Monday, October 17, 2011

Soul Mates and Twin Flames

I've heard so many variations of soulmates etc. could you please explain the difference between soul mates and twin flames?

Soul Mates: Soul mates are divine extensions from the same oversoul. The oversoul or I Am presence oversees and stays connected to all of it's soul extensions bringing lessons and soul experiences to assist the soul in becoming an ascended master. The oversoul sets up soul contracts for learning within it's "group" of soul extensions. Every person in your life....your parents, close friends, romantic relationships, children, bosses etc. are all your soul mates. Soul mates do not necessarily mean that they are "loving" relationships. Our soul mates can be some of our most difficult relationships as they teach us our greatest lessons. (Technically, since we are ONE....everyone on the planet is our soul mate....however, there are definitely closer, more resonate soul mates that are from the same oversoul.) 

If you are wanting to draw a romantic "soul mate" to you, make sure you ask for the most compatible soul mate for your highest and best good, and one that has a monogamy gene....unless you are ok with having an unfaithful partner and want to experience multiple partners at one time. In essence, make sure you are very clear with what you want in order to attract a soul mate that will be balanced for you.

The more you love yourself....the more loving soul mate relationship you will attract. Remember, it is your state of consciousness that creates your reality ~ so whatever programs and beliefs you have will attract relationships to you to help you heal any distortions within your being that are not based on truth.

Twin Flames: Are soul mates that are exactly like you. Your twin flame is your closest soul extension and can be a very powerful, deeply loving and fulfilling relationship. However, if you don't love your self then you will not have a compatible relationship with your twin flame. They will mirror every negative program, emotion, feeling and belief you have.....these relationships can be very trying if you have not cleared your negative programs and stepped into self love, respect and compassion for the self. 

"Usually," we do not attract our twin flame until we have found balance within our masculine and feminine energies and have reached a state of unification and enlightenment .....but that is not always the case. Because you are a Creator Being, through the focus of your can attract your twin flame. Oftentimes, our twin flame is not incarnated into 3D....more times than not, our twin flame is an aspect of our higher self who resides in the spiritual realms who guide us and helps us move into oneness and unity consciousness. If our twin flame has incarnated into 3D, then usually we have work to do together to assist with the transformation and healing of the planet. This is RARE, but it is definitely an option....remember....CREATION has no limitations!

Our soul mates and twin flames are our soul family. We know each other from other places and other times ~ our hearts will be attracted. We have many soul mates yet only one twin flame to choose from, and it is our subconscious and heart felt intentions that will draw to us the soul mate/twin flame based on our negative and positive qualities. Usually, the twin flame is not magnetized forward until the soul is purified enough to give and receive the unconditional love and universal mirrors that will be reflected to them. The twin flame is an aspect of our higher will lovingly show us what we need to work on so we can merge into oneness and unification.


  1. I LOVE THIS!! Thank you so much for sharing!

  2. How do i choose from soulmate or twinflame?
    I love both!


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