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Chapter 7 Of The "Raise Your Vibration" Book "Emotional Clearing" By: Sabrina Reber

From The "Raise Your Vibration" Book By: Sabrina Reber

We experience feelings yet we generate emotions. Feelings are passive; emotions are reactive. E-motions are “energy in motion.” Feelings are not created from the mind; they are core sensations in the body such as heartache from a wounded heart or nausea from sadness or grief. Emotions are feelings with a thought attached. As soon as we feel a feeling and allow the negative mind chatter to take over we have activated our emotions. Feelings and emotions usually go hand and hand and they simply want to be acknowledged, felt and expressed. All feelings and emotions that are fully experienced, in a healthy way, acknowledged for the information they are trying to provide and are fully released from our system will create more space within our being for our divine spirit to flow through us bringing greater peace into our lives.

Emotions are one of the most beautiful parts of a human being and they should not be denied, suppressed or judged. Many of us have given a great deal of our energy and power away to our emotions because we have not allowed ourselves to fully express them. We end up holding onto them for years giving them great power to control us. When we allow them to be expressed we allow them the freedom to be released. If we deny our emotions we end up fragmenting ourselves creating all kinds of alter egos that get stored in our energy body. We need to experience our emotions so we can understand them. Unfortunately, we have been taught to resist our emotions and to quickly disconnect and stuff them leading many of us to completely shut down our emotional body. As a child, we were told not to cry, not to raise our voice, don’t talk back, don’t get mad, be nice and be quiet. Although our parents meant well, it was very damaging to us as Spirits because we ended up storing all of our emotions in our energy body and we became very reactive, explosive, emotionally unbalanced adults. Many of us do not understand or know how to properly express our emotions in a healthy way. Drama, blame and over reactivity have become the norm, which always throws us out of alignment with our higher wisdom. When we are triggered by a situation each of us must learn to stand in our power, speak our truth from a place of integrity and ground our light. Choose not to react to the person in an unbalanced way. If you feel your emotional body taking over, simply walk away but make sure you process through your emotions and feelings later. When you have calmed down, observe the situation from a higher perspective. Ask yourself how are you feeling, what is your body saying to you? Where are you holding discomfort in your body? Where are your thoughts? Do you have thoughts and emotions that need to be addressed? Ask your thoughts, feelings and emotions questions. What are they trying to say to you? Avoid being reactive but address your pain. Negative feelings and emotions need to be released before we will truly be able to love and have compassion for ourselves and everyone else. 

Our emotional health is what determines our state of being. Due to emotional distress, most of us have disconnected from our feeling self and pushed our negative emotions deep into the recesses of our being. In order to release our pain and achieve balance and good health it is necessary for us to bring our emotions to the surface so they can be fully experienced and felt. Denying how we feel brings self-destruction and disease within our system. Unexpressed and repressed emotions must come out. They will find a way of showing themselves so it is in our best interest to go ahead and deal with them when they arise so they don’t explode on others at inappropriate times. Angry explosions, yelling and crying for no reason, mood swings, depression, anxiety, stress, body aches and illness all have messages they are trying to reveal to us, if we would only listen. Past memories, emotional trauma and feelings need to be addressed, acknowledged and integrated before we can heal and bring ourselves into wholeness. If we are to fully awaken and ground our God self into our being we will need to liberate ourselves from the entanglement of our past. Full attention, acceptance, allowance and forgiveness are the most powerful ways for us to deal with our repressed emotions.

Transformation can only occur when we choose to process through our feelings and emotions. Blame, anger, resentment and hatred are sure-fire indicators that our emotions have not been fully integrated and released. Toxic emotions will only hurt us, not the people we are upset with. By harboring these intense feelings we will continue to attract people into our life who also have the same emotional problems and each of us will feed off of each others negative emotional energy. Like energy attracts like energy and our souls will continue to bring people to us who will reflect back to us our own inner state of emotional instability. When we decide to transmute our lower vibrational emotions we will no longer attract lower vibrating relationships into our life. We need to give ourselves permission to feel and express everything within our being. Once we have allowed ourselves to release a lot of our emotional blocks we will become less reactive and will be able to stay grounded and hold our center when we encounter a difficult situation or soul lesson. This will allow ourselves to bypass our emotional mode and step into the observer mode where we can determine the stimulus that kicks off our emotional responses so we can neutralize them. Usually, our knee jerk reactions are shining light on a childhood core belief or fear that is not based in truth. Our feelings and emotions are important and they are valid! We need to learn how to honor them so we can process through the pain but gain the wisdom our emotions are trying to give us.

As the Earth rises in vibration we are being forced to look at and heal our stuffed negative emotions and feelings. Being passive, complacent and in denial about our emotions and feelings will keep us stuck in the lower vibrations of duality. We must strive to become emotionally mature, truthful and conscious with ourselves about our inner workings / inner psychology so we can become a grounded and fully empowered being. Many people speak the right words, but inside their emotional body is a whole different reality. We may be able to mask or disguise our emotions, temporarily, but that does not mean they have disappeared. Whatever we are carrying within our emotional body is what we are creating in our lives. If we don’t learn how to acknowledge, feel and release our emotions, our emotions will run us. 

The current chaos in our world is a reflection of our inner chaos. We will never have peace in this world until we have peace within ourselves. Our society has avoided truly connecting with their feelings and emotions for thousands of years. All emotional events that we have not dealt with are like magnetic images stuck in our energy field. Every time they get activated we have the opportunity to de-magnetize these stuck images if we allow ourselves to fully feel our emotions when they arise. Unfortunately, most of us resist this process and we become reactive responding from a place of pain instead of a place of love and compassion. We are stuffers and our baggage is full! We have done everything we can to avoid experiencing our pain. We take drugs, overindulge in alcohol and food, submerse ourselves in our work, become shopaholics, continually seek out doctors for pharmaceuticals and get fixated on other peoples problems in order to avoid our own. We project all of our “stuff” onto everyone else never taking responsibility for our own inner issues that need to be healed. As long as we are in denial of our negative emotions and feelings we will never be able to transmute and release them. The energy we have created for ourselves within our own energy field cannot be destroyed. Energy never dies! It stays with us until we decide to transform it into a higher vibrational energy. Many of us are in denial of our toxic energy and are psychologically lazy. However, the additional light flooding this planet is shaking up our emotional bodies and bringing our stuff to the surface to be healed and released. It is time to lighten our load!
  • Take the time to reconnect with three events in your past where you were not able to truly express how you felt. Write a letter to yourself, the people involved or to the circumstance allowing yourself to get in touch with those suppressed feelings. Then burn it, rip it up or bury it setting your intention to release all toxic emotions.
  • Re-examine your week. Where have you allowed yourself to stuff your emotions? Have you been dishonest with yourself in order to avoid hurting someone else’s feelings at the expense of your own?
  • Where have you emotionally “over reacted” in the past year? Are you accustomed to not speaking your truth about how you really feel eventually allowing things to explode to such a point you have no control over your emotions?
  • Set your intention to become aware of your emotions and feelings. When something arises and you are not able to compassionately express it to the other person involved, make the commitment to yourself to express it in privacy. Your emotions are important and they are valid. If you resist them they will persist. They will get stored in your energy body just waiting for the next opportunity for them to be released.
  • Do not fear your emotions. Befriend them. When they arise ask them questions. Notice how you feel and ask them why they are here. Ask them what they have to teach you.
  • We should not take our emotions out onto other people. If we are not careful, our emotions can create additional karma for us. We need to learn how to balance, express and release them in a positive way. Because they are reactive, they can affect our health, if we do not learn to deal with them through constructive means. It is best to feel our feelings, but control our emotions and reactive behaviors.

  1. Go to your room, shut the door and scream! Screaming is a great way to release pent up energies. Set your intention to release everything that no longer serves you and scream into a pillow with all of your being.

  1. Allow yourself to cry. Tears enable us to get in touch with our deepest feelings. Weeping arises from the heart and is a gift of grace from God.

  1. Emotional wounds are stored in the tissues of the body and in your energy fields that surround your body. Exercise is a great way to move stuck energy. Yoga, walking, running, rebounding, dancing etc….helps keep your energy flowing and assists in removing emotional blocks held within the body.

  1. Find a great energy healer! Energy work will greatly assist you in moving out all stuck energy that is ready to be released. There are many modalities to choose from. Pick one you resonate with: Reiki, Tai Chi, Cranial Sacral, EMC2, EMF Balancing, Rosen Method, Polarity Therapy, Rolfing, Acupuncture.

Emotions can work for you or against you. You can choose how they will  affect you.
Adam, Dream Healer

The mind is a movie projector. It places images on the screen called our world. Change the projector and you will change the movie on the screen.
Gary Renard

Turn your wounds into wisdom.  
Oprah Winfrey

The will to live is emotional. It is an emotion so deep that we could call it an innate yearning to exist in a state of beingness.      
Barbara Dewey

Tears are words the heart can’t express.   

Our souls return to us as we reclaim all our feelings. Our anger, fear and grief can turn into joy and exhilaration if we let all our emotions flow.
Susan Thesenga

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