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Chapter 10 Of The "Raise Your Vibration" Book: Mastering Soul Lessons By Sabrina Reber

Families are our greatest indicators of where the bulk of our soul lessons reside. Our past is a huge part of our story. In order to learn from our soul lessons and create a new story we must embrace the past without avoiding it, denying it, placing judgment or blame on it. Our soul and God self carefully chose the family line that would give us the greatest opportunity for soul growth. Our families show us the very things we need to own, heal and learn from. If these lessons aren’t learned, families find themselves revolving in a vicious cycle of disharmony. It takes great strength and perseverance for a soul to pull themselves out of this chaotic, toxic energy so they can view the situation from a higher perspective, learn the lessons and begin to heal. This type of chaos can also be a catalyst to move a soul forward into transformation. Tremendous soul advancement is made when a being is able to move into their feelings, emotions and pain from their family history and strive to release all blame, resentment, anger and hatred.

Once our soul lessons are learned and we choose to heal and move into a place of unconditional love, forgiveness and compassion our vibrations will begin to rise rapidly. As we rise in vibration ALL of our relationships will change because we are changing. Some of our relationships will rise in vibration with us and some relationships we may have to let go of. This can be one of the most empowering and freeing things we can do for ourselves, as well as, one of the most difficult. It is not healthy for anyone to artificially sustain an unhealthy relationship. Once we raise our vibrations, we will naturally want to surround ourselves with relationships that are based in the new energy of love, compassion, joy, acceptance and peace. Lower vibrating relationships cannot be brought up into a new space of higher vibrating energy unless each person is willing to accept responsibility for their own healing. Unfortunately, many people will resist this process because they will have to connect with their heart, their feeling center. This can be a very difficult task because we oftentimes avoid acknowledging our true feelings and emotions, keeping ourselves in denial, which will block us from accessing the higher vibrations. Many souls are not ready for a breakthrough and are not ready to release the pain and suffering in their hearts. They will choose to hold onto their pain because they live in fear of accessing those parts of themselves they have disowned and rejected for so long.

The level of desire and the willingness to change and look within ourselves will determine how quickly we shift, master our lessons and raise our vibration. Intention is everything. Some of our soul mates will choose to continue to experience the lower vibrating energy of fear and disconnection. Stepping into a state of allowance and staying detached from the situation will be necessary. Unconditional love is allowing our soul mates the freedom to choose whether they want to shift their vibration or not. Many will cling to their old ways and will not choose to shift their frequency. It will be difficult to maintain relationships with people who choose to stay stuck in the old energy while you are focused on transcending it. Some of your soul mates may not know how to respond to you when you begin to respond to them in a new way. They may try to push your buttons and keep you from moving forward. Have great compassion for them but understand that you no longer have to participate in their soul lessons. Your soul mates will draw another being into their circle for them to continue to learn from and gain greater soul growth and clarity. Be supportive but stay detached. Sometimes people will have to experience the same lesson over and over again until they finally learn from it. This can be a painful process. Part of your new lesson may be to learn how to stand in your power, how to use discernment and how to be unconditionally loving without allowing yourself to get sucked into someone else’s drama. Eventually, everyone who chooses will rise in vibration. It is divine plan. Make the conscious choice right now to attract relationships that empower and enhance your light and vibration. There is no need for you to sacrifice your happiness, joy and energy for someone else’s. No one needs to sacrifice anything. The universe is abundant with love, joy, compassion and peace. Every person has a choice as to what they want to experience - a life based on love or a life based on fear.

In order for us to move forward with our journey into healing and wholeness, we may need to release relationships that are holding us back from reaching our highest soul’s potential. Each of us will know in our hearts which relationships have had their time. Set your intention to learn the lessons these people have reflected to you and love yourself enough to give yourself the space you need to bring yourself back into alignment with your highest good. Sometimes it takes our soul mates longer to learn their lessons. If we cannot heal these relationships, lovingly release them holding each individual in their highest light while you continue to evolve. Everyone is on a different consciousness level and we do not learn our lessons at the same time. The healing work we do on ourselves will affect our soul mates and the rest of humanity energetically, so it is possible that these relationships in the future may be healed. Stay focused on your healing knowing that the relationships that are meant to be a part of your life will be there effortlessly, naturally and lovingly.
  • Locate 3 childhood events that repeated themselves later in your life. What were the events trying to teach you?
  • Examine your parents, siblings and grandparents. Whatever negative traits you see within them are also within you and can only be recognized if YOU need to work on them as well. What traits have been passed down generation to generation?
  • What negative traits within your family have you overcome? Are you a better parent? Have you overcome addictions? Are you aware of your creatorship and consciously creating a positive life for yourself? Are you compassionate? Are you actively working on forgiveness? Do you see the divinity in all beings? Are you aware of your thoughts, feelings and beliefs?
  • What are you going to do with your soul lessons? Are you going to use your soul lessons as a platform for victimization or for empowerment and soul growth?
The way you will experience and feel about yourself is not determined by how other people look and feel about you. The way that you will experience and feel about yourself is actually determined by how YOU look at and think about THEM. Whatever we think about others is really like sending a message about ourselves to our self.  
Gary Renard 

We say we exchange words when we meet. What we exchange is souls.
Minot Savage

You do not face difficulties as punishment; you attract them because you are moving to the next level of understanding your sacred nature.   
Sonia Choquette

Are you going to work from your back bone or your wish bone?
Leonard Crohn

The design of your life…the people, places and events in it have all been perfectly created for you by you.     
Neale Donald Walsh

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