Monday, November 7, 2011

Expectation Creates Attachment and Suffering While Faith Creates Detachment and Peace Of Mind


QUESTION: "If we are supposed to be able to create our own reality on all levels, why shouldn't we then have the "expectation" that it will be created???"

ANSWER: This is a tricky one.....EXPECTATION. We all know we create our reality with our thoughts, emotions, feelings, beliefs and subconscious programs and we are learning when we are in the positive with these energies ~ we create a better life for ourselves. We also know it is very important for us to take time visualizing what we want, send out a prayer to the Universe stating what we want, and to keep our energy focused in the direction of what we want (meaning not letting our negative mind chatter take over)....however, it is also important to be in a place of knowingness and surrender....knowing that if it is for our highest and best good Spirit will provide. In that statement there is a sense of surrender, surrendering to the fact that we know our higher being will bring to us our needs in the highest and best way in perfect divine timing. If we expect it to occur there is an emotional attachment to timing and there is a lack of surrender which means we will set ourselves up for disappointment....we are attached to the outcome and through our expectation we are also grasping and literally holding the energy of our deepest desires to us in our energy fields instead of releasing the prayer out into the universe so our spiritual teams can help us manifest it. Expectation is tricky.....there is expectation which is actually a form of limitation and there is knowingness.....knowing that we are a divine being and fully capable of creating our reality when we are aligned with Spirit. When we are not aligned with Spirit we tend to expect things to happen....when we are aligned with Spirit....we know they will because we are aligned with the highest good of all involved....there is a sense of Faith, not expectation. For example....I worked as a healer and a teacher of several healing modalities for several years. When we approached a client we would state a prayer and we would have the highest intentions for healing to occur. We became a conduit for healing energies to flow through us, but we knew it is not us who is doing the healing. We knew that it is the Creator Of All That Is who decides if healing is for their highest and best good. We provide the healing energies, but we have no expectation of the outcome....we are completely detached from the outcome because we have the knowingness that healing will occur when the person has learned their lessons, is willing to let go of their emotional attachments, is willing to accept, and no longer block the healing energies of the Creator and when the Creator and the spiritual teams we are working with feels that it is time for the healing to occur. Although we are a very pro-active part of this healing team....there is the client, the healer and God....we understand that it is a 3 part agreement and we are merely a part of the healing session.....therefore, there is the intention to heal, and there is energy put forth for the healing to occur but there is surrender and knowingness that Spirit will bring forth the highest and best good at exactly the right time....we are completely detached from the outcome. When we have faith...we are allowing Spirit to help..... our energy fields are open to the abundance of Spirit and we are in partnership with Spirit. When we have expectation it is coming from the limitations and demands of the ego.....we contract our energy field and hold onto our deepest desires and we literally block the flow of spiritual abundance in our lives.

Art By: Rita Loyd "A PRAYER"


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