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Your Soul Plan: Channeled Reading By Mother Mary Through Kim Michaels

Your Soul Plan: Channeled Reading by Mother Mary
[Beginning of channeled reading] - "I have briefly mentioned the concept of a divine plan, but it is now time to talk about this plan in more detail.  This plan truly is the blueprint for your current lifetime but very much a part of the blueprint for your entire sojourn in the material universe. Before you come down into your next embodiment, you will have several councils with your spiritual teachers, in which you will define a very specific divine plan for what you want to accomplish in your next lifetime.  What I am saying here is that before you came down into your current embodiment, you met with your spiritual teachers and created a very detailed plan for what you want to learn, what you want to experience and what portions of your past karma you need to overcome in this lifetime. My beloved, the greatest joy you can experience is to know that you are fulfilling your divine plan, that every aspect of your life is in alignment with that plan.  This truly is the abundant life. 
We might say that as the Conscious You descends into the dense energies of the physical body, it is almost inevitable that you forget your divine plan.  Even the most spiritually aware people forget most of their divine plan, although many people have a strong intuitive sense, of what they want to do in life. Therefore, as a spiritual seeker you should expect that you need to make an effort to reconnect to your divine plan.  
Why is it important to reconnect to your divine plan?  Well, besides the goal of attaining greater peace of mind and a deep sense of meaning, it will also give you very specific directions for your current lifetime.  You might even look back at your life and see that you have had certain unpleasant experiences or have done certain things that might seem life mistakes.  Yet when you reconnect to your divine plan, you are likely to discover that this was something you had to do.  The reason might be that you needed to learn a lesson, that you were trying to help other people learn a lesson or that you had some karma from past lives that brought about this experience.
Your mortal self will do everything it can think of to prevent you from acknowledging your divine plan. It will try to make you so attached to the expectations you have built in this lifetime, that you simply will not look beyond them.  Your mortal self will want you to become so attached to temporary desires and pleasures that you will ignore the true desires of your lifestream, as expressed in your divine plane.  You see my beloved, the prince of this world (the anti-christ), does not want you to fulfill your divine plan, does not want you to express your true being, your true genius, in this world.  The prince of this world is engaged in an impossible quest of attempting to control every aspect of life on planet Earth.  And the prince of this world knows that if you were to reconnect to who you truly are and begin to express who you are, begin to manifest your divine plan, you could not be controlled any more than Jesus could be controlled.  So your mortal self and the prince of this world do not want you to reconnect to your divine plan.  They want you to live your life as a normal, average human being who does not rock the boat and go beyond the norm.
Before you came into this lifetime, you met with your spiritual teachers, and you outlined a very specific plan for how you could deal with the fact that you are somewhat identified with the duality [anti-christ] consciousness and that you created karma in past lives that is coming due in this lifetime.  Obviously, the goal for this part of your divine plan is to help you overcome the karma before it becomes physical and learn the lessons you need to learn so that you can overcome your dualistic [anti-christ] beliefs. My point here is that your divine plan is very specific in terms of where you chose to be born, your family and even the characteristics of your physical body.  
You might indeed have karma from past lives with your parents and siblings, and it is part of your divine plan that you interact with these people and hopefully develop a more loving relationship that allows you to rise above that karma.  The same holds true for your spouse and children who are also part of your divine plan.  And truly, the goal is that you rise above any approach to each other that is based on negative feelings and replace it with an approach that is based on love.  It is possible that your divine plan specify that you need to be in a situation where you do not have material abundance.  If you find yourself without material abundance, it is usually because your greater Being wanted you to learn a lesson from this situation.  Once you have learned that lesson, you will transcend the need to be in situation where you do not have abundant supply.
You need to accept the reality that everything that happens in your life is an opportunity for growth.  You chose those circumstances because they give you a unique opportunity to rise above your dualistic [anti-christ] beliefs and your karma.  No matter what circumstances you encounter, you should assume that they are part of your divine plan.  In other words, instead of seeing yourself as a victim of circumstances beyond your control, you need to see yourself as a person who is constantly in the process of learning your lessons in life.  Therefore, every situation you encounter is an opportunity to learn a lesson and take another step up the spiral staircase.
When you reconnect to your divine plan, you will see that all the experiences you have had in this lifetime represented unique opportunities to learn a specific lesson.  My beloved, look at the lives of so many people who run into the same problem, the same crisis, over and over again.  For example, some people have one failed relationship after another.  Yet every time they move out of one relationship and move into another, they simply attract the same kind of person and have the same kind of problem.  Many of these people fail to understand why they keep attracting the same circumstances over and over again.  Yet is it not obvious that they do so because their divine plan specifies that they need to learn a particular lesson in this lifetime. 
Your divine plan is very carefully designed based on a realistic assessment of your current level of spiritual awareness, of self-awareness.  Therefore, you will not be presented with challenges that you are incapable of overcoming.  You will not be presented with a lesson that you cannot learn.  For example, if you are facing the challenge of a difficult relationship, it is easy to focus on the other person, and if only the other person would change, the problem would be solved.  In reality, the key to an improvement of your personal situation is that you must change.  You must go within and discover the lesson that you are meant to learn from that particular situation.  And when you learn that lesson, the outer situation will magically change.  Even if the other person does not change, the very fact that your attitude toward that person has changed will manifest an improvement in your experience of the relationship.
Once you start reconnecting to your divine plan, you will begin to see that there is method behind the seeming madness in your life.  If your life has been chaotic, you will begin to realize that it is simply because you have particular lessons to learn.  You keep attracting situations that force you to deal with the problem in your own psyche instead of running away from it.  The moment you accept that you have a lesson to learn and begin to look beyond the outer circumstances, you will see that the situation will change fundamentally.  When you discover the hidden lesson and learn that lesson, you will suddenly find that you will no longer attract a certain type of situation or a certain type of people.  You will then know that you have taken a major step up the spiral staircase.
My beloved, your divine plan is based on a realistic assessment of your potential for growth in this lifetime.  It has a certain range of what could be accomplished.  In other words, there is the lowest potential and there is the highest potential.  If you truly adopt the right attitude, you can fulfill the highest potential for your divine plan instead of settling for the lowest potential.  There are indeed many people on this Earth who are stuck at a certain level of the spiral staircase because there is one particular lesson they refuse to learn.  My point is that if you are willing to truly look for the lessons you are meant to learn in this lifetime, you can shorten the process.  In one lifetime you will be able to learn the lessons that could otherwise have taken ten or twenty lifetimes to learn.  This is truly what I desire to see happen to you.
My beloved, there is one more aspect of your divine plan that I would like you to understand.  Because the Earth is currently burdened by so much misqualified energy, it is indeed common that the more spiritual people will volunteer to take on a certain amount of the energy or karma in the collective consciousness.  For example, some people carry diseases in their bodies, or lack of material abundance, as a result of carrying the energies of humankind.  Many of the spiritual people on Earth have volunteered to take on certain burdens and limiting conditions in order to set forth the example for other people that it is possible to rise above any physical condition and manifest a more spiritual form of life.  When you attune to your divine plan, you can also begin to attune to the specific ways whereby you can overcome the limitations you are facing.
My beloved, what I am hoping to convey to you here is that life is not a random game of chance or the punishment of an angry God.  Life is not a chaotic process that seems to have no meaning or direction.  Can you sense that when you uncover your divine plan, you will discover a deeper sense of purpose and meaning.  It helps you realize that even seemingly mundane conditions carry an opportunity to learn a lesson and to overcome a limitation.  Thereby, you can demonstrate to others that it is possible for humankind to rise to a higher level and come ever closer to bringing God’s kingdom into manifestation on Earth.  Mother Mary"  [End of channeled reading] – By Kim Michaels, Master Keys to the Abundant Life, Chapter 21.


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