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3rd Chapter From The "Raise Your Vibration" Book "Accepting Yourself" By: Sabrina Reber

Accepting Yourself

3rd Capter Of The "Raise Your Vibration" Book 
By: Sabrina Reber

In order to begin the process of raising your vibration it is necessary for you to accept yourself right here, right now, just as you are. Everyone on the planet is coming out of the dark ages and has the opportunity to change their previous way of living and thinking into a more enlightened, compassionate way of being. All of us have done things in the past we regret doing. It is karmic law when a person chooses to acknowledge their misqualified energy and has chosen to transcend the potential of repeating a negative karmic behavior the energetic imprint of that behavior is released and all is forgiven. Regardless of what has occurred in the past or what is occurring in the present moment, if you don’t accept yourself and love yourself right now you will not be able to shift your current state of vibration into a higher one, so you can manifest a higher vibrational you in the future.

Our Creator DOES NOT judge us for our actions or our choices! We are loved unconditionally! Unconditional love is an unlimited way of being! Our Creator loves us so much he gave us free will, with no limitations, to choose how we want to create with his energy. However, all of our choices and actions reflect the level of our vibration and state of consciousness. Since you are reading this book, clearly you desire to change your current state of consciousness into a higher state of consciousness where you can create a more harmonious life for yourself and everyone you come in contact with. This can only occur through a gradual process of integrating your Spiritual self or God self with your physical body. A relationship with your God self will assist your soul in gaining right understanding helping you to avoid making self destructive or limiting choices in the future.

Your Spiritual self or God self is the core of your being and is completely pure and unaffected by any of the energies in the physical dimension. Nothing you have ever done has corrupted or changed the core essence of your being. Your God self, a direct extension of the Creator, lives in a higher octave and is completely whole and never separated from you or the Creator of All That Is. The Creator took of his light and created your God Self and your God Self took a part of its consciousness creating the soul where it extended itself into the earth plane taking on a physical body. As a newborn child, the soul enters the body and a veil of amnesia or forgetfulness is placed over the soul’s mind and the soul forgets that it is an extension of the Creator. Because the soul believes it is separated and powerless, it becomes fearful and creates an alter identity called the Ego or the lower self. The Ego is a fear filled extension of the soul and is not connected to the loving guidance of the God self. Out of desperation and confusion the soul allows the Ego to become the dominating source of guidance which creates blocks and barriers between the soul and its true source of wisdom and guidance, the God self. The Ego is an acronym for Edging God Out and once it is in control of the soul, it will do everything to keep the soul from remembering its true nature. Because the soul has free will, the God Self will allow the soul and its self-created alter identity the ego, to experience its free will to the fullest. The God self is a source of wisdom and guidance but it does not intervene in the soul’s free will if the soul chooses to follow the guidance of the Ego. 

Humanity has been in a dualistic battle with its ego for the past 11,000 years. Since we are moving into the photon belt of Christed energies and out of the 11,000 years of darkness it is time for each of us to remember who we truly are releasing the control, lies and fears of our Ego or lower self. It is time for our soul to step back into alignment so we can be spiritually fed and guided by the love of our God self. In order for the soul to access divine guidance it must, choose for itself, to take dominion over its ego. The soul needs to release the control of ego separation reclaiming its soul presence and divine birthright to fully merge into sacred union with its God self. This can only occur if the soul chooses to release the belief that it is separated from its Creator and actively pursues divine union with its God self through the process of raising its vibration, expanding its consciousness and seeking the kingdom within.

Your soul has free will and may have made poor choices in the past based on fear, however, deep inside of you there is a place of perfection and divine wisdom. The purpose of this book and all spiritual work is to get you to strengthen that connection with your God self so you can receive an unlimited amount of divine energy leading you into self empowerment and your highest soul’s potential. Everything in your life revolves around the free will choices of your soul. Your God self will not make choices for your soul but it is always available if your soul chooses to be guided by its divine wisdom and higher intelligence. However, it is the soul who has chosen to incarnate into a physical body and has the free will to choose whether it wants to make choices from the ego or the God self.

The shifting of your vibration begins when you accept responsibility for all of your perceived faults, mistakes, regrets, difficulties and challenges. You cannot deny the choices your soul has made in the past but you can change the present moment and your future by reviewing your past actions, unconscious choices and egoic beliefs. Self-analysis and observation is the only way you can create change in your life. Forgive yourself and know that all of your previous actions were created from your level of consciousness at that time in your life. However, it is imperative that you understand that your current problems cannot be solved with the same state of consciousness that created them. Be honest with yourself, love yourself, open yourself up to a higher perspective and allow a shift in consciousness to occur. You are not your mistakes! You are a powerful being fully capable of creating the life you have always wanted.

You are created in the image and likeness of God. You are created from source energy and have the same energy within you that is also within the Creator. Underneath all of the pain, sadness, masks, shields of protection, denials, distorted beliefs and limitations is a perfect eternal divine spark that can never be extinguished. This is your God spark, your perfection, the part of you that is a divine extension of God. You have within you God power that can heal and create the change you desire to see in your life. Jesus says, “The power that is within you is greater than the power that is in this world.” You are a co-creator with God! You have God essence, God power within your being. Many of us have become so consumed with our physicality and ego, we forgot about our true identity as a spiritual being and stopped using our creative powers consciously. This has caused us to make unconscious choices creating suffering for humanity, the planet and ourselves. God does not create suffering; humans create suffering! We are spiritual beings having a human experience and we have forgotten how powerful we are. We are so powerful, that we have the free will potential to use our creative faculties in a way that goes against God’s laws creating great disharmony on our planet.

There is not a person here on Earth who has not made mistakes in the past. Mistakes are misqualified energy and are opportunities for growth. Through the pain and suffering of human mistakes our greatest lessons and soul growth can be attained. However, we must become conscious of our mistakes and gain the golden nuggets of wisdom they are trying to teach us. Being observant of ourselves shifts our consciousness into a higher state so we can rise above our past choices and repetitive patterns that continue to lead us into suffering, lower vibrations and ultimately a very thick veil of illusion, created by our ego, making it appear that we are separated from God and each other. The good news is we can choose to reverse our downward spiral right here, right now that moves our soul further and further away from our God selves into an upward spiral bringing us closer to our divine essence. We need to step out of denial and acknowledge our errors. Victim consciousness and denial of our unconscious choices will get us nowhere. We can’t change anything if we don’t first acknowledge it! Accept where you are right here, right now and know you have the power within you to make new choices that will expand your consciousness moving you into an upward spiral where you have the potential to raise your vibration high enough so you can attain divine union with your God self. 

The human you is imperfect but the true you, the eternal you, your spiritual self, is whole and perfect. It is your soul, your consciousness, that desires healing and a stronger connection to your Spiritual or God self. Many of us have allowed our egos or lower selves to take over pushing our souls, that part of ourselves that is always connected to the God self, out of the way. Although we have never been separated from our God self, many of us have chosen to believe in the concept of God being outside of ourselves. This is an egoic belief! Unfortunately, this belief creates energetic blocks and barriers between our physical and spiritual selves creating the illusion that we are separated from God and each other. When we believe we are separate from God, the flow of spiritual energy and wisdom from our God selves diminishes to a small trickle barely keeping us alive. A limited flow of spiritual energy depletes the soul leading to poor health, distorted beliefs, confusion, depression, powerlessness, shame, anger and negative choices that are out of alignment with our higher wisdom. The soul is always trying to get our attention by communicating to us through feelings and oftentimes through pain in the physical body. The chaos on our planet is the effect of the mass consciousness choosing to unplug themselves from the higher wisdom of their God selves. We have allowed our egos and lower selves to make decisions for us leading all of us into a downward spiral of self-destruction.

When Jesus says, “ I am the way and the only way to my Father” he is acknowledging that only through HIMSELF can he choose to reach his Father or God. Jesus came here to empower us and teach us how to save ourselves through right thinking. He came here to assist souls; he did not come here to save Spirits, for our Spirits are perfect and eternal. Jesus came here to be an example and to show us how we can save ourselves. Each of us are responsible for our own salvation! Jesus did not come here to teach a religion or to take responsibility for all of humanity’s sins. The highest way we can honor the life of Jesus is for us to live by his example. We need to activate our own Christ Consciousness and this can only occur when we choose to recognize the power within us and stop expecting someone outside of ourselves to create the changes we desire to see. Jesus incarnated into a physical body to show us the way and to help us remember, “Ye are Gods”. Each of us are extensions of God essence (we are one with God and each other) and it is only through ourselves that we can reach God. Jesus says, “The Father and I are One”. All outer teachings such as this book, churches, teachers and organizations have the potential to lead you in the right direction and can be of great service and assistance. However, ultimately, it is only through remembering who you are, doing the inner work and choosing to reunite with your God self that will lead you to a true state of happiness bringing your own Heaven here down on Earth. Jesus clearly states, “The Kingdom of God is within you!” Outer teachings are important but it is the inner work and the integration of these outer teachings that will help you remember your perfection. See yourself and everyone else in their highest light, love yourself for all that you have ever been and most importantly: Remember who you are!
  • Examine your life. What qualities and repetitive behaviors would you like to change?
  • Make a list of everyone you have ever hurt. Talk to their Spirit, from the depths of your heart and apologize for any misqualified energy. Ask their Spirit to release you from any energetic entanglement that may have occurred. Ask your God self what lessons need to be learned so you won’t repeat the pattern again.
  • Make a list of anyone who has ever harmed you. Talk to their Spirit, from your heart, telling them exactly how you feel. Ask your God self what lessons need to be learned so you can move forward with true forgiveness.
  • God experiences through us. Everything we choose to create is made with God’s energy. Are your creations what you want God to be creating? Are your choices what you want God to be doing?

Insanity is when you keep doing the same thing and expect a different result. 
Albert Einstein    

My people are dying from lack of knowledge  
Hosea 4:6

You cannot intellectualize your way to heaven. You can enter heaven only by absorbing my body and my blood, my living word and raising it to the whole loaf of your consciousness.   
Matthew 13:3

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Any attempts to take the information and alter it in any way or try to claim it as your own is karmically binding for you, and puts you at risk for legal action based on copyright infringement. Please be respectful and provide proper credits so this information can remain freely available to all. Stay in alignment with your higher self and integrity. Blessings. 


  1. wow thanku absolutely perfect atm for me and many around me......i suppose one gets off the page because life is busy dramatic and difficult or challenging a better word times wonderful to read what i and others belief systems are that we have in black and white.many thanks again love <3

  2. You are so welcome Kerry. I am on facebook too.
    "How To Raise Your Vibration" if you would like to LIKE (if you haven't already)

  3. Sabrina, I am ever so confused as to why you refer to God as being God and the creator, and quoting Jesus and God. Now, not being a believer of god and Jesus Christ, and I believe neither are you; why are these references here and are we being asked to respond 'to "Jesus clearly states, “The Kingdom of God is within you!”' Are you asking us as readers to believe in Jesus and that he existed as the son of God on our earth, or you asking us to believe that he existed as a person who believes there is a creator of the universe, & that creator was his father, who is not a real person like him, and who did not live on earth? I am really confused why these references like 'God' 'Christ' are used by you when they are biblical terms.I am sure there is a reason & am just not getting it, so maybe I need to be enlightend, to allow me to continue without these terms confusing me. xxxx Vera

  4. Great question! It was too long to post in the comments so I posted it in a blog. Here is the link:

  5. I loved reading this....I feel as if i have glimpsed a great truth. I like what you wrote about God and Jesus even though it is out is sync with my Roman Catholic upbringing....

    But i am confused about the God self. I thought i was a soul/higher self and an ego residing in this body.
    when i read about the God self i had to sit back and ask, "how many parts of me are there?"

    can you explain to me or possibly direct me to another spot on your blog?

    thank you very much


  6. Hi Karen,

    Good for you for being open to new ideas. I recommend you read the first two chapters of my book. The above post is the third chapter. The first chapter was posted in February called "Why We Need To Raise Our Vibrations" and the second chapter is called "What is Your Vibration". You can find these links on the right hand side of the blog. Click on February to begin. Honestly, you will need to read the whole book to have a greater understanding of yourself.....there are chapters on EGO and Shadow you may want to look at as well. The book goes in order from February and a new chapter is posted everyday there after. You can also follow me on Facebook where I post a ton of enlightening information everyday ~ HOW TO RAISE YOUR VIBRATION

    You are have many selves. The one you are most aware of now is your ego, your personality self. Your soul and ego share space within and around the human body but the soul needs to be activated. A large portion of humanity has not activated their soul. Soul in aramaic means Christ ~when our soul is activated we activate our Christ Self which everyone has. We are all Christed no matter what religion we choose to follow. The Soul is activated within the heart ~ once the soul is activated, the kundalini will rise breaking the seven seals that have been placed over our chakras and we will merge with our God Self which has always been with us but lives in a higher dimension of our energy field. The God Self is directly connected to the Creator Of All That Is or Source.....whatever you choose to call it as it has many names.

  7. Here is another link to a more detailed description of the above post.

  8. I became a follower. I am totally blown away by your words.

  9. Thanks Doll! So glad the information resonated with you.

  10. My question is what your understanding is to the reason of the "amnesia" or forgetting we experience upon entry into the physical plane. What purpose do you believe it serves?

  11. Marcus, amnesia is actually GRACE. If we remembered everything about all of our soul experiences we would not be able to focus on this specific incarnation. Also, it is part of the fun as a soul.....coming in forgetting who we are, and discovering it. Some people come in with greater memory of their true identity ~ usually they are the wayshowers, psychics or teachers ~ while some of us are more veiled depending on the amount of blocks we have within our soul energy field.

  12. I love your blog/sharing. It resonates but I need to do work on 'accepting myself'.My 'head' gets it but all the conditioning I've taken on, forgiving myself will be highest priority.

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