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Chapter 4 Of The "Raise Your Vibration Book: "Become Aware of Your Thoughts" By: Sabrina Reber


One of the most important steps in becoming a high vibrational being is becoming aware of your thoughts. Your mind is like a garden. Your thoughts (seeds) are what you plant and expect to grow. Constant awareness of your garden (mind) will help you create the reality you desire by helping you quickly pluck any weeds (negative thoughts) that have intruded upon your space. If your seeds are good thoughts, beliefs and ideas you will manifest a beautiful garden with a positive outcome. Begin now to sow thoughts of peace, happiness, healing, good will and abundance for yourself and the universe. Our world is held in place by our mind. Imagine how our world would be if each one of us were in control of our thoughts, beliefs and emotions 100% of the time. If we were all focused on unconditional love, peace and unity our world would reflect that. Just imagine! 

All things are possible through the power of correct thought. Our thoughts and beliefs are “things”. They are energy and energy never dies. When our energy or thoughts are focused and repetitive they become creative! When we realize our thoughts, feelings and beliefs create our reality we can create what we desire instead of being a victim of circumstances getting caught up in the after effects of our own negative thinking. The law of attraction simply states “like attracts like”. Whatever we believe about others and ourselves becomes our reality. We literally see through our thoughts. Every thought we think is a lens we see through and it is the mind (our thoughts) that creates our feelings and emotions. As above in consciousness; so below in matter.  

The vast majority of mankind currently lives in a world of unconscious co-creation. Many are running on autopilot and are unaware that their inner world (their thoughts, feelings and imagery) is where their creative power resides. Unfortunately, many of us are creating circumstances we don’t really want because we are unaware that our thoughts, beliefs and subconscious programming is what creates our reality. Many of us have allowed our minds to get so out of control that our mind has literally become the enemy instead of the powerful gift of loving, co-creation God intended it to be. We each have the power to make our inner world work for us, or work against us. What we think about expands so any thought or belief that keeps us from our peace is a weed we want to discard from our garden immediately! The Universe fully supports us in every thought we choose to believe. It is a law of nature that the universe will reflect back to us what we are concentrating on. The Universe has no value judgments of positive or negative so we need to be very aware of where we are choosing to focus our attention!

We are each responsible for our own creations! We have the choice of being a conscious or unconscious co-creator with God. When we are making unconscious choices we are refusing to take command and dominion over our minds. When we become conscious we become aware and awareness is the key to change. We must be willing to put energy and time in avoiding negative thinking and actively pursuing to think positively. Persistent inner work and paying attention to what we are thinking will change our negative thought habits. If we are conscious of our thoughts, every negative thought can quickly be changed into a positive affirmation or command. If we are not happy with our life, we need to observe the attention of our thoughts and beliefs and shift our mindset into a more positive one. 

We are created in God’s image and likeness. We are created from God’s energy; therefore, our energy is God’s energy. We have the free will to apply God’s energy any way we would like. Our attention is what directs that energy through our images, beliefs and feelings that we hold in our consciousness. Our focused energy accumulates and increases in intensity, so whatever we hold to be true in our thought system is what we will create for ourselves regardless if it is really true or not! There are no neutral thoughts. Every thought we think is either positive or negative, love or fear, God Self or ego, oneness or separation. It is believed that if we focus on something for 17 seconds, we activate the vibration and it becomes creative. Our thoughts literally create an energy frequency around us magnetizing those things we spend energy thinking about into a self-fulfilling prophecy. So we need to make sure we are focusing our energy in a positive direction so we can create what we want. Anything negative we have created in our reality, including all illness or dis-ease, comes from a thought or belief based in fear, separation, disempowerment and illusion. Decide now to break yourself free from the bondage of negative thinking. These creations are not the truth of your being. Your natural state of being is one of balance, unconditional love, unity, abundance, health, peace, joy and goodness. Decide not to be a victim of your thoughts! What you decide to focus on is your choice so choose thoughts that are only focused on what you really want to create in your life! Choose love, choose peace, choose health, choose happiness! Your greatest power is your capacity to choose positive loving thoughts that are in alignment with your Spirit. When we create harmony and balance in our minds, we will find it in our lives.
  • Keep a journal with you for one day and write down every negative thought you have. Later in the day, take each one of these negative thoughts and counteract it with a positive statement. The only way to change your negative thoughts is to become aware of them.
  • What tapes are you playing in your head? If they aren’t positive, delete them and record new ones. You must retrain your brain and move away from repetitive mind chatter.
  • When you have a negative thought, immediately say, “dis-create” and restate what you do want.
  • Recognize that all negative thoughts are out of alignment with the truth of your soul. 
  • You are an extension of God. Are your thoughts what you want God to be thinking?
  • Are you a conscious creator of your life or do you allow others to create your life for you?
  • Become a master of your mind and recognize when you are having obsessive thoughts. Immediately drop into your body, bring your full attention to what you are doing and shift your focus to your surroundings. Get out of your head and become fully immersed into the present moment. If your thoughts are obsessive you are in the past or the future… attention!

Whether you believe you can or whether you believe you can’t, you are right!
Henry Ford 

It is the Mind that leads to the Christ.   Edgar Cayce

Most of us attract by default. We just think we don’t have any control over it. Our thoughts and feelings are on autopilot, and so everything is brought to us by default.    
Bob Doyle

As in heaven (your own mind), so on Earth (in your body and environment).   This is the great law of life.     Dr. Joseph Murphy

The Universe is a big copy machine reproducing your thoughts in physical form that is your experience.       Neale Donald Walsh

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  1. Watch your thoughts, for they become words.
    Watch your words, for they become actions.
    Watch your actions, for they become habits.
    Watch your habits, for they become your character.
    And watch your character, for it becomes your destiny!
    What we think, we become.
    My father always said that. And I think that I am fine.
    by Margaret Thatcher
    former British Prime Minister
    "The Iron Lady"

  2. its very true.. thank you.. lots of love.. :)


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