Monday, March 21, 2011

Chapter 18 Of The Raise Your Vibration Book: "Stepping into Your Power, Truth and Integrity" By Sabrina Reber

Stepping into your power, truth and integrity will require a radical shift in your thinking and great strength and courage. You will need to shatter the boxes of traditional thinking and release the old subconscious programs that have been projected onto you by your parents, friends, science, education, religion and culture. These distorted beliefs and subconscious programs, you have accepted as your truth, will sabotage you from being able to rise above the limitations, control and manipulation of the mass consciousness on this planet. Most of us were brought up and encouraged to give our power away. We were told what to think, how to dress, which friends we should associate ourselves with and which man-made religions would be imposed upon us as the ultimate truth. We grew up in a controlled environment disconnecting ourselves from our inner voice by buying into the belief systems that have been passed down from generation to generation. Rigid rules and behaviors became our comfort zone and the fear of rejection controlled us, keeping us from questioning those in authority. Our truth no longer came from our inner being; it came from an external source, robbing us from a deeper connection with our intuitive guidance. We became victims of circumstances forgetting that we are co-creators of our lives and we have the power and responsibility to transcend anything in our lives that keeps us from accessing the magnificence of our being.

One of the most tragic ways humanity has given their power away has been through the belief that Jesus the Christ died on the cross for our sins and that we are separated from God and each other. This belief perpetuates fear, shame and guilt keeping us from raising our vibration and accessing our higher wisdom because we are focused on an external savior and an outer approach to God. We attend church services on Sunday, follow the outer rules and doctrines yet deny our oneness with God and each other creating separation and disharmony within the very churches we attend, as well as, with the rest of humanity. All of our responsibility and power is turned over to the church to save us because we do not want to take on the difficult task of self examining our beliefs, attitudes and psychological wounds that keep us in a disempowered state of consciousness. The outer approach is based on the belief that we can enter Heaven by observing certain rules, doctrines and authority figures on Earth, as well as, the belief that someone outside of ourselves is now responsible for our misqualified energy or sins. This belief promotes spiritual complacency and goes against the Universal Law of Cause and Effect. For every action there is a reaction. Any misqualified energy we have created is our responsibility and can only be healed through our own personal inner work! Every word, thought and action is contained and recorded within our soul’s energy field. The only way to heal our misqualified energy is to step into our power fully accepting responsibility for our own transformation. Each of us must set a deliberate intention to transcend our current level of vibration or state of consciousness into a higher one so we can actively clear out the accumulated lifetimes of misqualified energy stored in our energy fields. 

This discordant energy can only be purified by the transformative and healing energies of our own personal and powerful God self. When we believe God is somewhere outside of ourselves we will never be able to merge with our God self bringing our divine spirit down into the earth plane. Each of us needs to take back our power from outside sources and reactivate our internal power by attaining a direct relationship with our God / Spiritual self. Through the inner work of meditation, the soul can invoke the healing energies of its God self to enter and activate all levels of its being transmuting the misqualified energy that is ready to be healed. However, the state of consciousness that created the misqualified energy in the first place must be acknowledged and transcended before our God self will provide the grace of transmutation and healing. Jesus clearly states, that unless our righteousness (meaning our willingness to self transcend) exceeds the righteousness of the scribes and Pharisees, we cannot enter the kingdom of heaven. The Kingdom of Heaven is a state of consciousness and it is found within a higher dimension of our own inner being. In order for us to enter we must transcend the consciousness of our lower self /ego and put on the Consciousness of the Christ. The Consciousness of the Christ knows that each one of us are sons and daughters of God. We are direct extensions of the Creator with a divine spark, located in our hearts, that is infused with the same creative powers as God simply needing to be activated. The Christ Consciousness knows that All is One and intimately connected. What one man has done, all men can do. The return of Christ is the “Christing” of any individuals that have raised their vibrations high enough to anchor in and activate their God /Christ / Buddhic selves into their physical bodies. 

Jesus clearly states, “These things I do you shall do and more.” Jesus the Christ was one of the most influential and amazing beings to ever incarnate into a human body and he came here to show us the way. He intended for us to follow his example, not put him up on a pedestal and buy into the belief that only Jesus could attain such a high level of consciousness. That belief is dis-empowering and keeps us stuck in duality and separation. Jesus is an incredible being that we are to aspire to be like. He is a son of God but so are each one of us. We are all one; there is no separation! EVERYTHING is a direct extension of God, EVERYTHING came out of Gods energy and EVERYTHING is always connected to God and each other. Each of us are responsible for our own salvation. We must take our power back and accept responsibility for the lives we create. We are powerful co-creators fully capable of attaining the same level of consciousness that Christ did! We each need to step into our power and go within the innermost part of our being seeking to attain a direct experience with God. When we connect with our God self, bringing our Spirit into matter, we allow God to experience this world through us. This is our highest soul’s potential to literally be so infused and closely connected with our God Self that our God Self and our Soul are both able to grow and expand. That is the true nature of God, to transcend itself and become more than it was before. How can we possibly attain soul growth when we have disconnected and blocked ourselves from the very essence of divinity by believing that something outside of ourselves can give us God?

Stepping into your power, truth and integrity means that you will no longer allow others to do your thinking for you. When you commit yourself to meditation, seeking the kingdom within, you will expand your consciousness and have a greater knowing of higher truths. The more you meditate, the higher your vibration will rise and the clearer your energetic fields will become. Cloudy energy fields interfere with clear guidance and keep you from accessing a higher vibration. As your energetic blocks are cleared, guidance from your God self will become easier. It will take time, practice and faith to reach such a point of clarity. Trust yourself and honor yourself for staying open to the expansion of your higher consciousness! Allow yourself to evolve into deeper truths and a heighten connection to your divine essence. The higher your vibration the higher level of truth will be revealed to you. Ultimately, your level of truth is based on your level of consciousness. Unfortunately, many people have bought into the truths of certain organizations and they feel they know it all. This leads to a contracted, limited state of consciousness that keeps people from growing and expanding. Resist the urge to fall into this trap! You have a built in ability to know truth, to know what is the right thing to do. Only you can know what is right for you! This kind of knowingness is beyond the intellect and the rational mind (ego), this kind of knowingness comes from the heart (soul). Tap into your soul consciousness, trust yourself and follow your own truth!

God gave you the freedom to pursue your own unique path and it is up to you to reclaim your divine birthright to create the life you want. Organizations that force us to live and act the same, according to their rules, interferes with the Creator’s will of diversity. Although we are all connected and made from source energy we created ourselves to each be on a different life path so God could experience himself in a variety of ways. Why would God want us to all be and do the same thing? However, there is only one way for us to reach the kingdom of God and that is through ourselves! It does not matter which man-made religion we have bought into! What matters is our desire and willingness to transcend our lower selves so we can expand our consciousness and have a direct experience and relationship with God through the activation and healing of our soul. Jesus stated, “I AM the way and the only way to my Father.” He knew that his Father could be found within his own being. There are a multitude of organizations that can assist you on your pathway back to God and they are the ones based on unconditional love, unity, forgiveness, compassion, acceptance and peace. However, make sure you do not give your power away to these organizations! They may be able to lead you in the right direction and provide comfort, but ultimately it is you who must do the inner work to connect with your God self. Any organization that does not honor the divinity within every being and is based on fear, sin, hierarchy, disempowerment, separation and judgment is not in alignment with the love and truth of God.

Set your intention to step back into your power releasing all disempowering activities, beliefs and subconscious programs that keep you from truly accessing and remembering who you truly are. No one can save you but you. YOU are the most powerful force in your life and no one can deprive you of this power unless you allow them to. God gave you the freedom to pursue your own unique path and it is up to you to reclaim your divine birthright to create the life you want. Step into your power, be courageous and stop allowing other people to make decisions for you. Choose to live from the center of your being and become the director of your own life. Do not allow other people’s opinions, judgments, criticisms and beliefs deter you from living your own authentic, divinely aligned life. Be true to yourself and release all people, places and things that do not empower you. You are a divine spark, a piece of God, and no one but you and God knows what is best for you. Friends, Family, Spiritual Teachers, Books, Classes etc… can be of great assistance and point you in the right direction, however, you must be very vigilant in not giving your power away to external sources. Your power and truth lies within, don’t allow anyone or anything to ever get in the way of your divine right to choose. As Jesus said:

“These things I do you shall do and more.” (John 14:12)
“Neither shall they say, lo here, lo there, for behold the Kingdom of God is within      you.” (Luke 17:21)
 “I and my Father are One.” (John 10)
“Ye are Gods.” (John 10)
“Dare to put off the old man (ego) and put on the new man (Christ self).”  (Ephesians 4: 22-24)
  • God experiences and creates through us. Is your life what you want God to experience?
  • Where do you give your power away? Family, Friends, Work, Church, Government, Doctors, Your Ego, Your Attachments, Your Addictions?
  • In what places do you try to control people? In what places do you allow others to control you?
  • Do you live from your heart (love) or your mind (fear)?
  • Take the time to go within and seek to “experience” a deeper connection with your God self.
  • Do the organizations, activities and events you attend make you feel good? Do you leave with a sense of peace, love and upliftment or do you leave with a feeling of disempowerment, fear, shame or guilt? Did the message or lessons express your greatness? Was your highest good served by participating with this organization, activity or event?

This material is copyrighted. You can share this information with proper credits given to Sabrina Reber as the author, complete title of the book "RAISE YOUR VIBRATION", provide an image of the cover of the book, and a link to the HOW TO RAISE YOUR VIBRATION Facebook page. 
Any attempts to take the information and alter it in any way or try to claim it as your own is karmically binding for you, and puts you at risk for legal action based on copyright infringement. Please be respectful and provide proper credits so this information can remain freely available to all. Stay in alignment with your higher self and integrity. Blessings. 


  1. I said I would watch for the blog and I did and I am floored ! WOW

  2. I'm glad you are here. There is a ton of information here. I post a chapter a day on facebook but people miss the post sometimes. But it's all here! Enjoy! First chapter of the book started in February. You might want to start from there.

  3. Wow, what a great read.. I have missed the other chapters... but I will be looking for them.. This is the kind of read where I should get a hard copy and highlight and write myself notes......
    Again, thank you for such well spoken words... Blessed Be.

  4. My first post was the last day in February called "Why we need to Raise Our Vibrations. " The next chapter starts in March called "What is your vibration" and so is all posted for you to follow. You can also purchase a book on my facebook page. Glad you like it. :)

  5. Your truly wonderful! I enjoy reading your blog daily & your inspiring quotes on facebook lift me up! Keep up the wonderful work.

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  6. For me, too, this is the first chapter I have seen. And really enjoying it :) Looking forward to more. MHH

  7. That was amazing you said exactly what I have been trying to say but just did not know how I am looking forward to more...Great work.


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