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Chapter 19 Of The Raise Your Vibration Book: Actively Meditating By Sabrina Reber

Meditation is the fastest way to raise your vibration, get in touch with your feelings and emotions and connect you more strongly with your God self. The real you is not the physical you! The real you is Eternal Spirit! Your physical body houses a part of your Spirit but the real you lives in and around your physical body and exists in many dimensions. Each of us are incredibly vast multidimensional beings with a very small part of the real us in our physical body. In order for us to move into wholeness, we need to bring more of our true essence into our physical body by clearing the pathways between our physical self and the energetic layers that surround the physical body. Our energetic fields contain emotional and mental blocks and traumas from this lifetime and previous lives that need to be healed and cleared. These blocks inhibit the abundant flow of spiritual energy coming from our God self, therefore, limiting the expansion of our consciousness keeping us stuck in repetitive patterns lifetime after lifetime. Once these blocks are removed, personal ascension can occur. Personal ascension is when you have cleared your energetic layers and lifted your consciousness, your frequency or your vibration high enough so your Spirit can descend into matter (your physical body). 

True healing is not physical/mental healing. True healing is Spirit/Soul/Energetic healing. Many of us have built up walls shielding ourselves from the enormous amount of love, truth and peace our God self wants to provide for us. Our spiritual self is where we can access vast amounts of information about others, the universe, God and ourselves. Once we tap into this portion of ourselves we will be able to reclaim our full power and divine guidance. Once each of us merges with our God self we will operate from a place of divine love and alignment. We will no longer seek answers from outside of ourselves and we will become God realized beings. We will tap into our divine super consciousness and be able to retrieve the information and guidance we need in order to live our highest life potential. When everyone on the planet is living from a place of total connection with their spiritual self everyone will operate from a place of unconditional love, joy, compassion, gratitude and peace. Fear, control, victim consciousness, powerlessness and helplessness will be a thing of the past.

Many people avoid taking the time for meditation, inner contemplation and silence because this is where the things that need to be healed…. mainly our inner beliefs, negative thoughts, fears and emotions are stored. Oftentimes, we are fearful of truly connecting with our inner being because we are afraid of what we might discover. However, going within is the only way we will find the coal we need to turn into gold. It is an alchemical process where we turn our low vibrating denseness (coal) into higher vibrational light (gold). This is a process we must undertake in order to become whole and at peace within ourselves and the world. We cannot avoid our negativity, pain and trauma. We must move into our darkness and transmute it before we are able to fully step into our light. The most effective way to heal ourselves is by connecting with our Spirit and integrating all of those aspects of ourselves we have disowned. All of our baggage (negative feelings, anger, resentment, judgments, fears and insecurities) must be acknowledged before we can heal them. In order to get in touch with them, we must still our minds through meditation. Prayer is also a very powerful way to set a strong intention and ask for assistance. However, prayer alone does not reach into the deeper levels of our subconscious because our mind is very active “speaking” to God. Meditation quiets the mind penetrating the deeper aspects of our being enabling us to “hear” messages from our God self activating portions of our brain that helps us heal. Prayer combined with meditation is a power packed healing combination.

Meditation brings in divine life force energy revitalizing our energetic and physical bodies. Just because most people can’t see energy or their energetic body does not mean it’s not there. Even if you can’t see energy, you can FEEL it. Our invisible fields are just as important as our physical body. In fact, it is our energetic fields that shape and hold in place our physical body. At death when our Spirit /Energetic body leaves our physical body, the body immediately begins to decompose. Unfortunately, many of us are only aware of our physical being and aren’t aware of the incredible wisdom, healing and power our energetic body contains. This lack of knowledge leads us to treat our bodily symptoms strictly from a physical perspective using a band-aid approach. We seek out as many man made chemical medicines, surgeries and quick fix remedies we can find avoiding the real cause of our pain and dis-ease. All illness begins in our energy fields first and if left unattended will eventually manifest itself in the physical body. Once the energetic imbalance is embedded in the energy field and moves through all energetic layers of the energy body it will introduce itself as a pain, ailment, physical illness or disease. All symptoms and illnesses arise to warn us that something within our being - emotional, mental, spiritual or physical - is out of balance. It is imperative for us to bring into our awareness the truth of who we are so we can incorporate energetic / spiritual healing in combination with physical healing.

Meditation, with your intention to heal, literally brings the Light of God and large amounts of life force energy into your being. This light transforms, heals, energizes, brings awareness, expands your consciousness, raises your vibration and connects you to the divinity in yourself and everyone else. You will find your truth, freedom and healing internally. Only God can give you God and God is found within yourself. No other person, church or organization can give you what you are seeking. Choose to become a seeker of self and you will discover how incredible you truly are. Meditation is your journey to en-lighten-ment. When Jesus and Buddha were incarnated they were initiated with powerful Light from God to assist them on their path of awakening all. Their great power, belief and faith were increased 1000 fold by the Light energy. Jesus said, “These things I do you shall do and more”. Each of us carries a divine spark of God light in our hearts that we can expand! God loves us so much he gave us free will to make our own choices. We can choose to be a dim sputter of light or we can choose to actively allow the light to grow, through meditation, becoming powerful light conductors just like Jesus and Buddha. Even the darkest of beings still have God’s light in their heart. Without God’s light we cannot survive. Every being no matter where they are on their journey can decide to receive more light and the best way to do that is to actively meditate. See the light, feel the light, use the light…bring it in. It surrounds us, is a part of us and loves us. It is God’s gift to each one of us. Make the choice to receive it, expand it and express it. As Gandhi says “We need to BE the light we wish to see in the world.”

Benefits of Meditation

  1. Daily meditation brings in the healing light of God. This light penetrates the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual energy fields helping us dislodge stagnant blocked energy that leads to imbalances, disease and the illusion that we are separated from God.
  2. Every time we meditate we bring in more and more of our God Self.
  3. God (Light) comes in through us gradually. The density of our form lessens and lessens with every meditation becoming more and more filled with the Spirit and Light from our God self.
  4. Meditation realigns the energy fields with the divine order of the universe deepening and strengthening our connection to Source.
  5. During meditation, the light of our God self moves through the physical body assisting in the healing of all organs, tissues, blood and bones. Meditation reduces pain!
  6. Meditation improves blood pressure, reduces anxiety, decreases muscle tension and headaches, enhances the immune system, increases serotonin for better moods, improves depression and relieves emotional distress.
  7. Meditation quiets the mind, allowing us to receive clear divine guidance and tap into the greater depth of who we are. It is in the very positive mental states of our Theta and Beta brainwaves that we are able to move beyond our human consciousness into our God Consciousness. This is an ideal state for healing and transformation!
  8. Meditation expands our consciousness, raises our vibration and helps us remember who we are.
  9. Meditation helps us stay calm and less reactive when we encounter difficult situations.
  10. Meditation opens, clears and aligns the chakras for a greater sense of health and well-being.
  11. Meditation balances and calms the nervous system.
  12. Meditation balances the left (masculine: logic, power, reason) and right (feminine: creative, love, intuitive) sides of the brain. Both sides need to be balanced to clear away the negative ego so we can have a direct experience with God. People are usually dominant on one side.   Bringing both sides of the brain into balance also balances the energetic bodies and helps us move out of dualistic thinking.
  13. Meditation assists people overcome addictions and repetitive negative patterns.
  14. Meditation helps us assimilate the powerful energies coming into the planet from the galactic center. These energies are activating our light codes, DNA, cellular memory and are assisting us move into the golden age with ease and grace.
  15. Meditation assists us in rising above the subconscious programming of the mass consciousness so we can release all dis-empowering thought forms that keep us from activating our divine potential.

99% of a person is invisible and untouchable.     
Buckminster Fuller

Meditation is the tongue of the soul and the language of our Spirit.
Jeremy Taylor

If you want to find God, hang out in the space between your thoughts.
Alan Cohen

If you meditate, sooner or later you will come upon love. If you meditate deeply, sooner or later you will start feeling a tremendous love arising in you that you have never known before.

Meditation Exercises for Transformation

Meditation and Visualization are powerful tools for healing and transformation! Creation is a thought in the mind of God. We are made in the image and likeness of God, therefore, we have the same creative powers as God. We must continue focusing on what we want to create in our lives! That’s why visualization is so important because it trains our mind to take our thoughts and put them into words and pictures. When we think about something, see it in our minds eye (visualize it) and allow ourselves to believe and feel it is occurring we create exactly what we are focused on. That’s how powerful we are! Visualization is real, do not let the ego mind trick you into believing this is fantasy.

Bringing in the Light 

(10 Minute Beginners Meditation)

  1. Find a quiet place. Sit under a tree, lie on your bed or sit in your car. Make sure your spine is straight. It doesn’t matter where you are the light is always with you.
  2. Close your eyes and ask God to surround you with his love and healing light. See your self surrounded and immersed in a bubble of white light.
  3. Slowly take a minimum of TEN deep breaths filling your lungs to capacity and HOLD until you need to exhale. Deep breathing helps you enter into an altered state of consciousness and helps you relax. Deep breathing is very important and is an essential component to helping you connect to your soul getting the most out of your meditations.
  4. Visualize a gold or white ball of light above your head. This is where your God self resides! Do not allow yourself to get hung up on the specifics of visualization. Whatever you visualize is what is right for you.
  5. State your intention OUTLOUD:

  1. See the light of your God self entering and filling the top of your head, moving down your face, neck, shoulders, arms, heart, stomach, pelvis, legs and out your feet into the Earth.
  2. See yourself filled with Gods light and bask in it for as long as you like. Focus on the light, releasing all thoughts. Allow yourself to just “BE”. The longer you allow yourself to meditate the more relaxed you will become and the more likely you will be able to access a very positive mental state of Alpha and Theta brainwaves.
  3. If you have areas in your physical body that need additional healing, you can focus your consciousness in that area filling it with additional light intending it to be healed.
  4. When you are ready, give thanks to God for sharing his/her love and healing light.

Commit yourself to doing this meditation EVERYDAY. This meditation does not have to take a lot of time. I recommend 10-15 minutes a day to begin with. Everyone can find ten minutes out of their day to commune with their God self. Don’t let your ego make excuses! Like everything, visualization and meditation takes time to get use to. Obviously, the longer you stay in a meditation the greater the results. Make the decision to do this meditation everyday for one month. By the end of the month, it will not require as much focus and it will begin to come naturally. You will actually look forward to your quite time with your Spirit. You will also begin to notice subtle changes in your moods, emotions, ability to concentrate, reasoning skills and an overall since of inner peace.  
In the beginning you may have thoughts racing through your mind, you may doubt or question the process. You may think this is silly, abnormal and a waste of your time and you may run into fear because you have never done this before. You may even think you are doing something wrong!  This is completely normal. Don’t focus on it, allow these thoughts to surface and release them. Your egoic mind will try to tell you this is a waste of time because it knows meditation will bring your Spirit and ego into balance and your ego does not want to give up control! You cannot do anything wrong when you begin to meditate. Whatever occurs is suppose to occur and is part of you surrendering to your God Self and relinquishing your ego.

It takes time to train the mind to sit in silence. After your 10 minute meditation you can practice 3 minute fast-fix meditations throughout your day to keep you balanced and centered. The more you put into it the more you will get out of it. Your fast-fix meditations can bring in the light while sitting in the doctors office, waiting for the kids in the car pick up line, on your lunch break, before you get out of bed in the morning, during TV commercials, before you go to bed at night or when you have fallen off center due to some sort of upset. It doesn’t matter where you do it -  just do it.

Meditation Tips

  1. Wear loose, comfortable clothing and make sure you are hydrated.

  1. Lie down or sit up. Divine energy flows through the spine so make sure it is straight. Do not bow your head, it will cut off the flow of divine spiritual energy!

  1. Light incense or mist your space with essential oils or aromatherapy. 
    Although this is not necessary, scent can greatly enhance your meditation and help you quite your mind reaching an altered state of consciousness. 
  1. Music quickly alters your state of consciousness, raises your
    vibration and helps you to quickly enter into Theta and Beta brainwaves. Portable earphones work better than overhead music. Hemi Sync cd’s are produced specifically for meditation and help balance the right and left sides of the brain.

Holy Breath Meditation 
  1. Lie down or sit in a chair with your spine straight.
  2. Close your eyes and set your intention to connect with your divine self. 
  3. Focus your attention several feet above your head.
  4. Take a slow deep breath through your nose visualizing white light entering through the top of your head and moving into the center of your heart.
  5. When you exhale, push this light out through your heart releasing all sadness, stuck energy, pain, insecurity, grief and fear. This light may turn gray as you blow it out from your heart center.
  6. Repeat 20 times or as many times as you feel comfortable.

This meditation will help you focus on bringing in large amounts of the “breath of life”. Deep breathing is essential because it connects us to our still point helping us to access the greater part of our being that is fully connected to All-That-Is. Our breath is like the wind cleaning and clearing away old structures, patterns, erroneous beliefs and stagnant energy. The wind and our breath are transformative. Breathing deeply lifts our spirit and moves us into a peaceful state of consciousness. When we do the holy breath meditation we breathe in prana or life force energy assisting us to clear out our cells and revitalize our blood. Deep breathing also raises our vibration, clears our emotional and mental states, reduces blood pressure, helps us reach deeper states of awareness and helps us to relax and connect to our divine self. We are God in form! The idea that we are separate from God is the root of all of our suffering. When you forget this and feel overwhelmed, breathe and remember who you truly are. Deep breathing can help you realign your life with your highest intention.

Emotional Release Meditation

This is a great meditation to do when you have a lot of emotional baggage you need to release. The “bubbles” represent our stored pain, feelings and emotional wounds - allow them to rise to the surface for transmutation. This meditation is also helpful after you have been in conflict with someone and you need to bring yourself back to center.
  1. Lie down or sit in a chair. Keep your spine straight. Close your eyes and take three deep breaths. Ask God to surround you with his love and healing light. See yourself surrounded and immersed in a bubble of white light.
  2. State your intention:

“ I ask for all things that no longer serve my highest
good to be released with ease and grace” 
  1. Bring into your awareness all of the people, events, feelings and circumstances needing to be released.
  2. Allow yourself time to engage yourself with the feelings of each circumstance one at a time.
  3. Visualize a bubble rising out of your heart. Label this bubble with the name of the person, event, feeling or circumstance that needs to be released.
  4. Watch this bubble float up away from you and up into the sky. See this bubble going up to God. Visualize God filling this bubble with white light transmuting it back into love.                                               
  5. Repeat this process until everything that needs to be released is healed.  If an event has been deeply traumatic, you may need to repeat this process several times in future meditations. Setting a strong intention to release and allowing yourself to truly “feel” the feelings involved will greatly enhance your ability to move on quickly with ease and grace. If we ignore or deny our feelings we hold onto them.
  6. Once you feel you have released everything that is ready to be released, visualize yourself and the person, place or event involved standing across from each other. See each of you surrounded by white light. State in your  mind: “All is forgiven and we are each set free”.

Basic Chakra Meditation

    1. Find a quiet place. Lie down or sit with your spine straight.
    2. Close your eyes and ask God to surround you with his love and healing light. See yourself surrounded and immersed in a bubble of white light.
    3. State your intention OUTLOUD:

    “ I ask and intend for my chakras to be cleaned out,
    aligned and balanced.” 
    1. Visualize a white ball of light above your head. See the light filling and entering the top of your head.
    2. See this white light move to your spiritual eye center in between your eyebrows. See your spiritual eye turn a beautiful Indigo color.
    3. Visualize a hot fiery white light moving into your spiritual eye. Ask this light to clean and open your spiritual eye chakra. Return your spiritual eye to Indigo.
    4. See this white fiery light move down your face into your throat chakra. See your throat chakra turn a beautiful Blue color. Visualize a hot fiery white light moving into your throat chakra. Ask this light to clean and open your throat chakra. Return your throat chakra to Blue.
    5. See this white fiery light move down both arms and out the palms of your hands. Visualize it moving back up your arms and into the heart chakra.
    6. See your heart chakra turn into a beautiful Green color. Visualize a hot fiery ball of white light move into your heart chakra. Ask this light to clean and open your heart chakra. Return your heart chakra to Green.
    7. See this white fiery light move slightly below your ribcage or solar plexus chakra. See your solar plexus turn a beautiful Yellow color. Visualize a hot fiery white light moving into your solar plexus. Ask this light to clean and open your solar plexus chakra. Return your solar plexus chakra to Yellow. 
    8. See this white fiery light move down to your belly button area or sacral chakra. See your sacral chakra turn a beautiful Orange color. Visualize a hot fiery ball of white light moving into your sacral chakra. Ask this light to clean and open your sacral chakra. Return your sacral chakra to Orange.
    9. See this white fiery light move down to the base of your spine or root chakra. See your root chakra turn a bright Red color. Visualize a hot fiery white light move into your root chakra. Ask this light to clean and open your root chakra. Return your root chakra to Red.
    10. See this hot fiery white light move down your legs and out the soles of your feet deep into the Earth. Visualize energetic roots growing out of the bottom of your feet deep into the center of the Earth. Empty your mind and allow yourself to stay in this meditative state. When you are ready to return, review your chakras once again. This time visualize white light from the Earth moving into the soles of your feet, up your legs to your Red Root Chakra, up to your Orange Sacral Chakra, up to your Yellow Solar Plexus Chakra, up to your Green Heart Chakra, up to your Blue Throat Chakra, up to your Indigo Spiritual Eye Chakra, up to your Violet Crown Chakra. Visualize rainbow sparkles of healing light shooting out the top of your head pulsating throughout your entire energetic fields. Give thanks to Mother Earth for allowing you to ground into her and give thanks to the Light of Father God for helping you to open and clear out your chakras. Slowly return to your normal state of consciousness.

This material is copyrighted. You can share this information with proper credits given to Sabrina Reber as the author, complete title of the book "RAISE YOUR VIBRATION", provide an image of the cover of the book, and a link to the HOW TO RAISE YOUR VIBRATION Facebook page. 
Any attempts to take the information and alter it in any way or try to claim it as your own is karmically binding for you, and puts you at risk for legal action based on copyright infringement. Please be respectful and provide proper credits so this information can remain freely available to all. Stay in alignment with your higher self and integrity. Blessings. 


  1. I absolutely love all the wonderful things you are writing about. This particular blog grabbed my attention because I really want to start meditating. Thank you for all the detail. I will begin to do as your instructions say. Thank you so much.

  2. Thank you Laura! Meditation will completely change your life. Good for you for embarking on the inner journey. Many Blessings.

  3. Thank you, your tips are helping much!!!

  4. I LOVE all these meditation techniques! Thanks so much! I wanted to ask you if anywhere on your site you have a visual or list of the degrees/levels of consciousness? Thank you! Anna

  5. Anna, each chakra is a level of consciousness. Once all seven physical chakras are opened, activated and balanced we attain oneness with our spiritual/god self consciousness. Then we begin to open our higher spiritual chakras, cosmic chakras etc. I will post a link that talks about the chakras and their consciousness.


  7. i love this blog! is really helping me lot to raise my vibrations. thank you Sabrina.
    Is it normal that every time i finish my meditations i feel like touch my whole body?

  8. I think what you do is wonderful and thank you for your Love and assistance to humanity and the universe =)

  9. So good!!! This is so right on for me right now.

  10. This is so good!
    I love mindful movement, esp Tai Chi & qigong. When i took a workshop with healer Rose Bruyere in the mid 90s, one of her suggestions was to do slow, medatitive movement FIRST, and then do seated meditation, as that would "switch" the brain to the correct wavelengths! Studies showed that was a more effective flow for most people! I'm very kinesthetic, & was always frustrated trying to meditate before that advice!

  11. Hi, thank you for posting this lesson. I would like to buy your book. Thank you for sharing what you know to help me get into direct alignment with the God Force. Tamara

  12. Hi Queen Tamara~

    I'm so glad the information resonates with you. Here is the link for the book.

    Blessings on your journey,

  13. Thank you for posting all these lessons I find them informative and very helpful.I start my spiritual journey not that long ago. I've look at a lot of different books, but for some reason your book really
    Clarifies everything.

  14. How can one modify the chakra meditation to also include the higher chakras as well as the foot/omega/Earth Star chakra? I look forward to reading your book!!

  15. Once the main 7 chakras are activated and purified the Earth Star chakra and the higher spiritual chakras naturally activate because more energy is able to flow through our systems due to the main seven gateways, 7 seals or 7 levels of mans development are healed and opened. You can focus on the earth star and higher chakras if you want, however in order to have a GROUNDED spiritual awakening I highly suggest people purify and transcend the seven main chakras first. These are the gateways to spiritual awakening that will open up the rest of our chakra system in perfect divine timing when the soul has been purified.

  16. Sabrina,

    Thank you so much for sharing this information - I have been meditating for a few years now but straight after typing this I'm going to "Bringing in the light" meditation.

    I have a question;

    Please can you explain how to mist one's room with Essential oils ?? I do have some essential oils which I bought for some Feng Shui projects of mine, but since then they have remained unused. Please could you advise how to do this plus also which essential oils you recommend ?? (I have about 8 different ones so I'd like to think I'll have the ones you'll recommend !).

    Thank you so much.

    Warmest blessings,


  17. Hi Jez,

    I simply add essential oils to a spray bottle of blessed sacred water that I create on the full moon. You can add the oils to purified water or make your own blessed water by placing water in a clear glass container, add about a Tablespoon of Pink Himalayan Sea Salt, A Quartz Crystal or any crystal that is special to you and then say a prayer over the container of water and leave it out in the sun for 12 hours and in the Full Moon moon light for another 12 hours. This makes sacred water. Then simply add about a 1/4 bottle of the essential oils....or as much as you would like to get a nice smell. I then spray all four corners of my meditation space and say "All Negativity Must Leave This Space, With Divine Love And Grace Put In It's Place." This creates sacred space and helps raise the vibration of the can also spray your energy fields and even your sheets before you go to bed at night. You can use any oil you feel drawn to......I like Lavender, Rose, Papyrus, and Sandalwood.

  18. This posting is so absolutely true, it has confirmed all that I have been feeling since I started meditating, I would recommend meditation to all. It really does change a persons life for the better! Thank you for this Sabrina :)

  19. Great instructional page! Many opportunities to go within and enjoy the music... especially the space between the notes. I'd like to invite you to enjoy yet another short (well, not really) meditation from a new party... the love party... at


  20. Wonderful post! I am grateful the Universe directed me to your blog.

  21. Hi Sabrina!...when I meditate I go in with intentions of receiving healing, balancing, and physical rejuvenation. Why do feel so exhausted physically and sometimes depressed when I come back to wake?...What am I doing wrong?

    1. You aren't doing anything are healing and shifting your energy! Meditation helps bring the discordant energies to the surface so they can be released and as they are released from our being we may re-experience old stored emotions. In addition, when we meditate we rise up into our angelic dimensions and it feels good....but when we come back to our 3D body it sometimes does not feel so great while we readjust. Give yourself 15 minutes to fully ground into your body after meditation....lay there or sit alone for a short time, perhaps eat a small snack. Eventually, your meditations will level out because your vibration will rise higher and higher and there won't be such a contrast from meditating and your everyday life because your vibration will be sustained and vibrating in a higher frequency. Here is a link to a previous article I have written about the "spiritual hangover".


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