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Chapter 6 Of The "Raise Your Vibration" Book "Connecting To Our Feelings" By: Sabrina Reber

Chapter 6 Of The "Raise Your Vibration" Book "Connecting To Our Feelings"
By: Sabrina Reber

Our feelings contain valuable information and connect us to our intuition and truth. Feelings are the language of the soul! When we suppress our feelings we suppress our connection to our soul. We create filters and barriers between our physical being and our spiritual being interfering with our own source of divine guidance and intelligence that guides us to manifest the best possible outcome in our lives. Our feelings also disclose lessons we need to learn and insight into our souls contract for this lifetime. Each feeling we experience is a repetition of many lifetimes of feelings that get brought to the surface for us to heal. When we disengage ourselves from our feelings we disconnect ourselves from our own internal guide and give our power away to others who like to make our decisions for us. We become powerless and do not trust our own intuition seeking all of our answers and guidance from outside sources. We become “thinkers” not “feelers”. Thinking comes from the mind and always puts us in the past or in the future stripping us from our heart felt connection to the powerful, creative moment of the Now. True power resides in the present moment. When we allow ourselves to feel our present moment feelings we can respond from our heart and not from our past wounds or our future concerns and worries. In order to raise our vibrations and access the truth of our being we will need to “feel” our way through this process not “think” our way through it. 

We have been taught to avoid our feelings and resist allowing them to surface. Negative feelings left unaddressed get stuck in our energy body creating a foggy energy field that lowers our vibration and blocks our intuition. Unprocessed feelings become distortions that also lead to illness and dis-ease. When we ignore our feelings, because we don’t want to feel the pain, we stuff them in our energy fields where they begin to fester. Eventually, our denied feelings move into the physical body and announce themselves as an imbalance, illness, pain, virus or disease. When we are connected to our feelings and allow ourselves to fully process through them so we can release them, we become a clear vessel fully connected to the guidance of our soul and spirit. When we block, stuff or ignore our feelings our body will respond with a pain or symptom and let us know when we are out of alignment with our truth. Feelings are core sensations in the BODY; they are not created out of the MIND. Feelings are felt in the body and they are warning signs for us to acknowledge that something within our being needs to be addressed. The body never lies. It is always giving us warning signs…if we would only listen! We have a pill for every ailment: anxiety, high blood pressure, indigestion, depression even restless leg syndrome. We like to treat the symptom and avoid the root cause of the dis-ease while the body continuously tries to get our attention prompting us to recognize that something within our being needs to be addressed. As Deepak Chopra says, “Divine Intelligence is the spark of life that animates every living cell in the body.” Our body is a field of divine intelligence, energy and divine organization. It is in a constant state of regeneration, therefore, any discomfort whether it be emotional, mental or physical is a sign that our soul is out of alignment with its spiritual self.

Our feelings simply want to be felt and when we step into allowance and allow our feelings to be felt, without placing judgment on them, we can access vital information that can help us shift unhealthy beliefs, recognize repetitive patterns, make better choices and heal our bodies. All we really need to do is allow and honor the process. When we allow ourselves to pause at our feelings instead of ignoring them or leaping forward into our emotions, we put ourselves in a place of power. Become aware of your feelings, retrieve the information they are trying to provide and respond from a place of spiritual understanding instead of reactive ego-based thinking. Unfortunately, many people’s hearts are so closed from years of stored pain that they can no longer feel or experience their feelings and they constantly react from a place of confusion and powerlessness. They believe they are victims of circumstances and are running on autopilot totally disconnected from their spiritual self, the source of divine inner guidance. These people always respond from a place of fear and continue to draw situations to them that evoke the very feeling that needs to be looked at, felt and released.

Remember, we are energetic and physical beings. Our energetic body is very similar to the layers of an onion. When we allow ourselves to feel an old wound or childhood trauma we have stuffed in our energy field the wound will open and we will experience the pain once again. However, it is rising through the many layers of the energy body to be released. Depending on the severity of the trauma, the feeling may need to be experienced several times before it finally rises to the surface for final releasement and healing. All of our negative emotions, feelings and past traumas are toxic matter that must be moved out of our energetic bodies before true healing and a merging with our God self can occur. Oftentimes we get stuck in our story, resist our feelings and emotions and choose not to do the inner work because it can be a painful process. However, true healing is spiritual healing (the healing of the soul) and all lower vibrating toxic debris must be brought to the surface to be released. Allow yourself to feel, so you can heal your wounded feelings. We must process through them, resolve them and release them so we can clear out our emotional body creating a clear vehicle for our soul. If we resist a feeling we hold it to us and it continues to persist. If anger arises, feel it fully, so your anger does not turn into a reactive emotion. Once your anger is felt, you will release it and there will be no need to react in an angry way to every person or situation you interact with for the rest of your day. If someone makes you angry, allow yourself “private” time to go into your anger. Ask your anger questions and retrieve the message it is trying to bring you. Allow yourself to fully feel it, instead of resisting it, so you can set yourself free. After you have felt your anger, you will be able to rationally approach the other person from a non-reactive place. You will be able to speak to them from a place of honesty and integrity shedding light on the situation so it can be resolved and not repeated again in the future. Emotions, feelings, thoughts and beliefs are real things. They are living energy forms naked to the average eye but can be seen by people who are clairvoyant. Just because the majority of humanity cannot see these energy forms does not mean they are not there. What we resist continues to persist in our energetic being and we will continue to magnetize situations into our life that will force us to address all of our unresolved, hidden feelings. 

Once we allow our feelings to rise to the surface to be felt and fully experienced, we can then use our awareness to consciously shift our feelings one vibration, one frequency, one thought and one emotion at a time. It is our responsibility to become aware of our feelings and to recognize that our feelings do affect the whole of humanity. When we become aware of our feelings and fully allow ourselves to experience them, we will dissolve them freeing up areas in our energy body so we can hold more light and a higher vibration. Our higher vibrating energy affects others so not only are we healing ourselves, we are also inspiring others to heal simply by allowing ourselves to raise our vibration. When we are vibrating in the pure high frequencies of joy, gratitude and appreciation we are fully open to our own source of intuitive divine guidance. When we shut down our feelings we also shut down our intuitive guidance because Spirit communicates to us through our feelings. Our feelings are how we tap into our intuition and truth. Without feelings, we have no internal guide. 

  • We are each responsible for releasing our own feelings. If we are disconnected from our feelings we will not be able to fully feel, heal and release them. They will get stored in our emotional field and we will end up projecting all of our unprocessed feelings and emotions onto everyone else blaming them for the conditions in our lives. The next time a feeling arises, allow yourself to go as deep into it as you can. Ask yourself, “What am I feeling right now? Is it fear, sadness, helplessness, abandonment, rejection?” Is the feeling I am feeling right now really a present moment feeling or is this a feeling I have not healed from my past? Identify it and allow yourself to fully move through it so it can be released and not projected onto everyone else you come into contact with.
  • If we resist a feeling we keep it and it continues to persist. If we allow ourselves to feel it fully, we will let go of it. If anger arises, feel it. Feeling it doesn’t mean expressing anger to someone else….then it becomes an emotion, a reaction. Simply recognize that you are feeling angry. Allow yourself to fully feel your anger and ask your anger what it has to teach you. Continue to feel it until it is gone.
  • Examine your life. What feelings have been redundant? What situations do you continue to draw to yourself that evoke a feeling in you that has been stored in your energy field and needs to be looked at so it can be demagnetized and released?
  • How do you feel about yourself?  How do you feel about others? Do you see them as an extension of yourself making different choices or do you see them as separate?
  • As a child were you allowed to express your feelings and emotions in a healthy way?
  • What are your most predominant feelings?

Whatever we are thinking, feeling, saying, or doing, we are co-creating, empowering and magnetizing into our lives.     
Patricia Cota Robles

The pain of all our hurts may be quite intense, but it also softens us and completes itself in the process of being felt.
Susan Thesenga

If you allow all the negative thoughts to come forth into consciousness and the negative feelings to flow with the positive intent to heal yourself, then you will not get stuck in negativity that will harm you. Express the negative feelings with the intention to release them, let them go, and move on beyond them. This will help heal you and you will not get sick.
Barbara Brennan

Normality is the capacity to express your feelings. From the moment that you don’t fear to share your heart, you are a free person.
Paulo Coelho

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  1. Sabrina could you clarify the difference between feelings and emotions as they reale to this chapter? Thank you!

    1. We experience feelings yet we generate emotions. Feelings are passive; emotions are reactive. E-motions are “energy in motion.” Feelings are not created from the mind; they are core sensations in the body such as heartache from a wounded heart or nausea from sadness or grief. Emotions are feelings with a thought attached. As soon as we feel a feeling and allow the negative mind chatter to take over we have activated our emotions. Feelings and emotions usually go hand and hand and they simply want to be acknowledged, felt and expressed. All feelings and emotions that are fully experienced, in a healthy way, acknowledged for the information they are trying to provide and are fully released from our system will create more space within our being for our divine spirit to flow through us bringing greater peace into our lives.

    2. Thank You! This is a powerful Chapter....Ive read it a few times and am becoming more conscious of all it teaches. Truly liberating....


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