Monday, April 30, 2012


Getting Picked On!  By Sabrina Reber

My main job is that of an artist. I am blessed to have a local restaurant where I can display my art on the walls as my art gallery. I use a 3D technique, and I have had people literally pick the paint off of my art trying to figure out what kind of products I use. Unfortunately, it happened again. A labor intensive, large sea turtle I painted was physically abused with a significant portion of it's leg picked off. Given that there is always a lesson in everything that happens in our lives I have tried to figure out what the "message" might be....why do people keep picking at my art displaying absolutely no respect for me, and the time I have put into my creations? I reflected on my week, and realized I have also had people being disrespectful of my time and effort "picking on me" and my messages on Facebook. 

As with all things, there is always a lesson for ALL people involved in any kind of negative interaction. I have figured out a few of the lessons, and realized that some of this could be me balancing some of my karma from my past unconscious behaviors. But the main lesson Spirit keeps reminding me is, we are in a dimension with many, many different levels of consciousness and some people have not learned respect or gained a conscience....they are vibrating at a different level! That is why Earth is a highly desired place for souls to creates a breeding ground for very profound soul lessons to be learned to help souls evolve into their mastery. 

Mastery requires testing! It requires us to interact with people in difficult situations so we can learn how to use our energy in a positive direction through the mastery of patience, compassion, respect, forgiveness, unconditional love, acceptance, surrender, tolerance, proper use of our free will (yes or no) BOUNDARIES, SELF LOVE, thought control, soul strength etc.....and one of the most important lessons we need to learn is how to maintain a high vibrational frequency no matter what is going on around us. 

Mastery requires us to master our energy bodies (chakra system)! When we are grounded and in our center our emotional, mental, physical and spiritual bodies are balanced and free flowing. When one of the energy bodies is out of balance it affects all of the energy bodies, and we literally contract our energy creating blocks within our being, which will block us from our highest spiritual guidance. Whatever we are going through, whether it be a positive or negative experience, there are lessons to be learned and opportunities for us to demonstrate to our higher self how far we have evolved our souls. We have the free will choice to allow other people's lower level of consciousness disrupt our energetic balance or we can take responsibility for ourselves and our vibrational frequency. 

This week has definitely been full of little tests for me. It does not matter what level of consciousness we are on....all of us will go through periods of revelations where those things that are hidden from our conscious awareness will be brought forth from the depths of our shadows to reveal themselves to us for a final healing with the purpose of transcendence and transmutation. Every time we clear the energy of an old behavioral pattern, negative emotion, program or belief system from our being not only do we raise the vibration of our soul signature, we also help raise the vibration of the entire planet! 

When difficult times arise state to your self: "I AM THE MASTER OF MY FREQUENCY!" We have to learn to not let other people's negative behavioral patterns attach to us bringing us down to their level. This serves no one! Many people think they need to be doing something spectacular or grandiose in order to help with the healing of the planet, but truly the greatest gift we can offer for the highest level of healing on the Earth is the stabilization of our OWN energetic frequency! When we are truly able to not let our emotional and mental bodies (ego) take over our being we will be able to stay aligned with our higher self and remain in the higher vibrations of love, joy, calm, peace and happiness.

Becoming the MASTER OF OUR OWN FREQUENCY is truly how we master the Earth Game. In order to maintain our frequency we need to keep our energy fields balanced so we can hear our highest guidance ~ which may ask us to make different decisions in our own life, set boundaries with others,  or even remove ourselves from unhealthy situations. We can not control how others behave but we can control our SELF. If everyone made this their highest priority ~ to be responsible for the healing of the SELF ~ our world would reflect what we truly all want.....Heaven HERE On Earth! ~ Sabrina


  1. Sabrina :o) You are a GENIUS! THANK YOU for posting this. Perfect Timing for Me and certainly GREAT Medicine for Everyone :o) God Bless and God Speed

  2. Hi Sabrina!..How can I allow myself to express my feelings of anger, irritabilty..ect..and still stay aligned. I don't want to ignore certain comments, but it seems my truth always start conflicts with the people who attach themselves to me for "my advice." I try deliver messages in an unbiased non-judgemental way, but they keep coming back with the same confusion and it drains me. Makes me want to isolate myself to keep from hearing other's same 'ole problems. Is that being selfish or is that protecting my peace and hapiness that I've created?


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