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Chapter 22 Of The Raise Your Vibration Book "Additional Suggestions for Raising Your Vibration" By Sabrina Reber

All who choose to raise their vibration, will be activated! Once you have decided to ascend (raise your frequency) your highest guides, angels and your Spiritual Self and God will begin working with you to help prepare your system for your highest soul’s potential. Once your system has been properly prepared, your Christ Seed will be activated! Your INTENTION, your active participation in the clearing of your chakra / energy fields, the expansion of your consciousness and the raising of the physical body’s vibration is all that is required of you. Have faith in yourself and the Universe trusting that everything that needs to be shown to you will be shown, everything that needs to be cleared and released will be and everything that needs to be provided will be provided. Everything is in divine order and each of us are lovingly guided and cared for!

Below are several additional suggestions that will help you move through this process with ease and grace. Pick and choose which resonate with you. These are merely suggestions:
  1. Celebrate your transition! Each of us are entering into our divine birthright and becoming our Christ Selves! Surrender to this process and allow the truth of your being to be born.
  2. Meditate, Meditate, Meditate! Meditation is the key to spiritual growth; it brings your Spirit down into your physical body. Prayer is talking to God; meditation is receiving God! Meditation raises your vibration, opens and aligns your chakras, clears out discordant energy from your energy fields, reduces stress, brings you into balance, heals you emotionally, mentally, physically and spiritually.  It is also the only way for you to enter sacred space with your Spiritual Self. Ten to Fifteen minutes a day is all that is required.
  3. Allow yourself to receive enough rest. During sleep each of us needs to reach a state of relaxation to move into deep REM so our astral body can lift out of our physical body replenishing our life force energy. This is why we sleep; to rejuvenate our entire energetic and physical system.
  4. Energy Work: Energy healers have already awakened and continue to awaken to their divine mission. Find one in your area! They are purposefully spread all over the Earth to assist humanity in the clearing of their energy fields. They are invaluable! They can clear lifetimes of repressed trauma and karma that is creating suffering, pain and imbalance in the human body.  Use your discernment and find one you resonate with. Healers have gone through a deep healing process themselves allowing their system to be purified enough so they can sustain the very high vibrational healing energies of God to flow through them. With the help of God, they can remove large amounts of discordant energy out of your energy field, much faster than you doing it all by yourself, helping you to raise your vibration and expand your consciousness.
  5. Receive an energetic attunement from an energy healer. An attunement is far more powerful than a healing session. An attunement is a sacred initiation activating you to channel an increased level of universal life force energies. When you receive an attunement, your vibration is raised and your energetic system is cleared opening you up to channel higher levels of healing energy. An attunement is a very deep level healing that will connect you more strongly to your Spiritual Self and clear out karmic energy that is ready to be released. An attunement greatly purifies your system so you too can be a strong conduit for God’s healing energies helping you to heal yourself, your family, friends, pets and the Earth.
  6. Receive a Deeksha / Oneness Blessing. Deeksha is an energy transference that creates neurobiological changes in the brain facilitating personal and global transformation. It balances the left and right sides of the brain which will help move you out of separation and duality consciousness helping you to connect with higher frequencies.
  7. Sun bathe! The sun clears out energetic mucous and blocks from our energy field. A lot of us get depressed in the winter because we get less sun building up a toxic residue of mucous. The sun also carries the 5th dimensional energies we need for our transformation, the activation of our DNA and an expansion in our consciousness.
  8. Get regular massages. Our muscles contain traumatic cellular memory from our past. Massage helps us to release these memories and helps our body release toxins that keep us from accessing higher vibrations. Look for a massage therapist that is also attuned to the healing energies of Reiki.
  9. Get regular exercise! Movement helps clear energetic blocks held within the energy field and helps keep the body and the organs in good working condition. Our organs are working extra hard during this time as we integrate higher energies, it is important to keep them in good working condition. Walking, Yoga, Pilates, Qigong, Tai Chi, Dancing…anything that gets the body moving releases energetic blocks.
  10. Detox the body: herbal cleanses for the kidneys, liver or total body. Heavy metal cleanses, parasite cleanses, steam rooms, saunas, epsom salt baths, foot detox baths, energy work, massage, yoga, juice cleanses, fasting, lots of pure drinking water etc…The physical vehicles vibration must be raised and prepared for the descension of Spirit. Visit your local health food store.
  11. Become conscious of the foods you eat. Eliminate as many chemicals and processed foods as possible. These foods are dead and are full of toxins. Eat as many water-filled, living “life force” filled foods as possible….. Organic fruits, vegetables, seeds, nuts, grains, fish and poultry. Aim for a PH balanced diet. Avoid the microwave….it radiates (chemotherapies) your food and kills all life force, as well as, fills your home with harmful electromagnetic radiation. Focus on home cooked, real food. Visit your local health food store.
  12. Become aware of everything you put on your body. Soaps, lotions, bath gels, perfumes, make-up, toothpaste, deodorant, laundry detergents, dish detergents etc….all leave a toxic residue on your skin and enter the bloodstream. Incorporate as many natural products as possible. Visit your local health food store.
  13. Drink as much filtered, unfluoridated water as possible. Fluoride can impede our spiritual growth. When our body receives too much fluoride it creates a calcified shield over our pituitary and pineal glands. These are master glands that need to be activated in order for us to merge with our Spiritual Self. Limit caffeine, alcohol and chemical laden sodas, sports drinks etc…from your diet. The body needs spiritually blessed, pure water to transform our dense lower vibrating carbon based cells into higher vibrating crystalline “light filled” cells. Bless your water by placing your hands over it, visualizing it being filled with light and say a small prayer. Ask for the water to be raised in vibration and for the water to be infused with God’s healing energy helping your body to release all toxins that are ready to be released.
  14. Consciously choose to maintain a pure emotional and mental state at all times. We must become the master of our emotions and thoughts. Our emotional body and mental / intellectual body will misguide us every time. Intuition of the soul speaks through the feelings of our heart, not through our intellect or through our reactive emotions. True inner understanding and knowingness must come from beyond the intellect. It must come from a higher part of our being.
  15. Every second of the day provides us with an opportunity to lower or raise our vibrations. Everything is based on the choices we choose to make and our choices reflect our current level of vibration.
  16. Be open to releasing those things that no longer serve your highest good. Bless them and release them with love knowing that they have served their purpose. These things may be: old outdated distorted beliefs, low vibrational habits, addictions & activities, high stress / fast paced lifestyle, co-dependant toxic relationships that have had their time, jobs that no longer fulfill your soul.
  17. Choose to focus more on your spiritual wealth than your material wealth. Our “stuff” is not eternal but our Spirit is. True power and security and abundance comes from spiritual connection not through money, material goods, prestige, job titles or intellect. We all need to make money to survive in this world but not at the expense of our Soul and Spirit!
  18. Step into “surrender” and “acceptance”. Our beliefs and behaviors that no longer serve our soul’s highest good will need to be released. Our deepest fears, beliefs in limitation and old pain patterns will be brought to the surface through events / set ups / situations that will trigger our awareness so we can consciously acknowledge, resolve and heal them. 
  19. Choose to release your fears! During this time of acceleration, each of us are re-experiencing lifetimes of deeply ingrained fears. Be kind to yourself as this is a very intense process. Simply remember who you are, a divine extension of God always connected and always guided. Acknowledge your fears; tell your fears they are based in illusion and then release them to the light.
  20. Allow yourself to release all of your outdated beliefs that no longer serve your  highest good. The majority of our negative beliefs are created from our human ego and are the source of all of our problems. Open yourself up to “knowingness” by taking the time to connect with your God self in your sacred space of meditation. If you do not take the time to connect with your God self you will always be led by the belief systems of other people. Meditate, get connected, experience the peace of “knowingness”. Truth can only be found within yourself, allow it to set you free!
  21. We need to stay focused on our own inner work. The ego loves to distract us by getting us to focus on everyone else’s “stuff”. This is a sure fire sign that we have stepped off of the inner path and onto the outer path. The ego blinds us from being able to see the things we need to heal within ourselves. The inner path is the only way to salvation.
  22. Stay grounded and centered! As we integrate the higher frequencies we will  need to be proactive in keeping ourselves grounded in our body fully present in the NOW moment. Visualize yourself growing energetic roots deep into the Earth every morning when you get out of bed. Exercise, bring your consciousness into your lower body, eat grounding foods and connect with nature and the Earth on a regular basis.
  23. In order to ascend we must first descend. Raising our vibrations requires us to tidy up our unfinished business, stuffed emotions, distorted beliefs, dis-empowering limitations and traumas. We must release the suppressed energy and integrate our incompletions so we can rise up (ascend) to the realm of Spirit bringing our God self (descension) into our being. The ascension path is not a straight shot up, it is more like a roller coaster, descending and ascending until we reach our highest soul’s potential.
  24. Allow yourself to go through a spiritual detox. Allow all of your negativity, fear, darkness, ego, shadow consciousness, resistance, blame, victim consciousness etc… rise to the surface. Acknowledge it, accept responsibility for it, release the pain of it but keep the wisdom! This is alchemy….turning our darkness into gold.
  25. Surround yourself with people who have opened and activated their seven seals bringing their God self down into their body. We are all one, energetically connected, so those who are already activated will enable others, through the principle of resonance, to activate their own inner potential and divine inheritance towards Ascension.
  26. Clear your space! As humanity moves through the process of ascension we are sloughing off volumes of accumulated psychic and emotional energy from our accumulated lifetimes. It is very important for us to maintain a sacred space in our homes by keeping them energetically clear. Here are a few suggestions:
    • Open the blinds and windows allowing more sun and fresh air to purify your environment. Sun (light) transmutes everything.
    • Declutter your home! Low vibrational energies accumulate around our junk!
    • During our sleep we process through a lot of our karma and energetic blocks that need to be released. Sometimes this will leave an energetic residue on our sheets. Salt naturally absorbs negative energies. Wash your sheets in ½ C of epsom salt, ½ cup baking soda and a natural laundry detergent. You will sleep better!
    • Burn sage, incense or essential oils to purify your environment.
    • Play high vibrational music, chimes, bells or drums. Sound carries a vibration and will vibrate stagnant energies away.
    • Make your home a safe energetic environment for the whole family. Chaos, turmoil, fighting, yelling, alcohol and drug addictions and low vibrational activities attract low vibrational energies. Like energy attracts like energy! Set your intention to maintain a peaceful, loving, healthy, high vibrational sacred space for your family to live in.
    • Intend and visualize your entire space being filled up with the white light of the Holy Spirit. Ask and intend for all discordant energies to be transmuted into their highest expression.

This material is copyrighted. You can share this information with proper credits given to Sabrina Reber as the author, complete title of the book "RAISE YOUR VIBRATION", provide an image of the cover of the book, and a link to the HOW TO RAISE YOUR VIBRATION Facebook page. 
Any attempts to take the information and alter it in any way or try to claim it as your own is karmically binding for you, and puts you at risk for legal action based on copyright infringement. Please be respectful and provide proper credits so this information can remain freely available to all. Stay in alignment with your higher self and integrity. Blessings. 


  1. Thank you for sharing :)

  2. Thankyou......I have been searching and now I have found "the teacher".

  3. Thank you for sharing, Sabrina! I am currently experiencing #24 and my ego is raging. I can feel it like an undercurrent, ready to explode at any moment. This is coming to the surface after 2 and 1/2 months of pure physical cleansing and exercise. When I attempt to meditate, I fall asleep! I know I need to keep that up. I wish I could streamline getting my ego tamed though, so I could experience more peace and less suffering in my life. Thank you for this guide. I'll refer to it often.


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