Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Experiencing Doubt On The Ascension Journey By : Sabrina Reber

STATEMENT: No matter how much I try and try all I keep getting is pain, illness, negative thoughts like what if all of this is FAKE! Then I try and try again and feel wonderful for a couple of days then into darkness again. Today is especia
lly hard for me. It started about 3 am and I just can't shake it off and make it go away. I'm afraid I'm going to miss the whole thing this December.

RESPONSE: No way! If you resonate with any messages about ascension, then you are ascending! Your uncertainty, fear and doubt is just your ego acting up as it continues to get dissolved more and more into the light of your higher self. When this happens, it does not feel so great because you are processing through all your distortions as they rise to the surface.

We all go through a period of extreme uncertainty and doubt about our ascension process, but your heart (soul), higher self and your ascension teams will keep you on track. Look for the signs and confirmations along the way....the little syncronicities they will provide for you, and don't let your human mind dismiss them.

Also, 2012 is not the end all be is simply the time when the planet will begin to spin within a new frequency. Right now, we are dropping density at an alarming rate so our systems can handle the upgrade in vibration! The healing crisis many are experiencing is actually a blessing, and is a sign of your rapidly ascending we are taking our bodies with us.

After the Earth begins to spin within a new torque and all the portals and chakras on the Earth are functioning in their full will take time for the new light filled "Christed" crystalline energies to be "fully integrated" into our being. We are in the thick of our muck right now, but in 2013 things are expected to get a little easier for us, because we will be operating with greater awareness and spiritual faculties....many of us will be accessing the truth of our multi-dimensionality ~ which will help us establish greater strength and faith to continue with the healing and transformation of the entire planet.

YOU are a transformer ~ LOVE your self through this.

~ Sabrina


  1. Thanks for your helpful post, Sabrina. :)
    Blessings to you.

  2. I have now recently come aware of my ego an have been able to identyfy every thought as to whether its my ego or higher self the only issue I have now is that I now see my ego as a seperate entity to myself an I feel like everyday is a new battle in trying to overide it in different ways to keep it undercontrol . Its a daily battle that does get quite draining but I find the more I try to control my ego rising the easier it is to visualusr . Can u tell me tho y wen I am using mantras I see flashing lights sometimes in the corners of my eyes but only since I been trying to dominate my ego as the lights are getting stronger an brighter . Any help would be great . Blessings to u x


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