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Chapter 8 Of "Raise Your Vibration" Book "Accepting Responsibility"By Sabrina Reber

Chapter 8 Of "Raise Your Vibration" book "Accepting Responsibility"
By Sabrina Reber

You are an extension of God, a co-creator and it is YOU (the totality of your being both conscious and unconscious) who draws all experiences to yourself in order to heal and advance your soul. Until you own your creations, you will not be able to change them. We are powerless to change anything when we are in our victim consciousness. When we can say to ourselves, “I accept responsibility for everything I have created in my life” we are in a place of power fully able to take control over our life circumstances.

Nothing in our lives can happen to us unless our soul is in agreement to experience it. There are no victims, each of us are responsible for our own creations. Before we incarnate we go through a process of pre-birth planning. We choose our parents, our sexual identity, where we want to live and the lessons and circumstances we want to master. Our lessons are chosen by us and they are reflective of past life issues we had problems with, karma that needs to be resolved and agreements we set up with other souls in order to assist each of us with our soul lessons. Those who have hurt us the most are the very ones we have shared many lives with and are the ones who love us the most. They are our soul mates and usually there are lessons for each person involved. Once we incarnate, everyone on a human level forgets what we signed up for because if we remembered, we would not be able to act out our parts in order for us to balance our karma and learn our lessons. We incarnate on Earth under the veil of forgetfulness with preset mental, emotional, physical and spiritual challenges. Our most difficult lessons to overcome reap the greatest benefits and are the quickest way for us to learn from our preset goals and life challenges. In order for us to learn a lesson about forgiveness someone has to do something to us in order for us to forgive. If our lesson is to learn how to manage anger in a healthy way then someone needs to make us angry in order for us to learn how to express our anger without denying it or exploding in an irrational way. Karma that needs to be resolved is neutral and a form of learning, it is not judgment or punishment. It simply seeks energetic balance. Karma is not created with another individual. Once you create karma it is YOUR karma. If you have created a situation with another being that creates pain, it is your responsibility to address it immediately. Otherwise, you will hold a negative energetic imprint within your energy field and through the Universal Law of Attraction, you will attract another situation to create balance within your being regardless if it is with the same person or not. The key here is to learn from our miscreations and misqualified energy so we can clear our energy field of any energetic imprints or magnets that continue to magnetize repetitive negative circumstances into our life. 

Every person that comes into our life, on a soul level, has agreed to play a role for us in order to help us advance our spiritual growth. Many people refer to us as being actors in a play, students in Earth school, or players in a game making choices that move us closer or further away from God. Obviously, greater advancement is made when we make choices that are in alignment with our God self and not from our lower self or ego. When we view our lives from a higher perspective we can see that all crisis and trials are opportunities for spiritual and personal growth. Every difficult interaction is a spiritual test leading us into self-mastery and wholeness. Everything has value and because we do not remember our contracted lessons or know the life blueprint of other souls we need to be very careful about passing judgment on each other’s learning experiences. Once our lessons are learned, the energy is balanced and there is no need to keep repeating the same old lessons. Any judgment on our part creates additional karma and that is the last thing we want to do. 

Our contracted relationships are a catalyst for transformation and are our greatest tool for awakening. Our spiritual selves, residing in a higher dimension, are always in communication with each other making agreements and setting up situations to help everyone heal and master their soul lessons. We have free will and can choose to respond to these situations in a negative or positive way. Once our lessons are learned, karma is balanced and we transcend our lower selves we will graduate and move into the final dimension of God. When this occurs, we will no longer need to incarnate into a physical vehicle to learn difficult soul lessons. Once we awaken to this concept and realize that every difficult situation we have drawn to ourselves is an opportunity to advance our soul, we will consciously and actively start playing the game to our advantage. We will begin to recognize all the key players or soul mates in our life and begin to see that each one of them has actually gifted us with a learning opportunity, even though it may have been through a difficult soul lesson.

Currently, Earth is moving out of the cyclic period of darkness and into the golden age of en-lighten-ment where learning through karma will no longer be necessary. Because of this, each of us are balancing and transforming our misqualified energy or karma and healing our lower selves at an accelerated rate. It is divine plan and we cannot fully pass through the photon belt and into the higher frequencies until we have released our unbalanced energy or extra baggage from our current and previous lifetimes. Each of us are going through a massive clearing and our God self is bringing very intense lessons to us to learn from. Our God self is not punishing us and we should not fear these circumstances when they arise. However, if we remain alert and in the present moment, we can become observers of the situation enabling us to be less reactive and more in control. When we accept responsibility and recognize that we are in a spiritual lesson we can quickly take dominion over our lower selves moving through the situation with ease and grace helping us to release all the energetic patterns and karmic miasims that are ready to be released.

Emotional baggage, distorted subconscious programs and karma are cleared one layer at a time with each issue consisting of many layers. Every time we clear a layer we release our blocks and get closer and closer to merging with our God self. The majority of our layers are from past lives brought into this lifetime for healing. If the layers aren’t cleared our God self will create additional circumstances with additional people to help us finally learn our lessons and clear out our misqualified energy. Our Spiritual self or God self loves us unconditionally and never judges us if we make a mistake. Mistakes are part of the human experience, however, our God self wants us to clear our blocks and raise our vibration so it can merge with our soul and physical being bringing our Spirit down into matter. We do not have to be perfect in order to clear our blocks, we simply need to be making progress and be pro-active in our efforts doing the best we can to learn our lessons even if that means a lesson is learned through our mistakes. The spiritual path is filled with detours, illusions, ups and downs, challenges and temptations that will take us off our path. The expansion of our consciousness, healing and growth takes time and can be very subtle or very abrupt. All that is needed from us is the courage, intention and willingness to transcend ourselves moving beyond our current level of consciousness into a higher level of consciousness helping us to remember who we are bringing the truth of our being (our divine spiritual essence) down into the Earth plane.

Unfortunately, many of us have been stuck in the wheel of reincarnation because we have not listened to our God self’s guidance and we forgot who we were. Our free will is honored and our God self will not tell us what to do. However, if we choose to ASK and LISTEN our God self will give us greater understanding and guide us in the right direction by helping us to transcend our current level of being into a more expanded one. It is easy for us to get caught up in the illusion of our physical reality forgetting we have a direct connection to our own source of higher wisdom and divine guidance. When we allow ourselves to be absorbed by the dramas and physicality of Earth life we end up creating additional karma for ourselves by blocking out our inner source of truth and wisdom allowing our egos to make decisions for us. Our egos lead us in the wrong direction by getting us to focus on external belief systems, wealth and ego accomplishments rather than the growth and expansion of our inner spirit. Where we place our attention is precious, whatever we focus on expands. Many of us have acquired great material wealth and accumulated a lot of physical things at the expense of lowering our vibration through our feelings of anger, greed, stress, jealousy and competition creating blocks and barriers to our spiritual self. We blocked ourselves from our own divine guidance and started looking for guidance and God in physical things and places. We forgot our divinity while money and ego gratification became our new source of fulfillment. Unfortunately, fulfillment through physicality is empty and illusory. Connection with our eternal God self is far more important and is the only true source of nourishment, security and happiness.

The greatest gift God has given us is the freedom of free will choice. We each have the choice to create our lives from a place of fear or a place of love. Unfortunately, many of us are making choices from a place of fear. We live in fear of never having enough or being enough and we live in fear of hurting someone else’s feelings or being wrong. We allow other peoples opinions, beliefs and truths to become our own. We chose to give our power away and we have lost touch with the essence of our true being disconnecting our selves from our own intuitive inner guide. We have become like sheep in a flock following the herd, even though the herd is headed straight off the cliff. The question you must ask yourself now is, “Do I want a safe life that meets expected conformity or do I want an authentic life?” In order to live from our own truth we must take the time to examine our lives, accept personal responsibility for our choices and become pro-active when we notice we are out of alignment with our God self. We must go beyond the norm and believe in ourselves and not get caught in our own self imposed personal stagnation because we are allowing others to make decisions for us. We must take personal responsibility for everything that has occurred and will occur in our life. From this moment forward we need to declare our sovereignty as a divine being. We are God in action and we are the masters of our own life. We need to start making empowered choices from our heart, not our mind and we will always be guided in the right direction. Each of us needs to accept responsibility for the condition of our lives and become masterful at creating what we want. Everything that happens to us is there for our own soul’s growth. There are lessons to be learned and a deeper meaning to be discovered in even the most troublesome events. We must accept responsibility for everything that occurs to us and stop avoiding the changes we need to make in order to evolve into our highest soul’s potential. 

In order to do this we need to bring into our awareness the many ways in which we create our current life circumstances:
  1. Pre-birth Contracts or Soul Charts are created with our soul mates to help each of us balance our karma and learn specific lessons that need to be mastered. Remember, karma is not punishment! When our karma presents itself, acknowledge it for what it is….misqualified energy from our past seeking balance in our present day situation. This is an opportunity for healing and the quicker we can step out of resistance and move into gratitude for the opportunity to create balance within our soul the easier this process will be.
  2. Unconscious emotions, feelings, thoughts and behavioral patterns that are stored in our subconscious mind. Both our ego and our shadow thrive on these repressed and rejected aspects of our being. If we continue to deny they exist these “fragmented sub personalities” will continue to bring unwanted experiences into our life forcing us to acknowledge, accept and heal them.
  3. Free will: Everything in our life is not predetermined! Although our soul contracts must be honored, we also have free will and the power of choice to choose how quickly we would like to evolve. We have the free will choice to follow our ego’s guidance keeping us stuck in repetitive circumstances or we can follow the guidance of our God self and learn our lessons moving into self mastery. 
  4. Law of Attraction: “Like Attracts Like” Whatever we are thinking, feeling, speaking, doing and being sends out a vibration attracting like energy to us. If we are choosing to participate in high vibrational activities we will attract high vibrational situations into our life. Likewise, if we are focused on negativity, judgment, fear, lack, separation, addiction, chaos and drama that is exactly what we will draw into our lives to experience.

  • Examine your life. Determine who your soul mates are and what lessons they have come here to teach you. What lessons have you signed up to teach others?
  • Are you making truly free choices or are you allowing those choices to be made for you? Your free will is your divine birthright. Many of us have given up our “right to choose” by allowing our unconscious mind, ego and “others” to inadvertently create our beliefs and life situations for us. We unconsciously gave up our free will. Become conscious about your choices and take back your power by tapping into your own divine intelligence system.
  • Are you choosing to participate in high vibrational activities or low vibrational activities? Where are you choosing to invest your energy? Bring everything you do into your conscious awareness. Resist being on autopilot and become the master of your energy.

Your personal consciousness is entirely responsible for whatever comes into your life and personal experience. It is your personal consciousness which brings you good or evil.        Christ Letters from Christ Way

Man must cease attributing his problems to his environment and learn again to exercise his will - his personal responsibility.       Albert Schweitzer

When we have begun to take charge of our lives, to own ourselves, there is no longer any need to ask permission of someone.        George O’neil

This material is copyrighted. You can share this information with proper credits given to Sabrina Reber as the author, complete title of the book "RAISE YOUR VIBRATION", provide an image of the cover of the book, and a link to the HOW TO RAISE YOUR VIBRATION Facebook page. 
Any attempts to take the information and alter it in any way or try to claim it as your own is karmically binding for you, and puts you at risk for legal action based on copyright infringement. Please be respectful and provide proper credits so this information can remain freely available to all. Stay in alignment with your higher self and integrity. Blessings. 


  1. You are welcome. I am so glad my writings can be a source of inspiration.

  2. I really needed to read that today. Thank you

  3. Every day I go into Facebook I see your Blog attachment. Every day it is something that I am experiencing or feeling. Given this was written in March is even more compelling. I just completed my Soul Plan (with Glen in Australia) and I believe it was the thing in my life which will tip me over and transformation occur. I have been looking for years for something which I did not know. I think I am finding it. Thanks for your posts.

  4. Your writings inspire me to keep 'creating' the life I want. Love and blessings x

  5. Thanks for such a simple but detailed writing.... U explain it very beautifully (Though sometimes my mind asks me to stop reading it full but i will it to read till the end)

  6. My heart says that is truth, but my brain fights it. working on this as I definitely needed to hear this last March but was not in a place to hear it. Too much commotion to hear it. Devine timing, eh!

  7. I was going through a torid time since yesterday - before then I was doing great being in my heart space, god-li-ness and really loving it. Boy, I took a big nose dive.

    So I sincerely thank the guidance today which has brought me here to get some handle on things. I particularly like your explanation on Karma, particularly that it must not be seen as punishment but misqualified energy from our past seeking balance - that's beautiful.

    Please, if you can do something one day on Spirituality and Sexuality/sensuality/sexual urges. I'm having trouble getting my mind around these (to me) opposites (it's like I feel that to be spiritual, you cannot get involved/think about sex). I'm confused !


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