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Chapter 14 Of The Raise Your Vibration Book "Integrating the Negative Ego" By Sabrina Reber

Overcoming and integrating the negative ego is a central aspect on the spiritual path. As we just learned, it is our ego that creates fear. The ego creates a filter that distorts the way our mind perceives everything. It literally creates spiritual blindness and keeps us stuck in limited thinking. The ego places a veil of illusion or a veil of amnesia over our eyes keeping us from accessing our higher wisdom and truth. Evil is the “veil” that blocks us from maintaining a strong connection with our God self. This veil creates the illusion that God is outside of ourselves. All external pathways that rely on a savoir or something outside of our selves to reach God is an illusion which has been created by the human ego. The only path that leads to salvation is the inner path. Divine illumination is given to those, who choose for themselves, to shed the illusions of the ego and reach for a direct relationship with their God self. Jesus clearly states, “The Kingdom of God is Within” and any teaching that teaches God is outside of ourselves is an anti Christ teaching. In order to enter the kingdom, which is the expansion of God consciousness within our own being, each of us must heal our shadow consciousness and transcend the human ego, which will lift the veil of amnesia from our minds. When the veil is lifted we are removed from the darkness and confines of ego separation, denial and fear. We begin to see the light of truth transforming our denseness and darkness (coal) into vibrant divine energy (gold) leading us into God realization. Cleaning up our soul is an alchemical process and it is the very reason we incarnated in the first place.

Transcending the negative ego, raising our vibration and striving to expand our being into greater awareness is a life long journey. The ego will try to deceive us every step of the way because it does not want us to recognize who we truly are and step fully into our divine power. The ego will trick us into believing we have arrived spiritually. It will tell us we have learned all we need to learn and no longer have to work on ourselves. Spiritual complacency and the trick of the ego is very common in the Christian religion. We bought into the belief that once we are baptized, acknowledge that Jesus died on the cross for our sins and accept Christ into our hearts we are guaranteed salvation. Unfortunately, this has halted many of us from moving forward with our spiritual growth because we now believe Jesus has taken on the responsibility of our sins and misqualified energy. Our negative emotions, ego and shadowy psychological patterns get suppressed, denied and ignored because we believe Jesus is responsible for our salvation and we stop doing the inner work necessary to redeem ourselves. Believing in a savior outside of ourselves keeps us repeating the same karmic patterns over and over again keeping us in the pattern of death and rebirth in order to balance our energy. We have given our power away to something outside of ourselves to save us, accepting the illusions of the ego, which is a false path that will only bring continued suffering, chaos and drama! The only way to reach salvation and redeem ourselves is to go within our inner being accepting responsibility for our misqualified energy, soul wounds and repetitive patterns that keep us stuck in duality and separation.

Never underestimate the ego’s power to keep humanity in avoidance and denial. The ego promotes psychological laziness keeping us stuck in dramas and difficult lessons so it can feed off of our energy. The only way to free ourselves from the trappings of our ego is to become conscious of it and do the inner work necessary so we can ascend our human consciousness up to our Spirit literally pulling our God self down into our energetic and physical vehicles. This will not occur until we become proactive in transcending our  psychological wounds, repetitive behavioral patterns and are willing to balance our karma. An expansion of consciousness requires the willingness to self transcend. Self-growth and continued expansion never stops and is the very essence of creation. The Universe is always in a constant flow of transition, transformation, change and expansion. The Creator is always transcending itself into something bigger and better and our soul is expected to do the same. However, the ego and many religious groups, promote psychological laziness and comfortability so they can control us and keep us disempowered. If we connect with our God self, igniting the kingdom of God from within, we will no longer be stuck and disempowered. We will discover the truth of our being setting ourselves free from the control of anything outside of ourselves to be our source of wisdom, guidance truth and God connection.

When we choose to step into our power releasing the control and fear produced by the ego and fear filled organizations we will open our “spiritual eyes” and intuitive faculties keeping us from being blinded by the human ego. When our spiritual eye is not open, we are in the dark and literally cannot “see” the patterns and subconscious programs that continue to wreak havoc in our lives. When we are no longer blinded and we choose to open our eyes to “see” ourselves we will transcend our current level of consciousness and experience oneness with God and all beings returning to the ultimate truth, that God is love. In order to know God’s truth we will need to experience it directly in order to release the confinements of our ego. We will not understand truth until it is experienced in that blissful state of oneness that occurs when our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies have been cleared, integrated and balanced. When this occurs, our chakras will be activated and our energy fields will be harmonized and aligned in order for our God self to descend into our physical body. This is truly a remarkable experience, a mystical union that is available to all who are willing to “Know Thyself” and purify the misqualified energies in their physical, emotional and mental bodies. The spiritual body will begin to take dominion over our physical being and our God self will now be able to work through our lower being helping us to become the God empowered beings we truly are.

As we face God, we face ourselves. If we choose to serve our ego refusing to look at ourselves and our negative subconscious programs we will not be able to access a strong flow of spiritual energy from our God self. The only way to take dominion over the ego, gain health, vitality, right understanding and harmony is to build a strong foundation of God energy or spiritual energy running through our systems. This will amplify our energy fields and fill every cell of our body, mind and soul with the divine healing essence of God. This is an alchemical process where we turn our darkness into light. When we serve our ego, we look away from God denying our darkness, which creates additional blocks and barriers within our energy field. This keeps our vibration low and diminishes the amount of divine energy our bodies are able to pull through. A lack of spiritual energy is what creates all illness, disease, ignorance, bitterness and self-destruction on our planet. The human ego cannot be completely transformed until our God self has merged with our physical being filling it with its divine essence of light. We are multidimensional beings with our God self living in our higher vibrating dimensions (several feet above our head). We must actively pursue connection to this higher part of ourselves, through meditation, in order to activate our God consciousness revealing the truth of our being. Once our God self merges with our physical self, the real journey begins and our newly activated Christ / Buddha / Cosmic consciousness will empower us to see clearly through the illusions created by our ego. When we are willing to shed our pride and compensate for our past unconscious actions, face God and make things right, that’s when we will take up our cross of karma and move forward into the magnificence of our being.

Raising our vibration, overcoming our ego’s and striving to attain divine union with our God self is a lifestyle and a journey that will require self-love, patience and perseverance. Our ego is part of the human condition and it must be dealt with, acknowledged, balanced and integrated. The ego is very much like a rebellious child that is full of fear. The ego was created out of the soul’s fear of perceived separation and the ego is terrified of giving up its control and surrendering to the love of the God self. Every time we make a decision from our God self we experience love, joy, passion for life, clarity, peace, fascination and fun. Whenever we make a negative decision from the ego we experience fear, doubt, control, unworthiness, powerlessness, confusion, denial and pain. The ego will tell the world how grand it is and what accomplishments it has achieved but deep inside the ego feels inadequate because it knows it was created out of illusion and not from the truth of our being. Any negative reaction, judgment or feeling we experience is always from the lower self or ego. Whenever our ego surfaces all we need to do is pay attention, become aware of it and observe it so we can transform it. We can take this opportunity to take dominion over our lower self and choose to respond from a place of love instead of fear.

Dedication to inner work and our spiritual growth is imperative for us to continually become more and more embodied by our God self. Refining and dissolving our lower being into a greater expression of who we truly are is a continuous process. The ego does not completely dissolve when our God self merges with our physical being. However, our God self will now have dominion over the ego or lower self and will lovingly and patiently guide our soul to release everything that no longer serves its highest good. As we raise our vibration, it is important for us to discern when we are working from our spiritual self and when we are working from our negative ego. The lower self / personality self is in duality and separation identifying itself as a physical body that is separate from everyone and everything else. It is based on fear and keeps us in a state of judgment, condemnation, separation and unforgiveness. Many people spend lifetimes struggling with their lower self never allowing their spiritual self to shine through so their lower self can be transformed. Our spiritual self is our truth; it is our divine self or divine spark that lives in each of us. It is this part of ourselves that urges us to see beyond our limited sense of identity. Our divine self knows we are more than our physical body and third dimensional titles we have put upon ourselves. Our spiritual self knows we are NEVER disconnected from God or anyone else.

Personality Self / EgoSpiritual Self / Soul / God
Not recognizing the divinity in yourself or othersRecognizing divinity in self and ALL living things
Seeing yourself as separateKnowing you are connected to everything to everything
Focuses on differencesRecognizes similarities
Intellect (Mind)Intuition (Heart)
Past or FutureFully in the Present Moment
Fear (false evidence appearing real)Courage
Right / Wrong to learn fromEverything is an experience
Better / WorseEverything has value
Good /BadAcceptance
Outer PathInner Path
Conditional LoveUnconditional Love
BlamePersonal Responsibility
ConformityAuthentic Life
Power & ControlSurrender & Acceptance
SuperiorEmpowered & Sees the Potential in All
Lack of Self WorthSelf-love
Personality Self / EgoSpiritual Self / Soul / God
Fear / DarkLove / God Light
Self Worth Sought through MaterialismRecognizes Self Divinity, Abundant with Spirit
BlockedIn the flow
Victim ConsciousnessEmpowered Consciousness
Denies mistakesLearns from mistakes
Defensive / AggressiveCompassionate / Peaceful
ExclusiveAbsolute Inclusiveness
Compares Itself to OthersSees Itself in Everyone

Raising our vibration requires us to embody as many aspects of our spiritual self as possible. You will notice you have aspects of both the negative ego and the spiritual self. Humans are not perfect! Every human has a negative ego. We are here to learn lessons and grow from our current level of consciousness into a more expanded one. Oftentimes, we will make great progress and develop a very strong spiritual self. However, the lower self is still a part of our being and it will reveal itself in very subtle ways. It is our responsibility to stop denying this part of our being and recognize when it overshadows our spiritual self. Self-awareness, self-honesty and the willingness to self transcend is all that’s required to make progress. Our consciousness cannot be expanded if we choose not to look at our lower self ego and learn the lessons it is trying to teach us. There is always a lesson in every interaction! Self love and compassion for yourself, as well as, others is absolutely necessary while we all undergo the transformation of the lower self.

Keeping our hearts open during this transformational process can be a challenge. For many of us, the only way for our negative ego to be healed is for it to rise to the surface through a negative interaction so we can “SEE” the pain and trauma we create from our negative emotions, reactive behaviors and fears. Many of us have denied and stuffed so much negativity in our energy fields we aren’t even consciously aware of what needs to be transformed within our own being. In order for us to heal our negativity we need to bring it out into conscious awareness, for all to see, so we can shed light on it and choose differently next time around. During this great transformation it will be important for each of us to surround ourselves around people who are actively working on themselves and transcending their lower self. If you look around the planet you will see a split between those choosing the light of knowledge and those choosing the darkness of denial. What we resist persist, so those souls who continue to stay in denial about their negative ego will continue to recreate the same toxic situations over and over again until they learn their lessons transforming their current level of consciousness into a more enlightened one. Everyone needs to obtain a heightened level of compassion for everyone during this process. However, that does not mean we need to continue to allow ourselves to become engulfed with repetitive negative interactions with others who continue to repeat the same lessons over and over again. Our soul mates may require traumatic events to trigger them into an awareness of the dead end directions of their old choices. Unfortunately, pain can be a catalyst for transformation.

Our heart is the entryway to the soul and our Holy Spirit. Because of this, continued traumatic events with those choosing to stay in denial could be counterproductive to our own soul’s evolution. Have enough love for yourself and others to release all  co-dependant relationships that are no longer a vibrational match. Many will choose to experience the duality and separation of the ego for an extended period of time. We must respect their free will choice even if we know it will lead them on a path of continued suffering and pain. For some, it may take many more lifetimes before they choose to raise their vibration high enough activating the Kingdom of God within themselves. Everyone has the same potential to connect to their heart space, the seat of their soul, their own personal Holy Spirit and reach up to their God self to incorporate more of its divine energy within their being. The ego does not want us to remember this and it will create a tremendous amount of resistance in our lives. In addition, the systems in our world are set up to promote the ego and do not acknowledge our true power. 

Overcoming our egos and the limiting programs we have created in our subconscious requires patience, desire, dedication and persistence. The egos greatest weapon is fear and denial. The Bible speaks of a deceiver that will trick many into following a false God. Unfortunately, many people have not realized that it is their own ego that deceives them into opting for the easy way out keeping them from doing the inner work necessary to further their soul’s growth. 
The majority of humanity has been in the grips of the negative ego / fear based / separative mind for the past 26,000 years. Our choices have created disharmony and unbalance on our planet, however, we are currently moving into the higher vibrations of soul consciousness, unity, unconditional love and peace.  The Earth is ascending and we too have the opportunity to join her. It is a personal choice and we each have free will. We can choose to stay in our egoic limitations of duality and separation or we can choose to face ourselves and transcend our negativity by stepping into the love of our God self. We have a choice as to which part of our being we want to be predominant, the ego or the soul. We have to decide which part of our self is sacred and only allow it to be our source of authority. If we want to work from our divine essence we need to set our intention to reconnect with our God self. Our divine self has always been with us simply waiting for us to give up ego control and ask for its assistance. Everyday state:

“ I surrender and release ego control and ask for my God self to
merge with me and assist me with my highest good.” 

If you were still blinded by your ego you would have tossed this book away along time ago because your ego would have created a tremendous amount of resistance and discomfort fooling you into believing that this book has no merit. The majority of humanity is not even aware that they have given their power over to an imposter! The ego thrives on denial because it knows we cannot reclaim our power and heal ourselves if we are not aware of it in the first place. Many people’s egos have such a tight grip on their being they are literally blinded from the truth of reality. Because of the powerful energies of the photon belt, many are just beginning to awaken and realize that there is much more to reality than what we had previously bought into. We have been like an ostrich with our heads in the sand. Those who have been so absolute and sure of things are beginning to rethink their old choices and are beginning to move into integrity accessing more of their authentic self by tapping into their soul and God self.

Integrating and overcoming the negative ego is a very intense process. Each of us will need to be very kind to ourselves as we dig deeper into our being allowing our hidden patterns and distortions to rise to the surface to be acknowledged and healed. We cannot heal something we are not aware of, so everything needing to be healed must rise to the surface! We must step out of resistance and into allowance. Because our egos have been in control for such a long period of time, it will take time to fully dissolve them into the light of God. Don’t let your ego belittle you when you fall out of alignment! The ego will build you up making you think you are superior and then diminish you when you make a mistake making you believe you are worthless. Dissolving the power of the ego is a lifestyle! We all hold a tremendous amount of power within our being and because the ego is not based in truth, it can only maintain the power that we give to it. We are each powerful Creators of our lives! Who else could possibly be creating your world for you? We each have the choice and the power to dissolve our ego and change our personal world whenever we want to. When each of us accepts responsibility for the healing of our being, we contribute to the healing of the entire planet. 
  • When you notice your Ego has surfaced, ask yourself :
         What am I needing and why am I responding this way?
  • Which part of your being is running your life? The Ego or the Soul?
  • What parts of yourself are you willing to transcend?

God = Man – Ego 
Sai Baba 

Seek and ye shall find. 
Matthew 7:7

I (the ego) die daily.    
St. Paul 1 Cor. 15: 31

A Native American Elder once described his own inner struggles in this manner: Inside of me there are two dogs. One of the dogs is mean and evil. The other dog is good. The mean dog fights the good dog all the time. When asked which dog wins, he reflects for a moment and replied, “the one I feed the most”.
George Bernard Shaw

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