Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Chapter 12 Of The "Raise Your Vibration" Book "Relationships" By Sabrina Reber

Our most difficult relationships are our karmic relationships. These relationships are created with our soul mates specifically to assist both souls learn their lessons and balance their misqualified energy. When the lesson is learned, the karma is cleared and the contract has been fulfilled. Choosing to stay in these relationships becomes a choice. If both souls are willing to retrieve their lessons, step into a place of healing and shift their consciousness the relationship will evolve from one based on karma to one infused with the new energy of transformation. Unfortunately, both souls do not always choose to evolve and heal. Some souls will choose to stay in the old energy where they will continue to recreate the same lessons over and over again keeping them stuck in drama, trauma and chaos. They will cling to their old belief system, fear and ego and will refuse to open their mind to change. Each of us has the opportunity to expand our current level of consciousness and step into greater soul advancement but many will avoid moving forward and will get stuck in their soul lessons. It will be very important for those of us choosing to raise our vibration to not get caught up in other people’s despair, confusion and denial. This can be very difficult to do because we care about our soul mates, however, we must respect their freedom to choose. Compassionate detachment and discernment are absolutely necessary if we plan on continuing with our own personal healing and the raising of our frequency. The one rule of all living things is our freedom of will and many of us have given our freedom of will away. We must learn to say “NO” when we need to and “YES” when we feel it is for our highest good. Each of us must learn to stand in our own power and learn to discern what is a good investment of our time and energy.

Staying involved in toxic relationships will deplete us and keep us from moving forward on our own soul’s advancement. The only person we are responsible for is our self. Everything outside ourselves is merely a reflection of the relationship we are having with our own inner being. We teach others how to treat us by the way we treat ourselves so when we make ourselves of equal value and stop sacrificing our energy in order to please others, we will build a sense of personal power helping us to set up very strong boundaries. Keeping ourselves fully anchored on the spiritual path by choosing not to get caught up in relationships that lower our vibration is not selfish, it actually serves the whole of humanity! We cannot be of service to humanity if we continue to allow others to pull us down into the lower vibrational energy of confusion, chaos, denial, limited beliefs, addiction and drama. We need to pull ourselves out of denial and be really honest with ourselves and ask if our current relationships are based on love or fear. If they are based in fear, you will need to love yourself enough to disengage from anything that is dis-empowering and does not serve your highest good. This does not mean if you have made a mistake in a relationship you should take the easy way out and abandon it. You cannot change a negative behavior if you do not acknowledge it. Recognize your mistakes, bringing them into your awareness so you can transcend them. All mistakes should be immediately dealt with so the imbalanced energy will not be returned to you. The relationships we are speaking of here are the toxic ones where there is a split. One soul chooses to awaken and step into their empowerment while the other soul chooses to stay in denial and refuses to change and accept responsibility for their unconscious creations. These souls will no longer be a vibrational match and will only create continued disharmony for each other. It will be up to you to listen to your heart when it tells you your contract with another soul is complete. The only person who can decide this is you! You have total free will to choose which relationships serve you and which ones deplete you. Sometimes when we set a strong boundary with another soul and they see the changes we are making in our life it will prompt them to also make changes in their life. Pain can be a catalyst for transformation! If this relationship is meant to be a part of your life, give it the space it needs to heal. Release it with love knowing that it will be returned to you if it is for your highest good.

The highest way we can be of service to others is to stay in the higher vibrations of love, joy, peace, compassion, forgiveness and understanding setting an example for others to follow. One person holding their mastery core and radiating their energy can transmute the fear energy of hundreds of people who choose to keep themselves in limitation and fear. Set an example that others will want to follow. When we remain in the higher frequencies, we lift others up! Each of us will need to stay in alignment with our Spirit, listen to our heart and choose not to allow other people’s unconscious behaviors, motivated by their ego and shadow consciousness, throw us out of alignment with our spiritual core. Stepping into a place of detachment, surrender and allowance for our soul mates is absolutely necessary. They have free will and every right to choose to stay stagnant in their soul’s evolvement. It will become imperative to look at everything from a bigger perspective, not a human perspective, and know that there is always divine order and a bigger picture in every event that occurs. We are all on different consciousness levels with the free will to choose whether we want to move towards the higher vibrations and divine union with our God Selves or stay stuck in the lower vibrations of limitation. Sometimes it takes others more time and many more lives before they will finally surrender their ego to their God self and move forward into enlightenment.
  • Is this relationship, activity, thought or belief for my highest good?
  • Is this relationship, activity, thought or belief a wise energy investment?
  • Does this relationship, activity, thought or belief enhance or deplete my light?
  • Do I wish to integrate this relationship, activity, thought or belief into my being?
  • Does this relationship, activity or belief contract my energy through fear or expand my energy with love?

You do not need to be loved, not at the cost of yourself. The single relationship that is truly central and crucial in life is the relationship to self. Of all the people you will know in a lifetime, you are the only one you will never loose.
Jo Courdet

Karmic relationships are like a dance. When one person stops dancing, the dance is over.
Jennifer Hoffman

Every time our unconscious is working something out, it calls into our lives the people who have within the pieces of the answer we are seeking.
Martin Schulman

Knowing others is wisdom, knowing yourself is enlightenment.
Tao Tzu

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    1. This is wonderful! I'm so grateful I've found your blog and FB page..

      I have a question:
      As we choose to awake and we make some progress, we may start to feel uncomfortable in a current relationship.
      How do we know our contract with their souls is complete and it's time to let them go and that it's not just another lesson to be learned, to be mastered, a mirror which shows us what needs to be healed within us?
      How can we know this relationship no longer serve us for our highest good and it's time to release it?

      It's still not completely clear to me, I'm still learning..
      And I really appreciate your work here, Sabrina, this page is amazing. Thank you very much <3


    2. Hi Katarina, as we rise in vibration most of our relationships will shift and alter especially if our friends/family/partners are not shifting as rapidly as we are. For me, if the relationship is toxic and hurtful....then it is time for me to move on. If there is just mild dissatisfaction then I will give it time. Usually family relationships are karmic and there is something to work through....lessons to be learned. However, if it is an abusive relationship that is harming your soul perhaps a boundary is necessary. It is really something you will have to determine for yourself. The answers will be given to you through your meditations. Ask God/Goddess for guidance and listen. I guess the big question for you is how do you FEEL around these people? Do they increase your light or deplete? Big Hugs.

    3. This is an awesome overview of the issue, and very helpful for those of us that have / have had a hard time letting go of toxic relationships.
      I appreciate your compassion for the challenges, and encouragement to look at sol growth
      Anything that's not an energy source is an energy drain.

    4. I needed to read this today. Thank you! namaste <3

    5. Thank you so much for helping us help each other by openly sharing your understanding of our vibrations. This Blog instantly became precious to me :)


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