us to set a boundary! We must love ourselves enough to release relationships, activities etc....that no longer serve our highest good. Closing the door to what we don't want, opens the door of potentiality for what we do want.

  3. thanks, I really needed that one . Lately it has been a challenge.But one I embrace dealing with.

  4. Needed this too, thanks.. having trouble dealing with and forgiving my girlfriend but you are correct, I should not be giving in to my ego and lashing out at her.


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