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Chapter 20 Of The Raise Your Vibration Book "Throat Chakra: The Voice of God" By: Sabrina Reber

Throat Chakra:  The Voice of God

Fifth Dimensional Chakra: (Throat):
It is associated with the color Blue. 

The throat chakra holds the energy of communication. It is located in the area between the shoulders and the neck and is developed during the ages of 7-12 years. Not only is the throat chakra used for communication between people but it is also how God and our higher self speaks through us from the higher realms. If this chakra is not functioning properly, not only will our communication with others be difficult but we will also not be receiving clear guidance from our divine self, oftentimes leading us down a difficult path and a hard lesson to learn from. Although there are no mistakes, or wrong paths there are choices that we make that sometimes are not in the highest good for all involved. There are consequences for every choice and there are always lessons to be learned from our lower self choices that are not guided by our higher selves. When our throat chakra is fully opened we will be guided by truth from the higher realms and from our divine essence. We will no longer need to be guided by other people, belief systems, laws or anything that limits us from living our highest potential because we will be fully expressing our divinity in all things we do.

Unfortunately, many of our throat chakras are closed because we live in fear of speaking our truth. We don’t want to voice our feelings and we certainly don’t want to verbalize any kind of information that may provide a different perspective or perhaps go against the already ingrained belief systems of the mass consciousness. In previous lifetimes many of us have been burnt, beaten, imprisoned, rejected, ridiculed and even crucified for speaking our truth and trying to empower our brothers and sisters. Unfortunately, these deeply seated fears of speaking up need to be overcome and we need to be willing to express our divinity and truth without preaching. When we truly remember who we are, our self-image will be reestablished and we will be equipped with the courage and discernment to know how to properly express the energies of our voice with words of love and compassion.

Balanced Throat Chakra: Clear, Truthful Communication, Authentic, Balanced, Grounded Relationships, Able To Express Feelings Through Words, Good Listener, Expresses Creativity, Open to Guidance from Higher Sources

Unbalanced Throat Chakra: Lies, Fearful Of Speaking The Truth, Lack of Communication or Excessive Talking, Gossiping, Guided by the Ego, Unable To Receive Clear Guidance From The Higher Realms.

Traumas to the Throat Chakra: Verbal Abuse, Constant Yelling, Families With Addictions, Excessive Criticism, Refusing to Speak, Domination and Control.

Bodily Symptoms Expressing Blockage: Toxic Body, Ear, Nose and Throat Problems, Jaw Problems (TMJ), Thyroid

Communication is the connecting principle that makes life possible. Without communication, nothing can survive. Everything in the Universe is in a constant state of communication. When communication is blocked or ceases to exist, healthy relationship is no longer sustained. In order to survive, the human body must be in a constant state of communication with itself. The heart communicates with the blood, hormones communicate with the cells and brain waves communicate with our muscles and tissues. Communication is the essence of life! Without communication there is no relationship! 

Once the lower chakras are cleared and divine energy activates the heart, we begin to transcend our lower, darker chakras and move into the higher, lighter chakras connecting us with our divinity and our God Self. We begin to move out of limitation, boundaries and separation into an understanding of deep inter-connectedness with God and all living things. When the throat chakra is fully opened, balanced and functioning properly it becomes a gateway to the higher planes of the Spiritual realms. Clear communication between God, your higher self, angels and spirit guides becomes possible. It is here where we begin to transcend the confinements of the physical body and are able to tap into the multidimensional depths of our mind and Spirit. We become conscious creators of our life experience and begin to “hear” the thoughts running through our mind that create our reality. Instead of being a victim of our thoughts, we step into an empowered position where we are able to quickly clear negative thinking by replacing it with positive affirmations and intentions. Once the throat chakra is opened, our vibration is raised and we begin to understand that everything is energy including our thoughts and words. Vibrationally, we will begin to resonate with like-minded people, events, activites and beliefs that reflect the vibrational frequency of an open throat chakra. 

We will desire and attract positive, truthful, authentic, grounded, open, honest communication in all areas of our life. Once the energies of the throat chakra are cleared, space will be created for divine energy to flow up from the throat chakra into the sixth chakra the Brow or Spiritual Eye Chakra.

May those who have eyes, see; and those who have ears, hear.
Matthew 13: 9-17

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  1. My excuse for constantly having laryngitis was that my throat was just the weakest part of my body... no other reason. After reading about the Throat Chakra all of it makes so much more sense to me. Thank you so much for the enlightening information. I'll have to work on this!! Blessed Be - starstuff45

  2. Morgan, the throat chakra is one of the hardest chakras to open, balance and KEEP open. Many of us have been persecuted for trying to bring truth to the planet in our previous lives. We live in fear of speaking our truth because we have died terrible deaths simply by expressing a higher consciousness. Look what happened to Jesus.....his words of salvation and Love led to his brutal murder. Sing, state mantras, visualize white light burning off any blocks in the throat chakra and ask the Creator to help you to open and heal your throat. Big Hugs ~ Sabrina

  3. Living in truth. Seeing and hearing clearly. Very informative posts. I enjoyed reading it. <3 Raquel The other side of me .

  4. My throat chakra has been so difficult for me, It makes me want to cry. During the development ages,7-12 were some of the most painful and full of loss and insecurity for me. I feel like there was arrested development concerning my throat chakra. I have severe Tmj. and during the past 3 to 4 weeks I've had some sort of spasm in my throat leaving me feeling like there is some sort of hand slightly squeezing my throat. I've suspected it was a blocked throat chakra and I'm trying to figure out how to go about opening it up. Everybody immediately exclaims "go to the doctor!" I went but I knew they wouldn't be able to find anything and that's exactly what happened. It's been a little better but I still need opening. I do feel blessed to have joined this page, I'm looking for guidance and I am open and tired of being judged every time I open my mouth. whew!

  5. Hi Jen,

    Ask and intend for the Creator to help you open it while you visualize white light coming into your throat chakra spinning round and round and then blow the white light out your throat chakra from in front and behind. You can also do the chakra flossing exercise. Also, make sure you are speaking up for yourself with loving yet firm words. I will post the chakra flossing exercise for you. All physical problems are actually the result of an energetic block. Everyone I know has had problems with their throat chakra....we are fearful of speaking our truth. Love to you. <3 Sabrina

  6. Chakra Floss Exercise

  7. Oh Thank you so much Sabrina, I can feel the kundalini energy rising in me this very moment! That must be a good sign:)Love to you too:)

  8. Still feeling the block do I do this flossing everyday until it lifts? Is there any other methods that can help me?

  9. Hi Jen, it will require lots of attention, perseverance and dedication to open your throat chakra. Not only will you need to do daily exercises but you will also have to step into living and speaking authentically and using words of love. Negative words and not expressing your truth will keep it blocked. The exercise will help you open your chakras but it will take time in addition to you living and speaking appropriately. It's a process.

    I also suggest you see an energy healer....Reiki or DNA Theta to help you channel higher vibrational energies through your chakra system. The process of opening our chakras IS the spiritual path. As each one opens, we gain more and more spiritual energies and greater consciousness levels. It doesn't happen overnight. <3 Sabrina

  10. There is a Possibility for me to attend a Reiki workshop at my local Yoga studio, but I have bad energy from the yoga teacher who set's up the workshop? Should I overlook that issue or attend anyway?

  11. I would look for another Reiki opportunity somewhere else. :)

  12. I have nodules on my thyroid but my levels are good! I just went through Reiki training and I am taking Reiki II this week. This is an awesome article and I am going to continue doing Reiki on my throat area. I want to be able to communicate better with my Angels and guides....will this help? Also I would love to help people through Reiki and get messages while I fascilitate...any other suggestions? Love and light!!

  13. Wow i just got labwork back stating my thyroid is overactive...when i got my attunements for reiki l & ll everytime hands were layed on me near my neck they got hot. Makes soo much sense! Any guidance is appreciated. I've also been meditating more focusing on blue healing energies :)

  14. I also have a thyroid nodule, low normal blood work and other thryoid symptoms. I always cold, muscle & joint pain. I recently received took Reiki I. I am practicing on myself while waiting for Reiki II to be offered. Any advice?


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