Monday, March 14, 2011

Violet Flame Visualization for Yourself and the Earth

Violet Flame Decrees For Healing Of The Planet

Each one of us are like cells on the Earth. Some of the Earth's cells are healthy, connected to Spirit and full of light. While other cells are toxic, cancerous  and dis-connected to the light of Spirit. In order to heal the Earth, each one of the Earth's cells need to be healed. One way we can help heal the Earth is to give violet flame decrees and visualize ourselves and the Earth consumed with the violet flame of transformation, transmutation and healing.

This visualization and invocation can be done while exercising, washing the dishes, in the bath or shower or anytime you are waiting in the car or waiting in a line.

Say a prayer first, stating what you would like to occur. ANY prayer will do, simply speak from your heart.

Example: Creator of All that Is, I ask for the white light of the Christ light to surround me and the Earth. I ask for St. Germain, The Archangels and Beings of the Highest White Christ Consciousness light to be present with me during these violet flame decrees. I ask for my Higher Self to please down ray the violet flame within my entire being and I ask for the violet flame to spread across the Earth transmuting all negativity, illness, disease, karma, negative thought-forms and chaotic energies with ease and grace and for our highest and best good. Thank you, it is done.

Start with yourself first. Visualize the violet flame surrounding you and penetrating every cell in your body and say: "I AM a being of the Violet Fire, I Am the Purity God Desires." State this for as long as you like then visualize the violet flame surrounding and penetrating the Earth, say: "The Earth is a being of the Violet Fire, she is the Purity God Desires."

This is a simple, powerful way for each one of us to contribute to the healing of ourselves, as well as, the entire planet.

Beloved St. Germain



  1. he and kwan yin are great masters ,their compassion,and mercy are infinite,their teaching make any human mind change forever ,this year descends the violet flame it will be a years of great transmutation love your note

  2. So Beatiful Kwan Yin I would love to get to know. Please send me a link..........Love Anna Maria <3


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