Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Chapter 13 Of The How To Raise Your Vibration Book "Transforming Fear and Limiting Beliefs" By Sabrina Reber

Humanity has allowed fear to invade the consciousness of the planet, lowering our vibrations keeping us from accessing the truth of our being. When our vibration is lowered our ability to hold light is diminished and our consciousness becomes polluted with untruths. All fear is based on the illusion that we are separated from God. Fear is not divine; fear is created by the ego. Our deepest fears are rising to the surface and are demanding our attention, transmutation and healing. At this time on Earth, we are each being presented with a choice as to which path we would like to choose. The path of light leads to unconditional love, the path of darkness leads to fear. There is no middle ground anymore, each of us must choose to either allow our fear to be a catalyst for transformation or we can allow our fear to consume us diminishing our light and halting us from moving forward on the ascension path. Freedom from fear and bringing our own Heaven here down on Earth is a state of mind that can only be experienced when we know with all of our being that each of us are a divine expression, an extension of God. We create our own hell here on Earth by allowing our egos to create blocks and barriers between our mind and God. Our ego “Edges God Out” making us believe that God is outside of ourselves somewhere in the sky judging every move we make. However, we could never be separated from God because God is the very source of life and without connection to God, nothing can survive. Each one of us is literally inside the energy of God and it is the energy of God that keeps every cell in our bodies alive.

Overcoming fear and releasing limiting beliefs based on separation is an essential part of our spiritual / ascension process. Fear is one of the biggest obstacles each of us will have to overcome. Fearful subconscious programming has been fed into our minds from the day we were born. Society, culture, family, religions, governments and media have all played a tremendous role in polluting our minds with destructive programming that separates us from our divinity and God essence. These systems have been manipulative, fear provoking, controlling, divisive, degrading and harmful to our souls. They have promoted ideas and beliefs that have literally enslaved humanity keeping us in a karmic cycle of death and rebirth. We have given our power away to dis-empowering beliefs that have halted our soul’s growth from reaching its highest potential.

Fear of God and the belief in separation keeps us from merging into divine union with our God self. Overcoming duality, ascension and salvation cannot occur until our spiritual self has merged with our physical body. If our beliefs revolve around fear we will not be able to raise our vibration high enough for divine union to occur. Releasing all of our limiting beliefs and subconscious programming will be absolutely necessary for us to expand our consciousness into the realm of divine truth, not human truth. Our thoughts and beliefs are what shape our reality. Many of us were brought up believing we were born of sin. We were told God punishes and he is judgmental, controlling and demands our obedience. We were told we must overcome our flesh and our bodies were unholy. We allowed ourselves to buy into the beliefs of helplessness and powerlessness and began to seek someone or something outside of ourselves to save us so we could enter Heaven. Many of us still believe we have had and only will have one life to embody perfection just like God. The problem is, we don’t even believe in a perfect God! Humanity has projected their imperfect human characteristics onto God never realizing that the God we choose to believe in is the person we will look up to and aspire to be like! The false God, the idol, we have created in our belief system is controlling, conditional, judgmental, separate, disconnected, angry, fearful, dogmatic and contradictory. Humanity has become just like the false God we have chosen to believe in.

The belief in a separate angry God simply is not true! God is bliss, boundless love, infinite intelligence, all-powerful, boundless wisdom, absolute harmony, indescribable beauty and perfection. How could we possibly believe otherwise? God is the source of all love and the creative energy that is in all things. God is the body of “All That Is”, the consciousness of “All That Is” and the driving force that motivates and moves “All That Is”. Each one of us are an extension of God and each of us has a direct line to our Creator. When we desire to connect with God, all we have to do is take the time to silence our minds and go within our inner being. We are never separated from God or from each other. We are all one. In the beginning there was nothing and God said, “Let there be light,” and God said it was good. God created man in his own image and likeness. We are made of light energy, divine energy….pure consciousness. When the light vessel of God broke we all exploded into tiny pieces of indivuated light. Although it appears we are separate, we all come from the same source. Our physical form or body is our temple that houses our light and divine spark. Our body is what allows us to have the experiences we have in this dimension. We could not experience diversity, the beauty of a sunset or the miracle of childbirth without our physical vehicle. However, it is our physical vehicle that creates the illusion that we are all separate when in actuality we are one with God and all living things. We are individuated, diverse beings always connected to the Creator’s energy of life itself. 

It is important for us to remember who we are and release all old limiting beliefs and programs that are based on separation, fear and control. The only way to change our reality is to see it for what it is. We cannot create change if we are unaware of who we are. We are amazing, powerful beings. We are limitless. We can be anything we want to be for we are made of divine consciousness and we have within us the same creative abilities as the Creator. The only requirement is a shift in our thinking or a shift in our belief system. We are the creators of our reality. When we choose to create from our heart center, from a place of love, our creations are effortless. When we create from a place of fear we end up creating things we don’t really want like illness, conflict, uncertainty, dis-ease and war. We are all magnificent, divine beings. We are divine sparks of God. We are capable of shifting our reality through our thoughts, feelings, emotions and images in our mind. When we begin to see ourselves as worthy, loveable, abundant, beautiful, eternal, joyful, balanced beings we will create that for ourselves. We are source energy, we are creative….it is important for us to become aware of our creations. We must stop looking outside of ourselves for the solutions to our problems. Stop expecting someone to save you! You have already been saved. Jesus the Christ took on a physical body so he could seed the planet with a higher level of consciousness. Each one of us, regardless of our man made religious “labels” are already Christed! Jesus activated the potential for each one of us to achieve his level of Christ Consciousness. It is already a part of our being; it is our birthright! All we need to do is claim it and activate it within our being by choosing to step into our empowerment and grounding ourselves firmly on the path of personal transformation.

Each of us must actively choose to release our distorted beliefs and conquer our fears in order to raise our vibration. When you run into fear, recognize that it is just a feeling. Fear is not who you are. Allow the feeling to pass through you and see fear as one of your greatest teachers. Fear teaches us that we have stepped out of reality and back into illusion. When we are in fear, we have fallen into separation and we have forgotten who we are. Humanity only has two emotions, Love and Fear. Every sub-emotion such as sadness, guilt, happiness, joy and gratitude falls under either love or fear. Fear (False Evidence Appearing Real) is the Ego (Edging God Out) and is based on the belief that we are separated from God. When we are in fear, we are giving our power away and we are not in the present or real moment. We have stepped into powerlessness and projected ourselves into the past or the future, the world of illusion. In order to conquer our fear all we have to do is acknowledge that “fear” is here and know that it is not real. Fear is always an illusion created by our egos. When you run into fear, resist the urge to deny or reject it. What we resist will persist. All we have to do is acknowledge its presence and choose to transform it into love.

People fear what they do not understand! Anytime fear shows up in your life, ask yourself: Where is this fear coming from? What am I going to do with this fear? What is my fear trying to teach me? Usually, you will be able to track it back to a distorted belief based on separation and powerlessness that you bought into that needs to be transformed and released. As you continue moving forward closer and closer to merging with your God self you will discover layer upon layer of fears that will have to be faced in order for you to advance. Each of us have lifetimes of stored fears within our energy fields that need to be transmuted and turned into love. This is a process and it will not happen overnight. The sooner we accept our fear without placing judgment on it and choose not to feed our fear with more fear the quicker our fear will dissolve. Begin to look at fear as your ally, as your greatest teacher and learn the lessons it is trying to teach you. 

  • Have you ever really thought about your belief system? Begin to question everything you have been taught. Examine any contradictions. Decide for yourself if it is really your truth.
  • What are your beliefs about yourself? Are these your beliefs or are they someone else’s beliefs that have been projected on to you?
  • What are your limiting beliefs about yourself and others?
  • What belief systems do you subconsciously hold that block your success?
  • There are only two places to operate from, Love and Fear. When do you operate from a place of fear and when do you operate from a place of love?
  • What beliefs are you willing to release in order for you to claim your divinity?
  • In order to transform fear, you must first own it! Admit that you are choosing to experience the feeling of fear and fully allow yourself to feel it and embrace it so you can transform it. Shine the light of your consciousness on it and the darkness will disappear. Remember that fear is “false evidence appearing real”. It is simply an illusion.
  • When in fear, ask yourself, “Fear, what are you trying to teach me?”
  • When in fear, state affirmations:

    “God is here!”
    “I AM one with God.”
    “I AM one with the Light”
    “I AM surrounded with Gods love and light.”
    “I AM created from Love, I Am Love, I AM surrounded by Love.”
    “I have nothing to fear but fear itself”
    “I release all fear and replace it with love.”  

Perceived separation from God and from each other is the
cause of all your dysfunction and suffering.        
Neale Donald Walsh

I would rather have a mind opened by wonder than one closed by belief.
Gerry Spence

I love all religions, but I am in love with my own.
Mother Teresa

The key to change is to let go of fear.     
Rosanne Cash

The known is a prison. It is the unknown which is the field of pure potentiality, the field we need to step into.         
Deepak Chopra

Courage is the mastery of fear, not the absence of fear.
Mark Twain

There’s nobody out there. It only looks that way it’s a trick. The conscious part of the mind looks out and sees all kinds of separation, different bodies and form, but that’s an illusion. And the unconscious part of the mind, almost all of which is hidden, just the way most of an iceberg is hidden underneath the surface of the water, knows that there is really only one of us.        
Gary R. Renard

The only way to define your limits is by going beyond them.
Arthur Clarke

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  1. Powerful, beautiful, timely. Peace & tranquility to you today and every day.

  2. Wonderfully stated and I agree 100%! Keep sending out the message... there is more and more sharing of this fundamental wisdom every day. One day soon, enough souls will be reached so as to tip our world's consciousness to this connection, bliss and ultimate love <3 I KNOW it! <3

  3. Your statement of:
    “Fearful subconscious programming has been fed into our minds from the day we were born. Society, culture, family, religions, governments and media have all played a tremendous role in polluting our minds with destructive programming that separates us from our divinity and God essence. These systems have been manipulative, fear provoking, controlling, divisive, degrading and harmful to our souls. They have promoted ideas and beliefs that have literally enslaved humanity keeping us in a karmic cycle of death and rebirth.”

    Has me wondering, if we are all part of the God source, then perhaps these apparent negatives of “programming and enslavement” are part of the divine plan? Maybe each of them is there to hone and guide us home.?

    Maybe it is as simple as stop resisting these negatives or resenting what already is in our lives, and begin to work on loving every predicament in our lives regardless of its appearance, as all paths lead us home?

    So, do we really need to analyze it all or just try to awaken the love within?

    Though, why we ever left – is the big question for me and one I struggle to explain to my children as their questions evolve……

    1. Agreed.

      I think we left so that God can experience himself - from Neale Donald Walsch's teachings. I think we are born into the opposite of what we really are - the conditions are created so we experience the opposite - so we can re-experience who we really are, and so that god can experience itself.

  4. really enjoyed this article, thanks for posting. insightful...a blessing on al of you! never heard the term "getting Christed" before, that's great. i think establishing contact with Christ can involve some kind of admission or confession of wrong, without it being about God bearing down on us in wrath and judgementalism. it's just how friendship works when you realize you've been hurting someone. i find that Jesus blesses me and unlocks me and unfolds me through relationship...directly, as a shepherd/comforter/mentor /cherished friend, and through my interactions with other people and things, what i read, etc. what i loved most about this article was the firm rejection of fear, which has become so important to me personally, and such a pivotal thing in my own life and development. SO true that every institution in the world uses fear to advance their own cause, and we get stuck in the middle receiving all of these signals. do not fear! blessed are the peacemakers. Praise you Jesus.

    1. "establishing contact with Christ can involve some kind of admission or confession of wrong, without it being about God bearing down on us in wrath and judgementalism."

      yes, that's interesting cos the H'opono method says to start by saying sorry to god, please forgive me etc, and while I resisted at first I love doing this now. It immediately relaxes me and I feel all humble. Then you move on to what you are wanting to talk to god about, and then thanks god at the end. Anyway, thanks for sharing. xx


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